George W. Bush, Texas, And The Death Penalty.

This is an excellent (and horrifying) article about GWB’s role as governor of texas with regard to the death penalty, where he signed off on an execution about once every 9 days average, and oversaw more executions than any other governor in texas history (he commuted only one sentence, that of a serial killer).



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31 Responses to George W. Bush, Texas, And The Death Penalty.

  1. All part of his “pro-life” stance, I guess.

  2. tgwiy says:

    @GodlessLiberal – agreed.Bush is inane and I didn’t even have to deal with him as the leader of my country.

  3. @tgwiy – Lucky. I ended up being one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans on a “watch list,” and was searched every time I went through an airport. 

  4. tgwiy says:

    @GodlessLiberal – Watch list? As in they suspect you to be a terrorist?

  5. @tgwiy – I guess. Along with thousands of other peaceful protesters and Bush dissenters.

  6. That’s what the people of Texas want.  Is this a representative democracy, or isn’t it?

  7. @blonde_apocalypse – The desires of the people do not (and can not ever be allowed to) supersede what is constitutionally permissible. Checks exist so that “majority rule” does not trump the defense of our rights. More pointedly: it doesn’t matter if everyone in the country wants it done; if it violates the rights of even a single individual, it should be overturned.

  8. FalconBridge says:

    I didn’t go to the link but I happen to support the death penalty so it really doesn’t matter to me how many he signed off on. 

  9. Zissu25 says:

    ugh – well sometimes I forget how nice it is that he George W Bush is gone from the White House.

  10. mommachatter says:

    In the link that you show I most especially noted on the third screen where Bush said, ” At the time of the thirteen death row exonerations in Illinois, Bush stated publicly that although states such as Illinois might have problems with a faulty death penalty system, he was certain that in Texas no innocent person had ever been sent to death row, much less executed.”  So I went to Project Innocents  Also interesting to note that no less than 11 men had been released completely from death row between 1973 and July 2009…and to be on that list they could have no other crimes against them not even a traffic ticket.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – And two of them were from GW’s time as governor.  Nice of him to spend so much time learning about their cases.@splinter1591 – I’m going to just assume you’re an idiot who commented without reading an article, and not that you don’t care about things like mercy or mentally retarded men being executed without adequate legal representation.@Zissu25 – Very, very nice.@FalconBridge – Wait, so you support unlimited executions of prisoners for any reason, regardless of whether their innocence is in question?  Not to mention that given the fact that we occasionally execute innocent people should make anyone against the death penalty.@GodlessLiberal – So do you know the reason you were on the terrorist watch list?@GodlessLiberal – Exactly.

  12. @agnophilo – Still don’t know. I took part in some war protests and GLBT rallies, and that’s my best guess (unless they cared about my Xanga page for some reason).

  13. agnophilo says:

    @GodlessLiberal – Fucked up.Do you have an islamic name or something?

  14. FalconBridge says:

    I don’t want to argue I just have a different opinion on this matter.  They were proven guilty by our own system.  Nothing in this world is perfect but I have to say our system is far better than many out there.  There are certain crimes that I believe should be punishable by death.  I don’t deny that some innocent people might be found guilty for whatever reason but that means we should recheck the system and we do it’s called appeals. We happen to disagree on this issue that’s fine.  We can’t always agree.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @FalconBridge – I don’t understand how you can support a system that executes innocent people.  And when there is no rational reason why we should execute them, as if life in prison is a reward or something.  And when you factor in that it costs a lot more money to execute someone (with that costly appeals process) than to simply imprison them for the rest of their life which is relatively cheap per capita, we are spending vastly more tax money to institutionalize the execution of innocent people. Which do you care more about?  Killing guilty people or protecting innocent people?

