Mtngirlsouth, Kent Hovind And Christian Persecution.

Mtngirlsouth blocked me ages ago (I don’t remember why, I think because I won an argument) and I happened upon an old blog of hers randomly a day or two ago and I was apparently un-blocked at some point.  Supposedly blocks expire or can be set to expire – I don’t know, I’ve never blocked anyone.

Anyway, so I see a blog where she says one of her personal heroes, Kent Hovind is in prison out of persecution for his religious beliefs.

For those of you who don’t know, hovind is in jail for keeping his employees’ tax money and not giving it to the IRS, stealing half a million dollars in taxes over three years.  This, she claims is religious persecution.

Anyway, she claims he’s being persecuted because the first amendment says (according to her) that it’s illegal to inhibit religions in any way (which would entail making it legal to sacrifice children in burnt offerings and do lots of other totally illegal things).  I argue against this and her other arguments and predictably she deletes all of my comments.

She won’t even admit he didn’t pay his taxes or broke the law.

Is it “persecution” for christians to have to obey the law too?  Next it’ll be illegal to not automatically fellate christians when you see them in the streets, or fail to give them all of your money un-solicited.  It’s already considered persecution to not say “here, take my children and indoctrinate them into your religious views, please, that’s what my tax dollars are for!”  It’s also “offensive” for muslims to even exist or build mosques anywhere.

This reminds me of a blog I did ages ago where someone cited a list of examples of christian persecution, and the first item was an isolated case of christians not getting free doughnuts. 

If my standards for feigning persecution were this strict a) I would be waaaaaaay more “persecuted” than these people, and b) I would be considered a lunatic with a persecution complex.


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21 Responses to Mtngirlsouth, Kent Hovind And Christian Persecution.

  1. I just “discovered” mtngirlsouth the other day.  Being blocked by a whacko can be a good thing.  😉

  2. tgwiy says:

    Ugh, Kent (Cunt?) Hovind is a complete and utter tool. I’ve watched his creationist seminars on youtube and my eyes were literally aching from rolling so much. He deserves to be in jail.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @gottobereal64 – Yeah, I wish lobornfucknutcrazy would block me already.@tgwiy – I agree, but unfortunately religious fraud is legal in this country.  I’m glad the IRS didn’t go for his bullshit though when he committed legally actionable fraud. But yes, he did defraud people for years.It’s actually weird that I’m the one wanting to protect gullible religious people from getting their pockets picked and religious people are defending it.

  4. tgwiy says:

    @agnophilo – LoBorn constantly comments on my blog calling me a crazy leftist/liberal baby killing jihad supporting bitch.  Totally psycho. I’m waiting for her to block me too.

  5. Encountered her a couple of times, back when I bothered to attempt reasoning with plebeians on the internet. Just another talking head for god with no concern for or any apparent connection to our actual reality. 

  6. YouToMe says:

    Hahaha “case of christians not getting free doughnuts”:)

  7. There were 60 – 80 thousand of her ilk in Washington over the weekend following the Pied Piper of stupid.

  8. Justin_DeBin says:

    I think I was blocked by loborn. There are a lot of Xangans that seem to just block other xangans for a variety of reasons. I don’t really get that.

  9. Justin_DeBin says:

    @agnophilo – Why don’t you just block her? Or Nidan for that matter. You see to really have it in for him.

  10. mommachatter says:

    Hovind has a few facts in which I have interest.  But just like Beck, Palin, Obama…etc.  you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Here’s an interestng thought for you, and I called U.T.A. political science department to find out if it is true.  A felon, can not vote, that right has been taken from him….BUT….he can run for President of the United States while still in prison. Go figure! ~ mom

  11. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – Dude, obama is the wheat and the rest are the chaff.  What “facts” do you get from hovind?

