My mom: “I’m gonna try to make brownies.”

Me: What do you mean try?

Her: I think we have all of the ingredients, I’m going make them from scratch.

Me: Can you do that?  Don’t you need an egg from a brownie tree or something?

Her:  (cracks up laughing)


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8 Responses to Brownies.

  1. I’ve always wanted to make home made pop tarts, with real fruit filling and homemade icing…yumm.But good luck with the homemade brownies.

  2. musterion99 says:

    You’re such a kidder.

  3. SamsPeeps says:

    LOL! Hope they came out yummy.

  4. YouToMe says:

    (Ha) x 10^24thYou guys crackle me up. Franken brownies!

  5. z_stands_for says:

    I like Fudge candy. mmm

  6. AOK4WAY says:

    Wow man, I sure miss my Mom and the smell of her cooking and baking. Treasure, friend… cherish every minute. Peace

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