RE: Buy Gold.

You have to put your money into gold, because when the global economy collapses zombies will eat your family, rain will fall upward and snow will fall sideways, you will have to use your stockpile of guns to fight to the death with your neighbors for cans of dog food…

But one thing we can all be sure of, whatever zombie-infested distopian town you live in, you can be sure they will adhere to the gold standard.

Are people really that gullible?

Doesn’t it occur to them that the people telling them they need to buy gold are SELLING all of their gold because they prefer YOUR cash?

But then this is glenn beck’s audience we’re talking about, the ones that don’t realize his position reverses about every 6 months.

They listen to the man who railed against socialism and then said “Where did I learn all of this?  I went to the library, books are free.”


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24 Responses to RE: Buy Gold.

  1. YouToMe says:

    thanks for the entertainment, friend

  2. trunthepaige says:

    It is really “horrible” advice,  that I so wish I had taken Gold Price Chart Hit the 10 year chart

  3. Gold Line is advertised all over the radio.  And though Obama truly is indeed leading the world to an economic collapse not seen since the Great Depression, gold, at present is overpriced.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @YouTOme – : )@trunthepaige – Yes, commodities go up and down.@LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – I wouldn’t be surprised if actually, really, honestly think that the economy started getting bad the second he came into office.

  5. @agnophilo – Obama’s “stimulus” was supposed to take care of our economic problems.  Instead, we discover that it was just a slush fund to pay off cronies, special interests, bankrupt liberal-run states like California and who only knows what.

  6. agnophilo says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – No, it was supposed to absorb the impact of the near bank and auto industry collapses and prevent them from setting off a great depression and making unemployment even higher.  There is no magic wand to fix an economy instantly after a big crash.

  7. @agnophilo – Oh please! The government can’t even tie it’s shoe.  The auto and bank takeovers were just payoffs to the unions and Obama’s Wall Street cronies.When are you people gonna get a clue?!The economy was never in danger of collapse.  That was just a story made up to fool stupid people and enable the expansion of government.

  8. The_ATM says:

    @trunthepaige –  Nice job owning @agnophilo – , apparently he does not get it.Agno, gold has been going up over the long term. Maybe you are one of those wall street people who only invests in a stock for a month, but for average folks like myself who invest over periods of decades, gold is the place to put money. More interesting than just looking at the 10 year of gold in US dollars, look at it in other currencies. So no, gold has been going up long term and hardly down at all. In fact, it looks like you could have quadrupled any money you had put in gold in the year 2000. Moreover, if the currency does collapse ( it is possible ), gold prices will go much much higher relative to the US dollar.Also, you might rather than trying to pin the economy on Bush, you should ask if the stimulus and other Obama policy will actually help it. If Obama is going to take a problem that people in the past created and make it worse, there is no point in defending him.

  9. FalconBridge says:

    Your money is worth the paper it’s printed on.  Meaning, it’s nothing just paper, a promisary note.  Gold is still shiny and people will want that because people are stupid, just look at how crazy they go for the sparkly diamond.  Money, numbers, value, is just an idea.  Money is worthless.  But because everyone believes it has value, and everyone agrees to that vaule, it is in our reality valuable.  When the market, which is made up of believed in numbers bombs, that means those numbers become what they were to begin with, nothing.  An idea that now everyone says is broken.  Thereby making the paper and numbers of your account nothing.However, no one’s going to back to bartering, that’s just ridiculous they say.  Because everyone wants to believe in the idea of money of riches or shiney things they can own.  Gold is shiny.  Gold was the resource they used before they went to paper.  Maybe eventually everything will revert to bartering, but people love their ideas.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace -So obama is leading us into an economic collapse but the economy can’t collapse.Whatever, go troll elsewhere.@The_ATM – I’m sorry, but trunthepaige didn’t even address what I was saying in this blog.  I was making fun of the “cash will be worthless when civilization collapses so you need to have gold to trade” people.  Nowhere did I say gold is not a valuable commodity in a stable society.You and trun can only argue with my blog by arguing against things that are not in it.@FalconBridge – If civilization collapsed we wouldn’t be trading gold, we’d be trading food and supplies.  Things with actual intrinsic value.

  11. @agnophilo – So obama is leading us into an economic collapse but the economy can’t collapse.You’re hallucinating again as usual.I never said the economy can’t collapse.  I said the economy was not in danger of collapse when Bush first instituted TARP and when Obama pushed through his “economic stimulus” plan.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – So the stock market imploding and unemployment skyrocketing is all a consequence of 1 and 1/2 trillion dollars being pumped into the economy?As I said, troll elsewhere please.

  13. @agnophilo – Your hallucinations are killing me.  You’re the only one I know of who trolls his own site and then blames somebody else.1 1/2 trillion dollars was NOT pumped into the economy.  Like I said it was just a slush fun for crony payoffs and bailouts.Whatever is ailing the economy is mearly being helped along by Obama’s Keynsian madness.

  14. The_ATM says:

    @agnophilo – “Doesn’t it occur to them that the people telling them they need to buygold are SELLING all of their gold because they prefer YOUR cash?Butthen this is glenn beck’s audience we’re talking about, the ones thatdon’t realize his position reverses about every 6 months.”Here is about half of your post.  The suggestion here is they are making money off selling gold after they get a bunch of people to buy it.  But gold has been on a general upward trend and neither what they actually say every 6 months and the price of gold support the claim you make in the above quote.  So it seems you are in denial about what you wrote?Buying commodities is a fantastic way to hedge against hyperinflation, inflation, and currency instability.  Are you saying an economic collapse is not possible?