  16. splinter1591 says:

    @agnophilo – no.  Im extremely pro death penalty.  And mistakes get made.  But personally I think that there should be more executions.  This is how it would work if I was in-charge.  You murder, death-penalty.  You rape, death–penalty.  You are a sexual offender for messing with someone under the age of 16 then death.@agnophilo – so don’t live in texas if you don’t like the cultures veiw on crime and death

  17. splinter1591 says:

    also I looked it up, terry washington stabbed a woman at their work.No i DONT think that his retardation should excuse him for that.  He was stable enough to work he should be stable enough not to kill his co-works.

  18. agnophilo says:

    @splinter1591 – Simple isn’t always better.  You are not dumbing down a tax form or something, you’re over-simplifying the government’s process of killing it’s citizens. Are you insane?  And again you are in favor of executing people who have not committed any crime.  I don’t know how you can honestly sleep at night believing this shit.@splinter1591 – No one is saying that he should get a free pass, but it’s mitigating circumstances that were not submitted to evidence at his trial.You cannot say that the death penalty works because of the appeals process, then say “who cares” when the governor blows off his job as the defendant’s last chance in the appeals process.  You don’t seem to care about the process, or the innocent, you just want to kill people you think deserve it.  The justice system is supposed to protect and serve, not dole out vengeance.  The death penalty costs more money, doesn’t reduce crime and kills innocent people.  How many other things do you support that do all of those?

  19. splinter1591 says:

    @agnophilo – I sleep better at night because therre are less rapists.  Duhif they killed more people it would probably deter more criminals.  It’s cuz they give those pardons.The death penalty costs more money, doesn’t reduce crime and kills innocent people.  How many other things do you support that do all of those?and to answer your question: at least one.  The american revolution

  20. agnophilo says:

    @splinter1591 – How does executing prisoners in jail for life make there be less rapists? And no, the death penalty usually doesn’t work as a deterrent, and even if it did it kills innocent people.The revolution comment is too retarded to even respond to.  No, you’re right.  Killing innocent people for no good reason is great and we should all do it.@GodlessLiberal – That’s odd then.

  21. splinter1591 says:

    @agnophilo – dude. seriously.learn RESPECT for gods sake

  22. agnophilo says:

    @splinter1591 – I don’t respect people who sanction policies which needlessly murder innocent people.

  23. splinter1591 says:

    @agnophilo – look.  Nothing in this world is perfect.  And yeah, mistakes will be made.  But no one is making ou live in Texasand as for the american revolution.  It is a PERFECT example.

  24. agnophilo says:

    @splinter1591 – “look.  Nothing in this world is perfect.  And yeah, mistakes will be made.” That is just absolving yourself of responsibility.  Yes, mistakes will be made if we make them.  Not executing prisoners 100% guarantees we will never execute an innocent person.  In the “not executing innocent people” department it’s fool-proof.  Executing prisoners on the other hand guarantees 100% that we will execute innocent people. But no one is making ou live in Texas”And no one’s making me live in a dictatorship – that isn’t an argument.  Especially when you consider that the innocent convicts I’m talking about kind of are being forced to live there.  And more importantly, die there.”and as for the american revolution.  It is a PERFECT example.”No, fighting against a theocratic dictatorship and establishing civil rights is not comparable to killing people who are already in prison for life, any more than shooting at an invading army is comparable to picking off non-combatants in a cage with a rifle.

  25. splinter1591 says:

    @agnophilo – there are things that deserve death in this culture I live in.  In this society.  And in this world.  If you have that much of a problem with it move to australia or something.It is fighting for the princible and for the idea that ther ARE some crimes which are unfogivable and worthy of death.You can not be against our entire judicial system because it makes mistakes.  Your argument is just as invalid.

  26. @ElliottStrange – The subject was whether a governor was right in choosing not to arbitrarily overturn the law for people who have been given due process.

  27. agnophilo says:

    @splinter1591 – As I said, it’s more important to you to kill the guilty than to protect the innocent.

  28. splinter1591 says:

    @agnophilo – u don’t have to always be rightplease learn this

  29. agnophilo says:

    @splinter1591 – Attacking me personally doesn’t make your position any less psychotic.And my priority is being actually right, not winning some bullshit argument on the internet.

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