Re:Anti-Obama Blog.

I responded to this blog by “obamawatch” in-line, here is my response:

“President Obama bought GM in 2009.”

No, obama loaned them like 7 billion, which they paid back months ago, though it will be years before they pay back the bush era loans.  Get your facts straight.

“He gave 17% to the UAW”

No, GM sold 17% of their stock to the UAW because they owed them billions of dollars.  Nothing was “given” to anyone.

“which helped to get him elected.”

So obama used his presidential authority to help himself get elected president the year before.  I didn’t know he was a time traveler.
“Last week President Obama praised the IPO of GM. He acted as if this was proof postive that his plan had worked. The truth is that the United States Treasury lost 4.5 billion dollars on the stocks sold on the first day of trading.  Yet the President says we are well on our way to earning our investment back.  President Obama said that the buy out was the only option. That bankruptcy would have just ended the production of cars and the jobs would have disappeared. However even after the government bought GM they filled for Bankruptcy.” 

Bankruptcy does not mean the failure of a company, it is a legal tool often used to prevent a company from going under.  And the auto industry is responsible for like 15% of the jobs in the country, if 2 out of 3 of the biggest US auto makers in the country went under at the same time unemployment was already exploding, that would be very, very bad. 

“The bail out of GM was a terrible idea, and is a terrifying concept.” 

Good non-argument.

“The government stole from the private citizens and gave to the Unions.”

Um, no.  They bought stock from a company and then sold some of it to that company’s unions.  It’s funny that you think it’s evil to use tax money to bail out a company, and that it’s even more evil for the government to sell the stock in an attempt to get out of the auto business.

“They took wealth from bond holders and gave it to the Unions,”
Buying and taking are two completely different things.

“this makes investors nervous about investing in bonds.” 

It would if it were not imaginary.

“The ends do not and should not justify the means. What happened at GM was criminal, that is all there is too it. The buy out created a precedent, that it is okay for the government to steal from us, to shred our property rights, so long as it turns a profit for someone.” 

What property rights?  The right to personally decide how every penny of tax money is spent?  You don’t have that right.  You elect representatives to make those decisions.  Criticize them for making bad calls, but don’t whine and pretend it’s tyranny.

“That is wrong on all levels and never should have happened. To support the GM buy out is to support the idea of legal theft.”

No, it isn’t.  This is stupid.


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18 Responses to Re:Anti-Obama Blog.

  1. right on. set ’em straight, mark.

  2. [insert lots about the bail-out here] I don’t think people really realize how devastating it would have been to certain areas of the country, like Michigan, to have GM go bankrupt. Granted, nobody cares about Michigan or autoworkers, but it’d be nice if they’d consider the trickle down effect of that. And stop bitching. Ahem.

  3. pewterrose says:

    Good way to deconstruct this using logic; what’s the link to the article?

  4. loner_writer says:

    I thought obamawatch was Paul_partisan, or was that some other obamasomething?

  5. bloodbreath says:

    I really really wanted to read your entry, but I was too fascinated with your excellent play list. 

  6. reed44 says:

    I don’t think the average person who listens to Fox News for their ‘news’ understand the effect that closing automotive plants have on a community.  Take for instance, Flint MI where they once had a booming auto industry – then the plants started closing and the town about dried up.  I know people from there and they tell how bad the crime is and how things changed.If this happened to one city when the factories closed, what would happen if all the GM plants and sales centers closed?

  7. Thanks for setting the record straight 🙂

  8. Facts have no place in this debate!

  9. Obamawatch isn’t worth arguing with, but it’s nice to know that you know the truth!

  10. TheSaltMine says:

    @reed44 – “I don’t think the average person who listens to Fox News for their ‘news’ understand the effect that closing automotive plants have on a community. “Understand? I’ll go one further: I don’t think they care.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @complicatedlight – : )@Automaton_Emotion – I agree.  A lot of people who buy into this stuff are just gullible bystanders, but it’s designed to exploit fear and distrust of a black democrat.  They can’t call him a nigger so they call him everything else.  Communist muslim anti-american traitor who wants to destroy all that is good in the world etc.  And they even accuse him of racism, haha.@pewterrose – Not an article, part of a blog. should take you to it, though it’s really not worth reading.@loner_writer – I thought paul partisan was paul partisan.  But yeah, this “obamawatch” guy is just anti-obama vitriol.  @bloodbreath – : D  I get that a lot.@reed44 – Many, many bad things.  But thinking about that would distract from hating the man.@SexyGamerGirl – Welcs : )@GodlessLiberal – Seems to be.@socialdemocracyforall – Yeah I shouldn’t have even bothered, but oh well.  Hadn’t done a political blog in a long while.@TheSaltMine – I agree.  The rich evil fucks who disseminate this stuff certainly don’t.  What was it limbaugh said?  That he doesn’t think there even is a recession, but if there is one “just don’t participate in it”.  Telling rich investors to sit on their money and not invest, which will prolong the recession.  Is there such a thing as a reverse rapture?  Where all the useless oxygen grubbing assholes get blinked away.  I’d worship any god that could manage that.

  12. TheSaltMine says:

    @agnophilo – We would have to massively reorganize and reprioritize the planet if that happened because let’s be honest: if you blink away all of the assholes, you’re left with a pretty slim portion of the species.  I would say a billion or so at the very best – and that’s an optimistic estimate.

  13. phantomFive says:

    I think what the guy is talking about is that the way the bankruptcy went down, contractually the bondholders should have gotten more than they did (and a lot of the bondholders were GM retirees who had invested their money in GM bonds. Bad move). Contractually, and according to standard bankruptcy law, the unions should have gotten less than they did. However when the Obama administration seized the company, they decided to break it down their own way instead of according to standard bankruptcy procedure. Whether that’s fair or not, I don’t know, but I do know I wouldn’t invest a single cent into GM or Chrysler.

  14. pewterrose says:

    @agnophilo – Okay thanks. I’m sure you’re right, but I always like to see the sources for response blogs.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @TheSaltMine – Yeah, depends on what the cut-off standard for asshole is.  I could see a billion.  Most people aren’t good or evil, they just go along with things.  Now all the stupid people, that’s another story : P@phantomFive – I think maybe the idea is that if the workers own a piece of the company it ups the chance of it suceeding.  But who knows.  Either way to characterize any use of tax dollars that happens under a democrat’s administration as theft and fascism (regardless of the situation or issue at hand) is ridiculous.@pewterrose – I copied everything verbatim, just FYI.

  16. pewterrose says:

    @agnophilo – I wasn’t questioning that at all.

  17. agnophilo says:

    @pewterrose – Okay. Why then?  Out of curiosity.

  18. pewterrose says:

    @agnophilo – Exactly. Out of curiosity. I just like to read the source stuff for response blogs because I’m curious. *shrug* It’s nothing personal, I promise.

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