Why The Earth Doesn’t Revolve Around The Sun.

I was reading this very obnoxious, very deceptive anti-evolution blog and I decided to write a response.  But why bother with just correcting all of the factual inaccuracies and snarkiness in the blog for the ten millionth time?  I started with parody instead and emulated the author’s style:

[Edit: It’s apparently fortuitous that I copied my response into a blog since the douchebag deleted it almost instantly.]

One must ask whether it is scientific to suppose the earth goes around the sun, or whether it is some kind of cult mentality induced by drug abuse and pornography.  To date there is no serious evidence that the earth does go around the sun, and this “theory” is based mainly on the Carole King song I Feel The Earth Move.  A man named galileo once argued that the earth went around the sun by measuring that it moves a portion of the way around it every day.  But while everyone accepts “micro” revolution of the earth, no one has ever explained how “macro” revolution could possibly work, and nobody has ever seen the earth go around the sun.  But either way he never proved his “theory” that the earth went around the sun because the earth was bored and thought there was candy on the other side, or “macro” revolution.

^~~~~~~~ This is basically to heliocentrism what this blog is to biological evolution.  Your blog is filled with half-truths, distortions, inaccuracies, straw men and ad hominems.  You don’t even seem to know what natural selection is.  Natural selection is not the claim that life evolves, it is the precise explanation of one of the driving mechanisms of how life evolves.  So when creationists say (as you did above) that natural selection explains how species can produce lots of offspring, but not how they can “evolve” or change at all, it indicates that you don’t get the most simple explanation of the most basic concept in evolutionary biology.  Species don’t magically produce more offspring, mutations produce tremendous amounts of genetic and physiological variations, some of which are harmful, some of which are useful, and the useful ones are passed onto future generations at greater rates and become common in the gene pool because their possessors tend to survive long enough to reproduce more of the time (in nature, most animals don’t survive that long).  So just as any number will eventually be drawn in a lottery, any useful slight modification will occur.  The most useful ones survive in the gene pool, the harmful ones don’t, and the species changes shape over time which is well observed.  You repeat lies like that there is no evidence of speciation when four distinct types of speciation are well observed and well understood. 

I have debunked this stuff so, so many times. 

I will do so again if you insist.  So long as I have some sense that you will actually listen.


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5 Responses to Why The Earth Doesn’t Revolve Around The Sun.

  1. A_Bella_Loca says:

    Of course the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun, silly wabbit. Everyone knows that flat things don’t revolve!

  2. mommachatter says:

    As you know I lean toward creationism…however, it is obvious that some things have had a certain amount of evolution that makes them more adaptable to their environment.  Yeah, so that can possibly leave us a little of both.  Actually I have had some difficulty in understanding why the upset unless there are future plans for us to clone humans. We are, we have been, we will be.  Does it matter so much how we are? But all that aside,of all your blog the last three sentences make the most sense…”I have debunked this stuff so, so many times. I will do so again if you insist.  So long as I have some sense that you will actually listen”.     I do not know to whom this entry was originally directed, but what I do know is that creationism/evolution; athiesm/agnosticism/christianity/islam; is so ingrained that you are waisting your time trying to convince someone different. Use your talents to teach those who question, who want to learn.  I have found that to listen….really listen to another viewpoint it either reinforces my own or…I am edified in their perspective of the subject. The target of your blog needs to learn the same thing.   Either way, good luck to you.  I enjoy trying to gleen whatever I can from your posts but I have to admit you are much smarter than I.

  3. anaraug says:

    There are only four kinds of speciation?  I actually thought we’d observed MORE than that.Common claim I hear is that “we’ve only seen species to species speciation but never phylum to phylum etc” but that is just patently false too.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @A_Bella_Loca – : )@mommachatter – I linked to the original blog.  The guy almost immediately deleted my comment (most likely without reading it) and then I posted “You deleted my comment?  You’re awesome.” and he blocked me, lol.  So yeah.And you’re right, nothing about evolution means there can’t also be a creator of some sort – darwin throught there was, as do many modern biologists.  Fundamentalists/creationists oppose evolution though mostly because the same sort of ignorant, baseless conspiracy theory lunacy and deliberate systematic misinformation surrounds it as does barrack obama’s birth certificate, and because while it does nothing to the concept of a god, it makes it harder (if not impossible) to believe in a god that watches over us individually, and without that their faith isn’t comforting anymore.  And most born-agains are really in it for that comfort.@anaraug – Nope, just the four, at least that we know of.  And we have never directly observed the birth of a new phylum, for the same reason you’ve never directly observed a thousand generations of your descendants (by definition it takes far more than a human lifetime).  But we have vast amounts of genetic and fossil evidence to support it.

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