Re: Fox News Poll In Top Blogs.

Someone made a top blog citing a fox “news” poll in which 84% of americans said they think america is the best country on earth.  Out of curiosity I did a google search to find out how many americans even own a passport – 37%.

America, that delightful combination of arrogance and ignorance.  I swear we’re all turning into sarah silverman.

And if you didn’t get why I gave a picture of the above poll from fox news, add up the results and you will understand.


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29 Responses to Re: Fox News Poll In Top Blogs.

  1. Fox News rules!Even in Atheistlandia, aka Xanga.

  2. xplorrn says:

    i was so ready to give you massive props (and i still will) but then i saw who commented first and the wind…no, i just farted and moved on…didn’t palin say something really brilliant (well specifically) about 110% effort…  i know the inverse is her iq… 

  3. gkellylovesu says:

    nice work, apparently some people can fail math and still make it on to fox news, anything is possible now lol

  4. YouToMe says:

    120 percent responding. (ha)x10^24th 🙂 & nice googling, holmes. 🙂

  5. TheSaltMine says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – I can not find actual statistics but I assure you, based on the fact that most people in the world are religious, atheists are outnumbered on Xanga easily 10 to 1. 

  6. Grungefan says:

    Fox news is a breath of fresh air considering the other news outlets’ obvious liberal slant.  If you don’t believe that MSNBC, CNN, ABC etc have liberal slant and bias in their coverage of the news, look no further than Chris Mathews’ statement that hearing Obama talk resulted in a “thrill going up his leg.”  The other news agencies are unashamed in their love for everything Obama and hatred for everything Bush that it is obvious that they departed from any sense of journalistic objectivity long ago. I would not argue that Fox News does not have an obvious conservative slant, but why the double standard?  Why do you get to decry one sided journalism when it does not agree with your opinions, but excuse the same when it happens to agree with your political/ religious beliefs?So what is your point anyway?  People are entitled to their own opinions.  If 84% of Americans want to have pride in their nation and believe that it is special, then by all means, let them.  It should be this way.  If you honestly believed that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, why wouldn’t you go over to the other side.  If 16% of Americans do not think that America is the greatest nation on the planet, then let them figure out which one is and go there.  It is the only logical thing to do.  However, one does not need to travel the world over to know that America is exceptional.  Why else would so many people want to come here?  I guess they should have travelled the world themselves to make sure that there were not greener pastures elsewhere, before settling on America as the best place to live and work.  The truth is, America offers more freedom, security, and opportunity than any other nation on earth at present (although it may not be that way much longer), which is why we are currently still the greatest nation and why such a great number of immigrants pour into our nation (both legal and illegal) every single day. 

  7. @Grungefan – Do you remember the book Bush read to the kiddies on 9/11?

  8. The_ATM says:

    Yes, everyone who has ever voted republican must just be stupid. Everyone who votes for a democrat is smart. End of story. Just trust whatever you read in the New York Times because it is not Fox News.

  9. Grungefan says:

    @tendollar4ways – No, I don’t remember.  What does Bush have anything to do with objective journalism?  You have done nothing to deal with my argument and are already trying to steer off topic.  Can you honestly deny that MSNCB, CNN, and ABC do not have liberal slant in their reporting?

  10. @Grungefan – It was called “My Pet Goat”. You must remember the Goat from our discussions when you were defending slavery. We even filmed it.

  11. @The_ATM – You are such a jackass. If I remember correctly, Judith Miller wrote about WMD’s in Iraq in the NY Times in 2003 to justify the invasion? Also if you are a dem this doesn’t make you smart….just as if you have 4 sides it doesn’t make you a rectangle. However if you get ALL your news from Faux News who declined to broadcast in Canada because they have laws against willful lying….it can be argued that you are infact an idiot.

  12. The_ATM says:

    @tendollar4ways – Clearly I am a jackass. Liberals will attack any “news” organization that does not endorse their 5mm range of allowed opinion. It so happens that Fox news is just very terrible in general and gives them license to dismiss them as plain ol’ stupid. But let me ask, are liberals attacking Fox News because they are bad at what they do or because Fox news does not agree with them? To me it seems to be the latter.I am opposed to reducing the conversation down to the ‘oh they are stupid liars’ terms that high schoolers tend to identify with rather than intelligent adults. This is, however, Xanga…

  13. @The_ATM – Obviously you cannot read either. I pointed out Judith Miller did I not in the NY Times? I live in LA and read the LA Times and they have several Uber Right Wing Writers in their Opinion Section. I get a great laugh when Cal Thomas is featured and I actually enjoy reading Johan Goldberg to see just how he will spin that which I wouldn’t think could be spun.Fox News is Propaganda..plain and simple…they ARE shameless Liars. They don’t even try to be fair or balanced.When Sanford was busted with his Agentinian Mistress what did Faux News do? They ran the story and put a (D) next to his name because even their idiot viewers who live in SC don’t know who their governor is. Mark Foley and the Pages? They put a (D) next to his name too . This is what they do and it isn’t news. Its propaganda.Randian is what it is.