  15. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – No, I’m saying what’s in the blog.

  16. It is best to balance out your portfolio and not overreact to the current market status.

  17. The_ATM says:

    @agnophilo – This is getting retarded.  The things you say have implications.  The comment I quoted above has some pretty clear implications.  In addition to the implications being wrong, the words in your blog are wrong.  From here:”Beck’s on-air promotion of gold, which includes advising viewers to construct “fruit cellars” and to rely on a “three G system” of “God, Gold, and Guns” in the event of America’s collapse, dates back to his time as a host for CNN Headline News.”Now he has not switched his position, but also those who followed his advice pre-2008 (while he was a host on CNN) would have nearly doubled up on the money they invested since then.  So yes, what is in your blog is wrong;  Glenn Beck has not switched his position on gold…The thing you should be complaining about is the fact he is paid by a company that sells gold and then the content of his radio show includes propaganda to encourage the fear that makes people run to gold.  That isn’t all bad though… many of his listeners are quite aware of the fact and still thought it was a good idea to buy gold.  …and they were made money doing so.

  18. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – I can only assume you have serious problems with reading comprehension.  I did not say that beck changed his position on gold six months ago, that was in the end of the blog where I was speaking generally about him.  He went from saying the american healthcare system was a death trap and you better not go to the hospital if you’re sick because they might kill you (when he was on CNN) to praising the healthcare system and denouncing any attempt to change it (fox news).  He dismissed as ridiculous the idea that ron paul supporters (even those belonging to gun stockpiling white pride organizations who support him because they bought into smears accusing him of racism) might be extreme or dangerous, after suggesting that ron paul supporters might be dangerous extremists because they fund raised on guy fawkes day.  Ignoring the fact that they did so because of the movie v for vendetta, not out of homage to guy fawkes.You also don’t seem to grasp the concept of gold as a commodities investment in a stable economy designed to get more cash later, and gold as a “once civilization collapses cash will be useless” end-of-the-world insurance plan.  How anyone can not understand the difference unless they’re being deliberately obtuse is beyond me.

  19. The_ATM says:

    @agnophilo – hmm.. I would have thought you were posting on the topic of Glenn Beck and gold.  Gee.. I guess context doesn’t matter.  The sentence “But then this is glenn beck’s audience we’re talking about, the onesthat don’t realize his position reverses about every 6 months.” must relate to the post somehow.  By saying “his position”, you imply his position on gold since you mention no other position of his in your post.  If in only later in the comments you change the meaning by extracting it from it’s context, it is not my reading comprehension (which since you brought it up is, according to standardized testing, in the 95th percentile of college going students in the US as of three years ago) that is the problem, but instead it is your ability to be vague enough in writing so you can change your meaning later.”that was in the end of the blog where I was speaking generally about him.  “ok. I do not give a crap about Glenn Beck nor do I care to defend him.  Like he said, he is an entertainer, and that is how I treat him.  You however appear to be a shill for the left attempting to answer and attack a famous shill on the right.  This time you were wrong about gold and I was pointing it out.  Get over it.”You also don’t seem to grasp the concept ofgold as a commodities investment in a stable economy designed to getmore cash later, and gold as a “once civilization collapses cash willbe useless” end-of-the-world insurance plan.”First off, economies are chaotic nonlinear systems and you do not possess the knowledge to analyze stability of even a linear system.  There is no such thing as a stable economy but instead only theories about the stability of an economy.  There is no actual proof that an economy will be stable, ever… they are essentially impossible to model.  The value of almost any commodity will usually grow as fast or faster than inflation unless there is either a large increase in supply or a huge drop in demand ( new technology could lend itself to making gold more readily discovered and mined; electric cars would hail a huge fall in oil prices ).  So while we are in an inflationary recession, which some indicators tell us we are ( grocery prices are going up, while housing prices fall–a mixed bag ), gold is a good investment and will likely go higher unless we see a period of deflation.  But unlike most stocks you can invest in, there is always a floor to how low gold could possibly fall (if you own the actual gold).  That makes it a good asset in we see a dollar bubble, which is certainly possible.  Yes, there is a difference, but right now, gold is good for both.

  20. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – Just because I did a blog and mentioned glenn beck and glenn beck is a mammal, doesn’t mean the topic of discussion is what it means to be a mammal.I wrote a blog about something specific, which you and trunthepaige and I think one other person chose not to comment on, but instead to say anything else about gold that isn’t related to this blog and pretend you’ve refuted my point when you haven’t even discussed it.  At all.”The sentence ‘But then this is glenn beck’s audience we’re talking about, the onesthat don’t realize his position reverses about every 6 months.’ must relate to the post somehow.  By saying ‘his position’, you imply his position on gold since you mention no other position of his in your post.”I not only stated, but quoted another position of his in the next sentence you unbelievably stupid person.  And the statement was painfully obviously a general statement about glenn beck I put on there as an end-cap to the blog you goddamn moron.Now go away.

  21. The_ATM says:

    @agnophilo – Nice job resorting to attacking me.  Do you really believe your own crap?  “Now go away.”I have no problem not talking to a shill like yourself.

  22. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – Please demonstrate how little of a problem you have with it as frequently as possible.

  23. The_ATM says:

    @agnophilo – So you admit your are a shill!  Ha!  Implications get you again….

  24. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – You have an uncanny ability to see what you want to see whether it’s there or not.Now why don’t you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself.

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