If Anyone Thinks Fox News Is Credible, Please Read This.

I just found out that fox news has actually been caught photoshopping the pictures of “liberals” on their programs to distort their features and make them look bad when they attack them.

They yellowed their teeth, made them look fat (look at the chin in the first picture), gave them more or less hair and made their heads look freakishly distorted, just to name a few changes.

This is propaganda in the worst possible sense of the word, not journalism.

And the saddest part?  This happened in 2008 and I’m just now hearing about it.

[Edit: Some people have expressed criticism, so I am including the video of the segment.  But it’s easily googleable stuff.]


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104 Responses to If Anyone Thinks Fox News Is Credible, Please Read This.

  1. agnophilo says:

    @ShamelesslyRed – The term new world order does not specifically imply the conspiracy theory, regardless of whether you are talking about global power structures or government action.  Unless they say some particular nutty part of the conspiracy theory it’s reasonable to assume that isn’t what they meant.We are talking about a phrase with multiple meanings.

  2. pinktiger335 says:

    I think Fox hasn’t been credible for some time… they should just pack up and call it a day!! 

  3. vexations says:

    How else would you expect them to get someone to believe their trash?

  4. agnophilo says:

    @pinktiger335 – They should do something anatomically impossible.  And they’re the most watched, and by some polls, most trusted news source in america.  They’ve cornered the market in racists, hillbillies, idiots, ignoramuses and assholes in general.@vexations – It’s astonishing to me how so many people (especially when it comes to religion or political persuasion) will respect someone even after it’s pointed out that they’re lying deliberately.

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