Anti-Obama Hatred.

I read a blog by mccanarie just a few minutes ago saying that obama, democrats etc were getting off on the oil spill because it meant they could waste government money for years cleaning it up etc, etc.

This was my response, I thought it micro-blog-worthy:

The idea that democrats get off on spending money and hiking taxes is a ridiculous caricature along the lines of this shit.

Oh, that’s right…  It’s actually the preferred over-hyped bullshit of the right.

I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing or even disliking obama, but I’m sick of people who think he’s not even a person.  Or rather maybe 3/5ths of a person…


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72 Responses to Anti-Obama Hatred.

  1. @agnophilo – Oh, you do make me tired. But I have hope. I too was once a hopeless liberal with my head in my rear end as well. Let’s not be ugly to each other umm k? ok. Good night. I also have a life btw. Right now, its in the rain and I must leave

  2. Sarah Palin is like Twilight; her fans REALLY love her, her haters REALLY hate her, and everyon else just wishes the media would stop reporting on her.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @ShamelesslyRed – You are condescending to me rather than intelligently responding to anything I said and saying “lets not be ugly to each other”.As if condescending to someone and patronizing them as a form of argument isn’t being ugly.You literally just called me hopeless and told me I had my head up my ass, then said “lets not be ugly to each other”.Go away or I might reconsider my policy of never blocking anyone.@Theater_Pixie – Yeah, but for very different reasons, lol.

  4. 3/5th’s compromise diss. Oh, snap. 

  5. AOK4WAY says:

    The riddler is feelin’ up Cat Woman!

  6. @agnophilo – In all of Xanga, I have never seen a more self repressed, dishonest with himself hypocrite. You abuse people right and left and act like it’s fine. I have tried in every conceivable way to dialogue with you, and without fail you verbally accost. It’s your M.O and everybody knows it. Instead of trying to be your friend, cause you obviously don’t need any that you can treat with respect, and frown on disrespect when you so willingly dish it out. I’ll just save you the “no block” policy and not speak to you. No loss. No harm. No foul. Make it mutual will ya? 

  7. angys_coco says:

    I agree, with you, that people hate him as he was some gizmore!! Talk about policy but that is rediculous. I am not in US so, I can easily say that he really inspired lot of people when he came to power with his speech “Yes we can”. But now everyone seem to be hunting him!

  8. @YouTOme – // I just ask you please delete yours about him. Bc he has never been abusive to me, he always checks to see if anything he says to me is offensive// Julie, sorry. But b/c he has never been abusive to you does in no way negate his behavior toward me. When did this become about you? You said he is respectful of “other Christians” on here?? Maybe to a select few for his own reasons, but I have blog after blog of examples of Mark being completely offensive and horribly rude to people who only dare disagree and assert what they think. Why he does that, is something I addressed to you privately.And my Savior and Lord, would never “hang out” with those who try to maim and kill his sheep verbally. You ought to know that. It occurs to me, that it is sad that I’m sitting here, completely allowing the likes of some punk kid with no manners toward many to irritate me or let this get under my skin. It’ s wrong.

  9. @YouTOme – OMG. why do continue to do this publicly when you already apologized privately?? You are assuming what is in my heart, and the rest is an exaggeration without merit. You can keep your opinions for what is none of your business and your need to inject yourself yet again after your apology, in it;s place. Now, respectfully, leave me alone

  10. agnophilo says:

    @ShamelesslyRed – I get along fine with any and all kinds of people, I don’t even mind at all people disagreeing with me.  So long as they aren’t condescending, obnoxious assholes.You condescend to and insult me and can’t even see it when it’s pointed out to you.  You look down your nose at people who disagree with you as an excuse to ignore what they have to say, condescend to, patronize them, and then when they get offended see that as further proof of your own superiority.  Get over yourself and explore reality without it always being about you you you sometime.@AOK4WAY – I think he’s just got a fist up.  Though of course that sounds even worse.@Mal_P – The telling thing is how many people despised him from day one, before he’d even had a chance to do anything.@YouTOme – Deleted your what?  And thanks for speaking for me, but it won’t get through.  She made her mind up months ago.  Remember, she said I had offended her, so I asked her what specifically I had said so I could either apologize, explain myself or defend my words – she refused to give anything specific making an apology from me impossible.  I can’t apologize if I don’t even know wtf offended her.  Yeah I insulted her on this blog but she insulted me plenty.  Apparently insulting people who disagree with you is okay with jesus.@ShamelesslyRed – No, I get along well with most christians, in life and on the internet.  I do not get along with condescending, hateful or willfully ignorant ones that can never ever acknowledge a valid point and are severely allergic to new information and ideas.  But you put it all on the other person because it’s all about you.  If someone thinks you’re an asshole it has to be 110% their problem.@ShamelesslyRed – I don’t see what she could possibly have to apoloogize for.  If she wants to criticize me or my actions or my words she’s perfectly welcome to do so.  But what, when she gives her opinion to you it requires an apology?

  11. angys_coco says:

    @agnophilo – So true! It’s because of racism IMO

  12. @agnophilo – I never required an apology from her. And as for the rest of your comment, coming from your mouth, is the very definition of irony. I’m done trying to dialogue with you mark. You are entitled to your opinion of me. I could care less. For the record, you leveled the first insult as you usually do. Reread your comments and get a clue

  13. YouToMe says:

    @agnophilo – i privately (and publicly) apologized for getting involved . it was not my place. i knew better.

  14. agnophilo says:

    @Mal_P – A great deal of it, yes.  Well, racism and pro-life hatred.@ShamelesslyRed – I said you were insane because you said something insane.  Then we got into the details and I wrote a long, detailed response to the post in question, to which you replied by blowing off 99% of what I said, condescending to me, told me my head was up my ass,  and walking away from the conversation.I dealt with everything you said intelligently, you insulted me and blew off my response, then continued to do the same in basically every subsequent comment.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @YouTOme – You can do whatever you like on my blog.

  16. @agnophilo – //Oh my god you’re insane.I mean really fuck-nut insane.//  <————–You have a weird way of not being “condescending” . You approve of talking like that, then you should have no problem and take it with a cordial smile when I tell you your head is embedded in your ass. I’m all done here. Stay off of my blog, I will do the same. 

  17. agnophilo says:

    @ShamelesslyRed – I apologize for insulting you.I do think what you said was completely insane and completely repugnant, but I shouldn’t have been rude about it.Doubt you will acknowledge any wrongdoing on your part, let alone lots of it.

  18. agnophilo says:

    @SKANLYN – Please don’t post videos of men jerking off in my blog anymore.

  19. SKANLYN says:

    @agnophilo –  Okay but it was funny though – you’ve got to admit it.

  20. agnophilo says:

    @SKANLYN – I really don’t.

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