  12. mommachatter says:

    @agnophilo – I missed this question to me because I just learned about the Universal Inbox…I don’t think they had that when I first started blogging so if you commented on a comment on your site it was rarely found.  Some of the information that I took to research was a video he referred to “Freedom to Facism”…I researched his comment about the way the school book’s “history” was being changed.  He pointed out that Hitler by establishing a universal hate of the Jews was what I am beginning to refer to the Magician’s trick…he united the people with a universal hate so they spent there attention on that rather than what he was doing. (keep their eyes on the right hand while you are doing the real “magic” with the left).  Look at the news of today (currently/recently) keep the people of the U.S. busy hating Islam and Islamic countries while laws are being passed to rob them blind.  I forget at the moment (it’s 4:00AM here) who said “Never waste a good crisis”   The Patriot Act had been stalled in Congress so the Twin Towers went down…hmmm…maybe we can use that fear and hate to get it passed now. So they threw it on Congress desk one day..something like 800 pages and immediately asked them to pass it without reading it.   Do I think U.S. government had anything to do with 9/11????  I don’t have any proof of that, only conjecture…but Social Security was passed right after Pearl Harbor.  What President in their right mind with a war so close would put so much of his navy in one small place?  I’m a housewife and I think I would have known better than that.  Create fear and ciaos and you can lead the people anywhere.  The President has no say in whether or not a building is built and what it is used for but when Obama commented on it, it fanned the flames of controversy and we conveniently have another minor crisis, people are divided over the issue so I am just waiting to see what we are going to be “herded” into during that controversy.  Sorry, I didn’t know a short answer.

  13. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – Obama commented on the mosque long after fox news had turned it into a controversy with daily hostile protesters.  And I agree about using 9/11, but I don’t think the government planned it if that’s what you mean.  And the “never waste a good crisis” can either mean use it to push your ideology or use it to help people, depending on what the person means by it.  As far as working “magic” with the left, what magic?  The right are the ones trying to make us scared of muslims and distracted on dozens of bullshit issues.

  14. mommachatter says:

    Rahm Emanuel said “Never let a good Crisis go to waste” but it is a followed rule by many in government.  As for left and right hands?  That wasn’t political…it was meant to say that a Magician will call your attention to something to keep you from seeing how he is setting up his trick…Maybe pointing his  left hand to his pretty assistant while his left hand is putting the rabbit in the hat. :?)

  15. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – Yes, like the military commissions act which strips us of various civil rights being pushed through when they found saddam I think it was.

  16. mommachatter says:

    @agnophilo – Exactly…or pushing the patriot act through after 9-11 or the Social Security Act i wrote about after Pearl Harbor.  I don’t know how many other laws got pushed through that way. I am not sure and will have to research how the draft got started that took so many lives in Viet Nam but I think we have talked about the conscription act they are working on now.  Even for more beneficial things like Women’s Rights that came directly from Rosie the Riviter during WWII.  According to the Encyclopedia of American Economic History, “Rosie the Riveter” inspired a social movement that increased the number of working American women to 20 million by 1944, a 57% increase from 1940

  17. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – Um, a quick google search shows that the social security act was passed and signed into law 5-6 years before the attack on pearl harbor.  So yeah, I’m guessing you got this nugget of fiction from glenn beck?

  18. mommachatter says:

    @agnophilo – @agnophilo – Thank you…I don’t know at the moment where I got it but I will most  certainly check it out.  The conversation between Wilson and his advisor that I posted didn’t have a date.  Sorry back to work.

  19. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – Glenn beck and his ilk make stuff up randomly all the time.  They expect people not to think to fact check the “news”.

  20. mommachatter says:

    You are fun…you make me work….Ok what I found was that we entered WWI in 1917 .This was after the sinking of the Lusitania l May 1915, the Black Tom explosion on July 30, 1916 in Jersey City, New Jersey , the Kingland N,.J. munitions plant, the attack on Orleans, Mass. in July 1918 and AmbosNogales invcident Aut 1918.  I think any of these could be considered a U.S. Crisis to help push through legislations before the 1919 conversation I my blog.  So I was wrong about Pearl Harbor…none the less crisis and panic can make people do what otherwise they would not.  The wheat and chaff remark was not directed at people.  For people to “swallow” a false fact there must be a bit of truth in it.  Look for the truth..not for the hyperbole….look for the wheat not the chaff…same/same.  EX:  We took mom for tea at the restaurant and she is poisoned the tea is poison…not really she drank the tea to help swallow a pill…the pill was poison.  I know you much more intelligent for me to break it down that simple.  However I do appreciate your and lovegrove keeping me on my toes…ThanksP.S. Thank you for the lovely and informative afternoon until this answer I didn’t know that the Germans in any way had ever touched U.S. Soil in a subversve manner as I have listed here.

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