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How Science Works In A Nutshell.

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The “Chemtrail” Conspiracy Theory.

Someone recently made me aware of this apparently somewhat popular conspiracy theory which says that contrails (the white lines behind large airplanes) are basically crop-dusting the country with chemicals.  I can see how someone could think this, I’ve looked at … Continue reading

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My “Ask An Atheist” Day Q&A.

I recently posted an “ask an atheist day” blog (because it was apparently ask-an-atheist day) and I thought the questions and answers were blog-worthy.  So I’m posting a handful of the questions and answers here if anyone wants to read … Continue reading

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I Love It When…

…I post a comment on a religious person’s blog correcting their inaccurate claims about science and they send me a long PM full of insults ending with “Blessings to you.” and immediately block me so I can’t respond or defend … Continue reading

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Apparently It’s “Ask An Atheist” Day.

Ask away, if you want to know something, like whether we eat puppies or scald children with hot coffee etc.

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If Anyone Thinks Fox News Is Credible, Please Read This.

I just found out that fox news has actually been caught photoshopping the pictures of “liberals” on their programs to distort their features and make them look bad when they attack them. They yellowed their teeth, made them look fat … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Folksie Conservative Talking Points.

There is real danger to anti-big-government conservative slogans, and that danger is in… applying them to the function of the actual government. There is waste and fraud and stupidity and nonsense in the government to be sure (as there is … Continue reading

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Sciency Comment Of Mine.

I posted this comment to a blog to do with the universe not needing to be designed for us because there could be many different universes with different properties.  The blog author also said that we will never explain the … Continue reading

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