Most Hateful Comment Of The Week

And the award for Most Hateful Comment Of The Week goes to… ::drum roll::

Megan@revelife! (whose blog I can view for some odd reason despite being blocked from revelife). 

I commented on megan’s blog which said the “liberal teacher’s unions” were worse than the catholic church because supposedly there are more pedophile teachers than priests (how she knows this I have no idea), here was my response:

“I’m confused, have teachers unions been actively protecting child rapists and shuffling them from one jurisdiction to another to keep them from going to jail?  Because otherwise the above blog is a bunch of nonsense.”

To which megan thoughtfully replied:

“Thank you for, yet again, another idiotic comment. I don’t know why you come here? You are not welcome here; you obviously support this pedophile out of your hatred for the Catholic Church. You’re probably a pedophile yourself, most hardcore atheists are. That’s why you don’t want to address the content of the post. I await what will be an incredibly vulgar reply because I know your vocabulary is quite limited.

Aaaaaaaand what do we have for our winner?

Wow, it’s…  a lifetime of hatred and sadness.  Oh congratulations.

Be sure to join us again next time.


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37 Responses to Most Hateful Comment Of The Week

  1. phillyista says:

    i just wrote a blog about religion…or rather how xanga is inundated with religious blogs and i proposed we should come up with a date when we do not discuss the matter…you should check it out!

  2. bosefius says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I said yesterday on your blog. Apparently Megan took it seriously.

  3. SKANLYN says:

    You’re probably not a pedophile. You just take the standard liberal position of “if you don’t like pedophilia then don’t molest children but live and let live for everyone else”. You people of course have no regard for the children cuz if it were up to you, they would have been aborted in the first place.

  4. asrial86 says:

    Dear Megan,You are a fucking idiot.  Learn to answer questions and admit you are wrong.  You’re a teenager with more air in her head than brains.  Do you have brains?  Shit.  Grow up.signed, Xanga.

  5. tgwiy says:

    Wow, she’s an idiot. 

  6. I looooooove megan, despite the less than sober pulse comments I give her.

  7. hahaha….this made me laugh. megan should run for the senate as a tea bagger gop.  she would win hands down. the maturity is astounding.

  8. SKANLYN says:

    @haloed – Wow! Someone’s blood sugar must be low. Not to worry fat girl, Twinkie the Kid is on his way with a tray full of delicious snack cakes!

  9. Can we just recycle DJ_GiNSU’s comment about LoBorn? It seems rather appropriate. 

  10. Ampbreia says:

    Yeah, comments like that are why I blocked her.  The pope is a real hot button for her for some reason. Say anything about him or his cronies and she loses all semblance of civilized conduct.

  11. Most hardcore Atheists are pedophiles?? That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. This Megan clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It seems to me that if any one group is known for widespread, well-documented pedophilia, it’s the Catholic church. Not Atheists.Oh, and liberals do not support pedophilia, nor do they hate children. Pro-choice doesn’t mean anti-child.Where do people even get these ideas?@SKANLYN – Wow! Someone needs to learn some manners. There’s no excuse for comments like that. It’s not even relevant to the issue in any way. But it sure makes you look like an asshole.And, of course, your earlier comments confirm my suspicions.

  12. SKANLYN says:

    @thin_bottom_girl – You’re right, I’m sorry. I should be more polite in my comments, like the person to whom I was responding.

  13. Yeah, I blocked most of Xangas hardcore religious on the sole purpose that they cannot distinguish my faith (or lack of) and personal issues with God from their beliefs, and that if I find God it’ll be on my terms. Still, this was entertaining. Thank you for making my day more interesting 🙂

  14. @SKANLYN – Ah, the good old “They started it!” excuse. I’m not sure anyone in this discussion is being any more mature or civil than a name-calling 5 year old.I will agree that @haloed‘s comment wasn’t exactly what I would call polite, but at least it’s based on actions and not just a random, irrelevant, completely untrue personal attack on appearance. Attacking someone for something they did or said is a little different.

  15. asrial86 says:

    @SKANLYN – I’m so hurt by your completely irrelevant comments 🙂@thin_bottom_girl – Yeah I’ve never done anything against skanklyn (as I thought the name was for the longest time) and he’s just some resident shit disturber trying to get a rise out of people.  My comment on Megan is based on her behaviour that makes me want to literally beat some sense in to her.  She is the portrait of completely brainwashed and indoctrinated, no brains, no facts, no sense Christian that makes other Christians look bad.

  16. SKANLYN says:

    @thin_bottom_girl – I never claimed to be mature. I also never claim to speak for Xanga when I say something nasty about someone. 

  17. SKANLYN says:

    @haloed – Aw shucks, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I thought we were just having a friendly roast. Had I known you had actual violence on your mind with regard to Megan, I would have responded much differently. I wouldn’t want to set you off or anything.

  18. helvetebrann says:

    Hm.  She clearly doesn’t understand how teacher’s unions work….  Signed,An English Teacher

  19. YouToMe says:

    Yeah, that was pretty low :/

  20. mommachatter says:

    Although I am Christian, and an old woman at that, even I know that Atheism is a religion as is agnosticism,  By definition a religion is something in which you believe but cannot prove.  I can’t prove there is a God and as yet I haven’t heard and Athiest that can prove there isn’t a God.  Our little “friend” up there needs to learn to respect all beliefs or she will be worthless to her on religion. ~ mom

  21. ItIsAllGravy says:

    Every one of her posts I’ve seen are hateful.    My favorite post of hers was a few months ago when she talked about how she hates everybody in their 20s.  Damn that was irritating. 

