This Is Me Not Slandering Sammy_The_Great.

Last year I did a blog here about a racist obama critic who, despite me pointing out that the economy collapsed before obama took office, still insisted that Obama’s policies were 100% to blame for the recession… retroactively.  He then blocked me so I couldn’t respond, so I blogged about it and made a broader point about the general nastiness in the GOP’s smears against the man.

Now, months later I get this comment:

“See how really full of it you and your liberal pals are? Attack me again, I will press charges on you for slander.”

I was amazed how many ignorant things he managed to squeeze into the last sentence.  I replied:

“In print it’s libel, not slander, you sue for libel not press charges as it is a civil issue rather a criminal one, and it’s only libel if the person is lying about you, which I was not.  Criticism is not slander, malicious lies are slander.

So buy a dictionary and grow up.”

I should’ve added “Or I’ll call your parents on you and get you arrested for being mean!”


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2 Responses to This Is Me Not Slandering Sammy_The_Great.

  1. mommachatter says:

    Excellent retort. 

  2. Tee-hee. Probably better that you left that last line off. 😉

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