Shit list.

I think I have to…

Download the brown file.

Drop the kiddies off at the pool.

Worship at the porcelain altar.

Slam on the breaks and leave skid marks.

Declare a code brown.

Drop the payload.

Jettison the cargo.

Man the aft torpedoes.

Initiate A Brown Alert.

Drop some weight the easy way.

Experience a brown-out.

Bombs away.

Gangsta crap.

Start a salad bowel movement.

Be discharged of my duty.

Go to work at I-BM

Initiate Plan 2 From Inner Space.

Address the fecal matter.

Get a dishonorable discharge.

Fertilize the planet.

Sit by my favorite stool.

Wrap a present in crapping paper.

¡muy guano!

Have the Colonel bring up the rear.

Eliminate waste in the human resources department.

Displace the air under my ass.

or just say…

“Number one, begin evacuation procedures.” – Captain Picard (actual line)

I just thought up everything after the third one : ) 


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21 Responses to Shit list.

  1. jmallory says:

    I’m not a huge fan of toilet humor… but this really made me smile!

  2. YouToMe says:

    I echo all the above.Awful

  3. You’re a shitty genius if ever there was one! Or shall we say that your mind is fecally endowed?

  4. anaraug says:

    I like to say “move some units”, since I am talking about “doing some business”, you know?

  5. mommachatter says:

    And all this time I thought a man was ‘reading’ behind that door….who’d a’thunk

  6. mcbery says:

    Yikes! Your music woke me up this morning! Lol! No, I wouldn’t like a school where my children would be forced to practice Islam but I think the choice should be in the schools for a Christian doctrine too. I think we have some really basic differences in our world view but we can still be friends, right? I believe what I believe with all my heart but I am not going to force it down anyone’s throat. I respect your point of view even though I disagree.

  7. amygwen says:

    Cracked a smile myself this morning.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @mcbery – I’m fine with elective courses teaching the bible as literature in public highschools, comparative religion courses, religious philosophy classes etc.  I just think the public schools should be a place of teaching, not preaching.  But yeah, I think you replied to my comment in the wrong blog, lol.

  9. Casbahmaniac says:

    My friend use to kick a little racial flava to his dropping the kids off at the pool. He used to say “I gotta drop the Huxtables off at the pool”. Quite tasteless indeed.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @Casbahmaniac – Yeah that’s pretty bad.

  11. Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl, eh?

  12. agnophilo says:

    @hevnsfall – Not really, I picked it at random back when I just used xanga to keep in touch with a friend of mine.  Later I decided to blog and was too lazy to change it.

  13. hevnsfall says:

    u premium or something?

  14. hevnsfall says:

    just wondering.. btw great toilet humor!

  15. soulstar76 says:

    Spit that Shit out dude…………..very funny!!!!! “Disgustingly AWFUL” very creative!!!!!:=)ZOE xxoo

  16. agnophilo says:

    @soulstar76 – : )You might also enjoy this.

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