  14. @The_ATM – BTW….Sanford and Foley are both (R)’s. I do not agree these two are (D)’s nor do I think just because you beleive otherwise you should be able to turn them into Dems for political purposes whenever you feel like it.As I mentioned…You make me very uncomfortable and I don’t beleive in limited absolute freedom spheres either.

  15. The_ATM says:

    @tendollar4ways – You think I am saying something I am not. My comment on this post was not to you.

  16. @The_ATM – My comment to you was to you about the comment you left about this post.I don’t think you are getting what I am saying either. Foley and Sanford ran as Republicans. The GOP and their donors campaigned, supported and helped them acheive office. They are registered Republican. They served as Republicans, governed as a Republican in Sanfords case, and voted in Foley case (totally anti-gay bashing) as a Republican and how a Republican would.It goes far beyong disagreeing with FauxNews when they decide to brand Repubs, Dems the second a scandal hits. Like I said…. it is Randian.

  17. The_ATM says:

    @tendollar4ways – I don’t really care what you are saying. It is the usual barely relevant half baked conspiracy crap. There is a guy who talks just like you who works in my department. He will always bring up these crazy irrelevant things that essentially no one could verify the truthfulness of in person. He is an alcoholic that everyone in the department knows is a fool and would probably be out of a job if he was not in a union. I do not care to talk about your tangents. I have googled them before and found out they were were lies, but maybe they are true… either way, I don’t give a crap since they are not relevant. Anyway, in my earlier comment I put news in quotes… by that, I meant it really isn’t news as you were suggesting the whole time. So you think you are disagreeing with me, when you are in fact making up an opinion that is not mine. Another typical 10$4ways thing.

  18. @The_ATM – I don’t really care what you are saying. This has been obvious throughout all our discussions.I thought you were a college student? Anyways ..Just so you know, I am a Saleman. I get paid on commission and if I don’t produce…I am out of a job. No union, no bullshit..that is just how it is. I get paid according to how well I do or don’t do.You said: It so happens that Fox news is just very terrible in general and gives them license to dismiss them as plain ol’ stupid.I completely disagree..I think Fox is excellent at what they attempt to do. They even got unpaid errand boys like yourself saying shit like…Yes, everyone who has ever voted republican must just be stupid. Everyone who votes for a democrat is smart. End of story. Just trust whatever you read in the New York Times because it is not Fox News.When it is pointed out that they make shit up and dismiss it as “conspiracy theories”.×5916797Hannity atleast gets paid homey.

  19. The_ATM says:

    @tendollar4ways – “I thought you were a college student? Anyways.”Yes. In my department. Like, in the physics department. I was not implying you were incompetent. The statement with regards to my personal experience is in reference to you bringing up red herring discussions. For example, you linked me to a site that claimed Ayn Rand did speed. If anyone said that in person, you wouldn’t be able to verify or disprove the statement without looking it up, which no one does in conversation. The guy in my department I mentioned says the same kind of crap (it just so happens he is a rambling alcoholic). But when I did look up the claim that Ayn Rand did speed, what the blogger was referencing was some diet pills she had taken by prescription from her doctor. When her doctor advised her not to use the pills anymore, she quit using the pills. It is pretty much the same story with your Ayn Rand’s supposed appreciation of some sociopath (by the actual definition of the word, not the one you spontaneously generated for the purpose of name calling). It is just some irrelevant, essentially false smear that belies any real discussion of philosophy or policy. Whether whatever you decide to claim is true or not, it is usually a red herring. Why would you expect to have any credibility with people who do not agree with you when you are just airing nonsense rather than forming one side of a persuasive discussion?Thinking about it, what you do is very much like what many Fox commentators do. You focus on personality-politics-like issues. You smear both the people you talk to and anyone else who does not agree with you, rather than talk about something more substantive. And once and a while, you lie, either out of ignorance or intention. Those are all the same strikes I have against Fox News.”I completely disagree..I think Fox is excellent at what they attempt to do. They even got unpaid errand boys like yourself saying shit like…”Whether the errors are intentional or accidental is beside the point to me. I don’t think they should be surviving in the market as viable news coverage. Even if it was intentional, it is nothing compared to the pro-government history lesson everyone gets in public school. We even watched Outfoxed in my AP government, so I am well aware of the condition of Fox News. What did we learn about the Great depression? Well, the narrative that about half of economists disagree with and not narratives people have won the Nobel prize telling. Does anyone ever learn about the depression of 1920? No, but they do learn about soviet apologist Upton Sinclair (who gloated about how great the Soviet Union was while they starved and murdered millions) and how he “uncovered” the state of meat packing plants (despite millions of people having toured the same meat packing plants during that period) which resulted in the government passing a meat inspection act (the same meat packers lobbied for), to enforce meat inspection which had already existed. There have some red herrings.

