Double Standards.

I’ve seen basically all of these.

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9 Responses to Double Standards.

  1. I hated the Job argument when I as a Christian and sick.

  2. I’m going to put this on my Facebook wall and see what happens. Probably nothing. But still. 

  3. tsh44 says:

    I’ve heard most of those in one form or another as well. I imagine most anyone growing up in the bible belt has.

  4. striemmy says:

    @GodlessLiberal – While I don’t agree with the argument, I don’t think it’s entirely false. The sort of view that everything is a test (along the same line of thought of whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger) seems to work pretty well for a lot of people. 

  5. This is just the never ending litany of straw dogs.You folks need to put them all in a kennel because those dogs just don’t hunt.If an argument is bad, who makes it is irrelevant.I catch Christians making the same foul arguments as atheists and I call them on it.  Thus my soaring popularity.

  6. That Swamp Witch song is a trip…Sounds like Mathew Mcconaughey? Good shit doe…Cool vid too…..

  7. mommachatter says:

    So true, I am christian but I have seen the bitter inflexable attitudes in both athiests and Christians, Yes, even Christians against Christians.

  8. heh heh…. yeah…I’ve seen that from Christians too.I’ve also seen it from Atheists, Buddhists, Agnostics, Muslims, and Jews. I’m sure it occurs amongst Hindus, Zoroastrians, Ancient Greeks with their mythology, and followers of Shinto, etc. but I haven’t personally seen it. Truth is, it’s not that Christians in particular irrationally justify their motives for a given action and demonize others for doing the same thing, it’s that people do that. People glorify their own and scorn those unlike them; regardless of group. White people do that to African Americans; African Americans do that to white people. Punks do it to preppies; preppies do it to punks. And quite frankly, People who belong to [group x; define it at will] also believe that members of [group y] are all the same and wrong, while members of [group y] hold the exact same views towards members of [group x]. This isn’t a good critique of Christians, but it is a good critique of humanity.That clip was entertaining though; I can’t deny that. People who don’t think it was funny just lack a developed sense of humor (satire intended).

  9. moss_icon says:

    More so than even the double-standards issue this video illustrates something pretty important about religion: you can put any kind of spin on any kind of occurrence or concept to suit your own ends and make it sound convincing if you’re a shrewd enough debater. But strip away the smoke and mirrors of purely abstract debate and you’re left with an entirely empty and insubstantial claim.

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