The Most Beautiful Pictures Ever Taken.

I posted this comment on my last blog in response to someone commenting on one of the pictures in the blog (from the hubble telescope).  The picture contained several thousand galaxies, each with billions of solar systems.  My response contained many similarly breathtaking pictures as well as descriptions, please enjoy them (and remember to click them to magnify):

Google “hubble ultra deep field”, it’s the most powerful lense of the most powerful telescope (in orbit around the earth).  The pictures from it are breathtaking.  Here is a picture of a galaxy collision.  Here’s a very pretty galaxy called the “sombrero galaxy”.  This is the type of galaxy we inhabit (a giant spiral). This is the current state of an exploding star, it’s death was actually observed by chinese and arab astronomers a thousand years ago.  It is called the crab nebula and it’s been expanding at 1500 kilometers per second for a thousand years and it is so massive it takes light 11 years to get from one end of it to the other.  Here’s another ultra deep field snapshot, thousands of galaxies.  It’s estimated based on these sorts of images that there are no less than ten billion galaxies and no more than 300 billion in the observable universe.  The universe is absolutely humbling.  There could be trillions of intelligent species/civilizations, each one just as complex and unique and beautiful as our own.  Whether that came from god, nature or something else we haven’t even thought of yet, it’s beyond beautiful.  Our minds can’t even grasp at it it’s so amazing.

[Edit: In the last picture the objects with four points are stars in our own galaxy]


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11 Responses to The Most Beautiful Pictures Ever Taken.

  1. striemmy says:

    It’s a shame we won’t see first contact in our lifetimes. 

  2. agnophilo says:

    @striemmy – Yeah.  Well, almost certainly won’t anyway.Of course the aliens could wipe us out, so maybe it’s a good thing, lol.  Hopefully they would be more advanced than that though.@dirtbubble – : )

  3. Maybe they would see how fucked up we are, consider us a threat to the universe if we ever get the technology to get off this gorgeous planet we are defiling, and wipe us out.  Maybe that would be a good thing.

  4. too_restless says:

    wow amazing, i like the name sombrero for that galaxy and the exploding star~pretty cool. By the way i didn’t realize styxx sang Mr.Roboto haha-i like that one song the best of times. my husband loves that band and dedicated that song to me when he was away. anyways, had to mention it-also pretty funny you have bows on your page. tehheheee.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @Airborne_Muse – I don’t think it’s that bad.  I think any aliens that could even get to earth either would be too primitive to be a threat (ie an extremely long trip with suspended animation) or they would be so insanely more advanced that we would be like ants by comparison.@too_restless – Yeah the bows annoy me.  I picked my profile at random when I was just using xanga to keep in touch with an old myspace friend who moved here.  Now I don’t change it because the other themes suck worse.  And yeah, the coolest bit about the pictures is trying to comprehend the scale of them.

  6. too_restless says:

    @agnophilo – yeah that last one i couldn’t copy cause it was soooo big, but its alright i got the other two i liked better.

  7. agnophilo says:

    @too_restless – You couldn’t copy it?  As in on paper?

  8. too_restless says:

    @agnophilo – no, i mean just right click and copy.

  9. Hinase says:

    Gorgeous =P Thanks for sharing!

  10. agnophilo says:

    @too_restless – Ah,  You can right-click and save it though.@Hinase – Welcs : )

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