Prayer Request For My Christian/Theist Readers.

The mother of a good friend of mine is in the hospital and might not live very much longer.  I won’t go into all the details, but she (the friend) asked me to post a prayer request on my blog.  My regular readers know I don’t believe in the power of prayer, but it costs me nothing to pass on the request, so I’ll gladly do it for a friend.  So please pray, rec, or just leave a kind remark.


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61 Responses to Prayer Request For My Christian/Theist Readers.

  1. numbskull101 says:

    I’m neither Christian nor a theist; however, I do believe in prayer. I will pray for your friend and her mother.

  2. YouToMe says:

    @radicalsounds – @Karens_Potpourri – @Jenny_Wren – @jackie004 – @haloed – @Kristenmomof3 – @FOXHOUND_HQ – @The_ATM – @LGailGarrett – @LGailGarrett – @firetyger – @boyhnc – @thankee – i hope i have included everyone here. thank you all so very much for your prayers, comments and support.  Yes,(( bug hugs)) Kristen! thanks for being such a dear friend to me.  Just an aside to anybody commenting here, Mark not only posted this despite his difference in beliefs, but he and his family arranged their schedules around so that Mark would be available if i needed any emotional support.  He is a real treasure. but so are you all for being so kind and caring to me in this time of uncertainty and grief. right now my mother is still in ICU and on life support, but we are probably going to wait a few days before my dad/the family makes any decisions.

  3. YouToMe says:

    @Aloysius_son – john, thank you so much. Mark has been a wonderful, faithful friend. Sometimes I felt like Barnabbas telling people so, but I think this right here demonstrates to many more people his character and integrity.   @numbskull101 – i appreciate that especially. thank you.

  4. I hope that all will be well and she will be in my thoughts for a speedy recovery

  5. hoppy_nuts says:

    I am sorry about your friend. I pray God to put His healing hand to touch your friend and be with her. I ask God to reduce her pain and give her peace. If your friend is a christian, please remind her death is not the end. We all go home someday, and she will be see her love one and friend again. Take care.

  6. buddly47 says:

    Sorry about your friends mom. Consider it done.

  7. lilabear says:

    For sure, btw: i am touched that u posted this up for a friend considering your own circumstances.

  8. PPhilip says:

    @YouTOme – Edgar Cayces the sleeping prophet used to get the location of a person and “prayed” for that person and also left a good diagnosis of that malady along with a healing path to follow.Tenrikyo would do a bit of laying of the hands on a person needing healing. Along with the “therapy” was a commentary about the illness as a way for a sort of Salvation i.e. a person with a cut might be told that cutting remarks could return as a cut….Basically Agnophilo is allowing to honor social contracts rather than to dabble in Spiritual arguments. If healing is done or not done, I doubt he would change unless there was a divine intervention….upon his own person….

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