  22. agnophilo says:

    @SKANLYN – What is wrong with you?  Being pro-choice does not mean you want babies to be aborted or that you even think abortion is ethical.  And the idea that “liberals” accept or tolerate pedophilia is another example of, I can only guess, pathological hatred of people you don’t agree with.@bosefius – ?@haloed – : )@tendollar4ways – She probably would, sadly.@SKANLYN – If you insult my readers like this again unprovoked I will block you.@Ampbreia – That makes sense.  She went apeshit when I mentioned the pope.  I wasn’t even offensive.@SKANLYN – The person to whom you were responding did not attack, criticize or even talk to you and was responding to really the most vile insults someone can make being made toward them.  If someone reacted rudely to me saying most christians are pedophiles I would have that coming.@helvetebrann – Or pedophilia, or her church or much of reality.@mommachatter – Is not believing in unicorns a religion?  Is not collecting stamps a hobby? Atheists do not claim to know for a fact that no deities exist, they just are not convinced they do.  Even the most outspoken atheists are careful to say that biblical claims are discredited, not disproven, and that the arguments for why we should believe in a god do not add up, not that we’ve looked under every rock in the universe and found there isn’t a god out there.  Basically every atheist I’ve ever met is an agnostic atheist.@ItIsAllGravy – Someone who commented on her post did a blog equating atheism with rape and slavery, claiming that the guy who wrote “amazing grace” was a merry slave-raping atheist until his conversion at which point he began opposing slavery.  My response, in part:A quick google search reveals the reality behind your fiction. He converted to christianity when his ship nearly sank out of fear of drowning, then continued to work in the slave trade as a christian for a decade or so, retired from the slave trade, then 34 years after his retirement from the slave trade and sixteen years after the abolition of slavery in his native england, he, for the first time in his life, dissented against the slave trade.  Yes, what a brave courageous christian. And a heretic, since slavery is sanctioned in both the old and new testaments, and even the ten commandments say you can make your slaves (and your cattle) work 6 out of the 7 days in a week.

  23. bosefius says:

    @agnophilo – Oh, your post yesterday about raping children. I replied with ‘It’s wrong to rape children, you should make love to them’

  24. AncoraImparo says:

    The second I saw this ridiculous accusation I responded with the following: Most hardcore atheists are pedophiles? Source please. Newsflash: they come from all walks of life. And accusing someone simply debating with you of being a pedophile…that is LOW. You should be ashamed. I do believe it is your credibility that has gone flying out the window!  -another “hardcore” atheist. oh, just curious, am I a pedophile too? Are you going to block me now? Hah. Grow up.Needless to say, I was blocked. Glad you wrote a post about this, I was furious as well.

  25. Shy___Away says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I can’t WAIT until that little bitch goes out into the real world saying those kind of things. Unless she goes to a Catholic university, but even still. There is no way you can get away with saying that kind of bullshit and hope to get away with it.

  26. @agnophilo – You do realise Skanklyn is a jackoff right?

  27. agnophilo says:

    @bosefius – Ah, yeah – I remember.  If she did take it as serious that’s pathological.

  28. agnophilo says:

    @AncoraImparo – Yeah I saw that (had to log out to see it)   : )  Thanks.@Shy___Away – Really.

  29. mommachatter says:

    WOAH boy!  I am supporting you in your beliefs and in no way said anything about any politics.  I am as sure you have principals and live by them as I do…Are you sure you were commenting MY comment? 

  30. New_dog says:

    oh wow, I like that song Coolio.This chick Megan seems to be on a real roll this week.Damn, I don’t want to leave because the music is good, but I’ve got nothing else to say.Haw ha ha.@bosefius – HAW ha, make love to children.  You’re funny.

  31. mommachatter says:

    Sorry….:?(   This is what I got and I didn’t notice the name it appeared in orange and I didn’t see that well:agnophilo replied to your comment: Although I am Christian, and an old woman at that,…“@SKANLYN – What is wrong with you? Being pro-choice does not mean you want babies to be aborted or……” <li class=”itemtimestamp”>14 hours agoOnce again my Apologies..blame it on Xanga

  32. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – This was the bit that was responding to you:”Is not believing in unicorns a religion?  Is not collecting stamps a hobby? “Atheists do not claim to know for a fact that no deities exist, they just are not convinced they do.  Even the most outspoken atheists are careful to say that biblical claims are discredited, not disproven, and that the arguments for why we should believe in a god do not add up, not that we’ve looked under every rock in the universe and found there isn’t a god out there.  Basically every atheist I’ve ever met is an agnostic atheist.”Everything after this is not responding to you.@New_dog – Feel free to stop by and listen to my tunes any time : )

  33. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – The “what’s wrong with you” was a response to skanlyn saying that liberals have a “live an let live” attitude about pedophilia, ie are okay with it, because if they had their way all of the victims would have been aborted anyway.

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