Apparently Xanga [Doesn’t] Censor Top Blogs (update).

I got 20 recs on my last blog (thanks btw) and I went to see where it ranked on most rec’d and top blogs, it was number 1 on most rec’d and number 2 on top blogs.  Then I refreshed the page and it was still on most rec’d but it disappeared from top blogs entirely.  So apparently xanga’s top blogs are really “top blogs we feel comfortable putting on top blogs”.

So what, you’re not allowed to talk about gay rights on xanga’s top blogs?

Something’s fucked up here.

[Update: Apparently blogs stay on top blogs for 24 hours and I happened to notice mine was on top blogs seconds before the 24 hour period ended.  Sorry for the false alarm folks.]


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9 Responses to Apparently Xanga [Doesn’t] Censor Top Blogs (update).

  1. Xanga is getting more sucky each day.  😦

  2. sadly, ’tis a clique. 

  3. YouToMe says:

    Congrats and good nitrates! 🙂

  4. YouToMe says:

    @complicatedlight -  mark is now clique-worthy, which means there will be less parts of him for you to play with

  5. @YouTOme – well it IS a litttle odd the way things get decided around here, but i gotta admit i was kinda surprised that he wouldn’t be able to hold a place up there. 

  6. Mugo60 says:

    Maybe the owners of Xanga found out about  ‘CAPITALISM’  more $$$ .. ya think?

  7. YouToMe says:

    @complicatedlight - i think it’s just timing in this case bc I’ve seen much more controversial topics up there. No worries, he will be off campaigning for rectal cancer awareness in no time. We knew the day would arrive, we just thought we had more time–but alas, Mark,with his non-fleshy orifices, is going to be too cool for us rec-less folk.

  8. @YouTOme – hey, i was a xangalebrity of sorts. once upon a time. back when mark was still *finding* his orifices. but those days are over.

  9. Biggie242 says:

    idk xanga somehow still is up but always has one foot in the grave

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