Best (Or Worst) Protest Signs.

Gotta love omni-hatred.

I found the last one after googling “tea party signs” but honestly I’m not even going to post more, they’re too depressing.


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33 Responses to Best (Or Worst) Protest Signs.

  1. WHY are they protesting against dykes on bikes? Biker chicks are sexy!

  2. z_stands_for says:

    Did that guy just admit to his own douche..bagness? 

  3. amygwen says:

    I got one. (two)Censorship is comforting.I like irony. wait even better. Only lie about irony

  4. I loved the one about Bush hijacking 9/11 and flying it into Iraq.

  5. mammaquiet says:

    heh, the ignorance of some people is, indeed, depressing. “Lewd women”? what is this, the Old Testament??? Good grief.

  6. Oh my.  I must admit they are pretty brave to hold a sign….any sign.  Not much of a sign holder myself. 

  7. YouToMe says:

    Pickle surprise!

  8. You have to wonder about the mental health of some of those people.

  9. hmmcclish says:

    I want to go up to Omni-Hatred Dude and circle all the things on his sign that apply to me. Then kick him in the shins.

  10. AOK4WAY says:

    That dude forgot to add protesters to the list of hellbound transgressors! HARRUMPH!

  11. reed44 says:

    think they might want to spell check their signs before going out next time????

  12. agnophilo says:

    @the_peach_assailant – Yeah that one was a little crazy.@z_stands_for – Nope.@amygwen – ?@LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – So did I.  Common ground, eh?@mammaquiet – Yes actually, that’s exactly what it is.@LifeNeedsProtection – I speak out, just not in sign-form.@YouTOme – Oh you perv : P@gottobereal64 – Yup.  I think poor mental health is actually a big part of our country’s problem.  People get so screwed up because of life, trauma, depression, addiction, whatever, and then when they can’t take it anymore they turn to religion to relive the pressure because it’s perceived to be the only game in town, and it often screws them up even worse.@hmmcclish – : )@AOK4WAY – : )@reed44 – Fox news has taught them not to fact-check before broadcasting their views 🙂@barefoot_nomad – Yeah, them thar’s the depressing signs I didn’t want to post : (

  13. @agnophilo –  So did I.  Common ground, eh?I don’t think so.  Whereas I LUV the way Bush flew that plane killing that mass murderer Saddam and his maniac sons, and liberating 25,000,000 innocent people; you couldn’t care less and remain fixated on WMD that Saddam made disappear during the 14 month run up to the invasion.

  14. YouToMe says:

    Oh hush. I was not being that =)

  15. agnophilo says:

    @YouTOme – I was just playing : )  The video is pretty twisted though.

  16. agnophilo says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – Seriously, go fuck yourself.

  17. agnophilo says:

    @AOK4WAY – Are you laughing at what I said, what she said or getting what she’s referring to?

  18. AOK4WAY says:

    @agnophilo – @ what you said.

  19. agnophilo says:

    @AOK4WAY – Ah, okay.  Was kidding, but yeah. 

  20. AOK4WAY says:

    @agnophilo – It was who you were talkin’ to that made it funny lol. @YouTOme – You so twisted you straight lol

  21. Jesus had two daddies!  Ha!  That one got me.As for the list of Hellbound sinners….nope, nope, nope, not me, not me, still not me, nope, no way, oooh!  Man, got me on that one!  Dang!, not me, not me…

  22. agnophilo says:

    @AOK4WAY – Why’s that? : P@blonde_apocalypse – Got you on what one?

  23. agnophilo says:

    @blonde_apocalypse – It occurs to me that I am basically nothing on that list, lol.  Except probably “pervert” by his standards.  Ie someone whose fantasies don’t all start with a wedding ceremony.

  24. @agnophilo – (Like you said, “Based on his standards…”) I am probably (at least) a rebellious woman, a non-homemaker, and a follower of false religion.  And everyone I know has told a lie from time to time and been hypocritical.  I can’t even explain “ankle biters.”  Where I come from, an ankle biter is a child who isn’t old enough to walk.  Calling down the fires of Hell on infants because they are infants is…inexplicable.

  25. @agnophilo – “Jesus had two daddies” made me laugh.

  26. Jessa1155 says:

    Hahahaha… the FOX News sign is PERFECT. 

  27. agnophilo says:

    @blonde_apocalypse – Ankle-biter generally means someone who annoys people but is a minor nuisance.  Like him : )@blonde_apocalypse – Me too : )  Made me go crossed for a few second, then crack up.@Jessa1155 – Yup : )  As I said to someone else, fox news apparently also taught them not to fact-check before they broadcast their opinion : )

  28. Jessa1155 says:

    @agnophilo – I watched Outfoxed again last week, I’m sure you’ve seen it. It blows my mind that anyone could defend that outfit as a valid “fair and balanced” news organization. Another good (and much shorter) video is “Fox News Kills Monsanto New Story“. Fox News and Monsanto.. quite the pair:(

  29. Casbahmaniac says:

    What the hell did Sports Nuts do to those people?

  30. Casbahmaniac says:

    @Jessa1155 – I like how Outfoxed even brings up MSNBC’s booking policy. If you were to book one liberal guest, you had to also book 5 conservative pundits for the same hour of programming. That must have been in the early days though.

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