  20. @The_ATM – You didn’t mean to say I am incomepent? If I remember correctly, you also stated before you don’t know how I function in society. Sorry but I see the pot calling the kettle black throught out this string. I think ALL drugs should be legal as perhaps you do too. However…I does speak to her Character.I think this is just another example in a long line of Rand Prophet vs Conservative Christian Republican contradictions and hypocracy. The end of Rands life pretty much sums up her utter lack of character and conviction as she went on Medicaid for her Lung Cancer surgery and took SS. Had she lived by what you and she perscribe….she woulda just taken it like a man and died cuz she couldn’t pay for her surgery. I am sure you have parents or hopefully friends. This philo you are out promoting is vicious and cruel. What if they get sick and cannot pay? Die?? So some fucking asshole can make another 100 million this year?You make me very very uncomfortable. This is sociopathy homey cuz it is driven not by Love thy neighbor but…I wanna get mine and fuck anyone else and I will fuck them if I have to to get it. What is good for ME is moral. Selfishness is the Morality.

  21. The_ATM says:

    @tendollar4ways – You are asking for another post embarrassing you.

  22. @The_ATM – You mean like when you posted me up as a idiot jackass because I think the foundation of your Philo is absurdity (Limited Absolute Freedom) and an impossibility and the only other commentor in the string agreed with me instead of you?Go for it Brotha…

  23. @The_ATM – BTW…I am leaving on vacation now so…I will check it when I get back on Wednesday to see how you have embarrased me.(You could just say I agree with you and think we should eliminate Medicare, food stamps, the minimum wage, and Social Security and say I have embraced The Randian Philo of Selfishness is a Virtue. That would embarrass the hell outta me if people thought I beleived this was a good idea)

  24. The_ATM says:

    @tendollar4ways – There were a few posts. Striemmy didn’t want to define terms so we could actually debate it. But I will let the posts[1][2] stand for themselves. I also addressed the so-called speed addiction here.I will do a separate post about the virtue of self-interest soonish, so we can have that conversation then. You will have to accept my challenge (that is, the post will have a challenge).”Medicare, food stamps, the minimum wage, and Social Security”These are each things that would require lengthy posts to explain my position on. Needless to say, when these programs did not exist people were not dying in the streets because of the lack of these programs. Of course, you assume I am against any sort of safety net programs, which is not necessarily true. I would be glad if these programs were just made to be fiscally sound, which most of them are not. Dropping the minimum wage would not result in lower wages for most people. It would probably help some small businesses as well as lower unemployment. Based on studies of income mobility I have looked at, I strongly doubt anyone would actually stay at minimum wage for a long period of time. But to really defend this would require a whole post because invariable your argument would rest on an emotional “you hate the poor” argument, when there is some reason to believe lowering or eliminating minimum wage could be beneficial for the poor. Either way, I would like to talk about it. You would like to smear about it.

  25. YouToMe says:

    Good morning, friendly !Hey! I needs to check out this exchange between and other later.

  26. YouToMe says:

    Oh yeah! Thanks for the package. Haven’t received it yet but can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( extra exclaimations for emPHAsis!)

  27. gene546 says:

    Hi, it is been a while since the last time I was here. Regardingyour comment, this I can say about it: as long as our country is run byhomosexuals, baby-killers, traitors (all the important manufacturers are inChina), in a few words, if this country still braking or against the Natural Law,it will fallow sooner than later. Take a look about our economic and ournational debt, it is something frightening. Good to see you again.

  28. agnophilo says:

    @gene546@revelife – The country isn’t run by homosexuals and people who’ve had abortions, that is silly.  Republicans with the reverse goals have, over the last few decades, contributed a lot more to the debt than democrats.  The last democrat before obama actually generated a budget surplus, and this one’s job is basically damage control since he came into office after the economy imploded.

  29. evilkala says:

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