Why I Argue.

Sirnickdon asked in a comment to my genesis flood blog:

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your time, arguing against the least intellectually defensible form of Christianity, which only a minority of its adherents hold to?”

Yeah, creationists are a minority in most countries, but here when one of our two political parties’ primary candidates are asked to raise their hands if they reject evolution, a little less than half raise their hands, meanwhile the current president maintains that “the jury is still out” when it’s been accepted fact for 150 years.

Imagine a sitting president saying the jury is still out on anesthesia, or the periodic table, and about half of the candidates for the next primary agreeing, and you know what it’s like to be a rationalist.


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10 Responses to Why I Argue.

  1. I’m not sure if you are using the term “rationalist” correctly here. As for the rest of what you have said here – to call evolution “accepted fact for 150 years” is completely wrong. It has been a postulated theory for 150 years. Since spending several decades being laughed at, rejected, and met with genuine outrage it has become rather more fashionable and is now the generally accepted theory – but, being the best available theory does not make it a fact, it simply makes it the best hypothesis considering the evidence. Obviously it’s most probably true, but that doesn’t give it fact status at all.Better let secularism run countries than religion, but that said, if the president can act in the nation’s best interest above God’s, who really gives a fuck if he believes in evolution or creationism or he thinks that we were all put here by a giant purple monkey who now resides in the centre of the Earth (that’s where earthquakes come from, you know, the monkey hits up at the earth when he’s pissed off) they’re all valid opinions, even if some are better evidenced than others, it doesn’t mean you can know one to be true to the level of “fact”, because new evidence can arise, or something may happen to allow the evidence to be interpreted differently.

  2. SirNickDon says:

    True, I can see that, but with the exception of Sarah Palin and maybe Mike Huckabee, I’m certain they’re just lying.  They just want to court a certain constituency.   

  3. Just thought I should tell you I love your blog! It is well-written, intelligent, and you’ve got David Bowie on your music player.  

  4. TheSutraDude says:

    Sarah Palin is a liar. “I never came out in support of off-shore drilling” (after the Gulf oil disaster). Ok Sarah…let’s go to the videotape. Sorry. Couldn’t resist pointing that one out. There are many more like it that came from her filthy mouth.There is a saying that pond water looks clear until you stir it with a stick and the mud that’s been sitting at the bottom becomes apparent. We’re seeing the mud that’s been sitting quietly at the bottom of the pond in the form of the ignorance of people who believe “they need to take the country back”. Back from who? More importantly, back to what? They are mostly “Christians” who believe they need to bring the country back to the spirit of the founding fathers. The founding fathers were largely Freemasons, banned then and still today as heretics by the Vatican in general and specifically by the present day pope. Were it up to the Catholic church there would be no Constitution and definitely no 1st amendment. James Madison, “the father of The Constitution”, John Hancock, probably the most famous signer of The Constitution, George Washington, “the father of our country”, Paul Revere of “The British are coming” fame, French General Lafayette without whom the British would have probably won the Revolutionary War, were among the many Masons who founded this nation. It’s no wonder a Constitution was created and signed with the spirit that no religion shall take control or priority over the government. The church hated these people. Today we see all the nut cases coming out of the woodwork. They hate so much that the family in the White House is not white that they continue to claim, against the evidence, that he’s not a natural born citizen and against the evidence and the fact that he himself goes to church on Sundays that he is not a Christian….not that his religion should even matter. People who want the nut case votes, although believing they are nut cases, remain silent on even these basic issues for fear of losing the nut case votes. It’s great to see the mud in the pond of the American psyche rise to the top, isn’t it? 

  5. Berzerkoid says:

    @TheSutraDude – Oooh, that was quite an exciting reply. I bite my lip and grin – but only because I like what you had to say. 

  6. @sometimerainbow – I agree with the first part of your statement, but the second part I have qualms with. Shortly put, anyone who makes decisions based off very little evidence or ignoring evidence almost completely will more often than not make poor decisions. I don’t like the hierarchical structure of our society, but while I live in it I would prefer to choose a leader who makes good decisions in general. Therefore, I want one who is philosophically more sophisticated than just saying “because I read something in a book, I think it is true.” They make dumb decisions like deferring billions of dollars into a Federal Emergency Response Agency that does nothing while ignoring the maintenance of infrastructure – thus facilitating a federal-level emergency! (Oh, how circular.)

  7. YouToMe says:

    i understand your frustration. especially with those who just condescend and talk at you, without listening. for what it’s worth, you’ve influenced me a lot, friend.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @JulieDeer – : )  All a part of my evil plan : P  Mwa, ha and/or ha.

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