I Don’t Think Loborn Was Ever Actually Banned.

There’s no evidence she was, there was no interruption in posting and commenting from her account, I can’t find an instance of anyone being IP-blocked from xanga other than her, and loborn is hardly a reliable source and is a huuuuge attention whore.

So yeah, I call shenanigans.

I posted as much on her “free at last, free at last, thank JESUS CHRIST YOU STINKING ATHEISTS!!! I’m free at last” blog (paraphrasing).  She didn’t deny it, but just insulted me.  I pointed out twice that she wasn’t denying it, and she still didn’t deny it, just ramped up the insults.

So yeah.

I also think she’s a dude, but whatever.


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46 Responses to I Don’t Think Loborn Was Ever Actually Banned.

  1. Did you not see Celestrial Teapots post?

  2. YouToMe says:

    I like the paraphrasing hahaha. Stinking atheists. * throws Bible– ” I’m filled with Christ’s love, darn it!”

  3. agnophilo says:

    @tendollar4ways – Hadn’t seen that, thanks.  Heard something about it, but didn’t have the link.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @tendollar4ways – Loborn has told me and a reader of mine to “suck my dick” before, then immediately deleted the comments.  And it’s not like loborn deletes his/her/it’s comments because they are rude.@JulieDeer – : )

  5. I never had much contempt for another blogger until she/he/it appeared here.

  6. I totally agree. I never thought that she/he was blocked

  7. I agree. I thought she was at first, but then I realized she was a 40-something year old man who had just been found out while posing as a 27-year-old woman. So yeah, it’s obviously a hoax.

  8. Movie_Misfit says:

    I don’t think he/she was ever banned either. Great post.@DJ_GiNSU – Indeed.

  9. I know one thing, Loborn hasn’t hardly blogged or commented since Celestial Teapots accusation.  Soooo…I guess she is a he.  Creepy!  

  10. skylar_rose says:

    I sincerely doubt the legitimacy of her ‘ban’. Either way, it has no real bearing on what I do here, so I’m relatively indifferent. It’s more entertaining than anything.

  11. You know, this crossed my mind when she showed back up. I was disappointed. I hoped he’d been scared away by Celestial Teapot’s post and was gone for good. Knew not to get my hopes up.

  12. helvetebrann says:

    She was never banned.  It was an attention ploy that worked.

  13. SisterMae says:

    I have often wondered about LoBorn but who knows for sure this is an internet blog…and get I also wondered about the ban but I don’t know gee LoBorn is no differently strange than alot of poster are

  14. Pink_TeaCups says:

    Ha I couldn’t agree more. I don’t see why people give her so much attention, she’s a troll. I’m hoping it’s just a phase..

  15. TNLNSL_PRN says:

    I never thought she was blocked either.  Or he.  Whatever.

  16. Xanga has blocked the IP address of trolls before but they only do it when the person spams people with multiple sites or constantly harasses people on the ish sites.  But Loborn clearly knew her IP address was not blocked because of her Christian faith.

  17. RazielV says:

    It wasn’t blocked. Don’t need an education to know that.

  18. myfanwe says:

    If I wasn’t such a lady, I’d say that LBL is a closetted transsexual lesbian psychopath… Damn my too polite ubringing!

  19. NewDog2 says:

    she still strikes me as a liberal, I mean, a secret liberal. I can’t even imagine who didn’t know she was a dude – all the ‘ganglion’ this and ‘ganglion’ that, haw haw.nice music here.

  20. Interesting. I’ve noticed als noticed that LoBorn never denied claims that he was a man.

  21. @agnophilo – what? you haven’t seen the teapot’s expose? it’s a nice piece of work. you’ll like it.

  22. @Celestial_Teapot – of course not. either you are loborn, or you nailed it. i’m going for the latter.

  23. MagisterTom says:

    I’ve heard of them doing IP bans in the past, but not often. And, it is only a slight inconvenience for most people.

  24. I didn’t really believe it either, but I think I would’ve actually been a bit sad to see her go. As infuriating as many of her posts and comments are, she always makes Xanga interesting…

  25. Oooh shenanigans?! BRB going to grab my broomstick

  26. GothicChic13 says:

    it’s funny when adults act like immature children… 

  27. I don’t understand…where did she come from? Why doesn’t everyone just block her if they don’t like her? I feel like the new kid at school and everyone is talking about the class bully or something.

  28. @howsaboutsomemilk – The user spends a lot of time on Xanga, and trolls broadly and widely.It’s also hard to avoid those fake profile pictures of his on “Top Blogs.”

  29. myfanwe says:

    @howsaboutsomemilk – She’s been blocked from my xanga for ages, but that doesn’t stop hir from showing up on top blogs, or plugz on my sidebar.

  30. Jimbo1023 says:

    Okay, next person to say ‘shenanigans’ is getting pistol whipped in the head.

  31. explosive says:

    She’s the biggest hypocrite and such a hateful bigot. That’s banning material right there. Her site is every definition of a hate site. And she’s the one making irrelevant insults instead of having an intelligent, civil discourse. And because she wasn’t banned, she could still access xanga via any and all of her other accounts.@Celestial_Teapot – She doesn’t deny them, she avoids them.

  32. River_Song says:

    I had problems believing that LoBorne whatever was blocked as well. Also, I found it interesting that she/he/it claimed to be blocked right after celestial_teapot’s post came out. It seemed like a desperate plea for attention to me.

  33. TheSutraDude says:

    If I was a woman I’d be rather pissed that a guy is running around making believe he’s one of us and in the process making us look bad.  

  34. It isn’t important that others know who you are. What is important is that YOU know who you are.-LoBorn

  35. I don’t think Loborn was ever actually a person.Person being defined, in this case as, “any individual self-conscious or rational being.”

  36. agnophilo says:

    @River_Song – Or an attempt to divert attention from it.

  37. YouToMe says:

    @River_Song – I wish I had your screen name 🙂

  38. YouToMe says:

    I feel ashamed that I gloated momentarily over his/ her outing :/ no matter what he/ she is still a person. A pigtail pulling , vulgar, hateful person, but human nonetheless

  39. agnophilo says:

    @JulieDeer – I don’t care about people that have no consideration of others. I mean if loborn was dying of cancer or something I would muster up some compassion, but for superficial stuff, I can’t be bothered.  You’re a good person.

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