Chimp Rapes A Frog (Video).

Disable Above Playlist First.

Wash Mind Out Afterward.


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9 Responses to Chimp Rapes A Frog (Video).

  1. PervyPenguin says:


  2. Do frogs spit or swallow?

  3. MangoWOW says:

    wow. So is rape still not funny or….

  4. Well… this changes everything.. clearly. 

  5. I’m so morbidly curious… that I have to watch it.  Will most likely regret this.  

  6. SamsPeeps says:

    It sounds like little kids laughing in the background. Seriously? Someone let their kids watch this? (Never mind that someone filmed this, etc, LOL)WTF?Poor froggy.

  7. oh… oh my god.  That frog is dead.  It can’t possibly… breath like that…

  8. is force blow job, a rape?Joke.LOL

  9. cyberbear says:

    Kids watched this thing?  PETA goes after PEDA.

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