The Recent GOP Presidential Candidates.

Three of the frontrunners for the GOP in polls were sarah palin, donald trump and mike huckabee.  Two acted like they were running for a long time, then dropped out, and the third (palin) is touring america in a gaudy sarah palinmobile but hasn’t said she’s going to run.  All three of them appear to be exploiting the republican base to a) make money in contributions to their pac (political action committee) and b) promote their TV shows.  Huckabee has a tv show on fox and announced that he would announce whether he was running on his show for instance, and trump mentioned his show celebrity apprentice in most or all of his speeches.  And palin, as I mentioned, is touring the nation in this monstrosity:

(Note the ad for her pac)

While in NY someone stuck a sign on the van:

Can’t say I disagree.

Palin is taking a cross-country vacation on the dime of republican contributors while not even suggesting she is going to run for any office (she was elected to one office and quit mid-term remember) because if she said she was running she would legally have to give up her lucrative fox “news” contract.

Sarah Palin also recently said that the midnight ride of paul revere was meant to warn both the american colonists and the british soldiers (and later defended that statement when asked about it), and tweeted after visiting the home of george washington on her self-promotion tour about how hard george washington must have worked to keep his plantation running (think about it).  Donald trump stated awhile ago that he didn’t know what the 13 stripes on the flag represent.

Either way it really, really doesn’t look good for the GOP presidential field.  Maybe it will get better – romney doesn’t have a tv show, right?

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11 Responses to The Recent GOP Presidential Candidates.

  1. dlm0908 says:

    It’s early, of course, but…if Romney gets the nom…I don’t think he’ll win. Huckabee strikes me as being okay. Trump and Palin are media whores plain and simple. I’d like to know more about Huntsman. Thoughts?

  2. I’m predicting a landslide victory for Obama. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the long, slow decline of the American far right. (BTW, thanks for finally disabling the autostart on your playlist.)

  3. musterion99 says:

    Sarah Palin also recently said that the midnight ride of paul revere was meant to warn both the american colonists and the british soldiers (and later defended that statement when asked about it)Maybe because she was right?  LINK

  4. musterion99 says:

    @TheThinkingPerson – (BTW, thanks for finally disabling the autostart on your playlist.)Amen

  5. agnophilo says:

    @dlm0908 – I agree with basically everything you just said.  I don’t know much about huntsman – huckabee I disagree with a lot, but he doesn’t seem evil to me.  I did a blog awhile ago about the GOP actively promoting conspiracy theories, and he was one of the few mainstream pundity people I could find that had actually denounced the birther nonsense.  So that’s something.  I think obama’s approval ratings will go up the second the republicans pick a candidate.  @TheThinkingPerson – And the last 30 years have been what, the long, slow rise of the far right?  Lol.  The popularity of the tea party movement would suggest otherwise, but hope springs eternal.And I didn’t disable it, apparently it’s broken.

  6. agnophilo says:

    @musterion99 – No, she wasn’t.  She didn’t say he warned soldiers after he was confronted, he said the bells were meant to warn the british soldiers.Sorry, but no.@musterion99 – I didn’t, they apparently removed the feature – which sucks ass as far as I’m concerned.

  7. asrial86 says:

    Sarah Palin = clown

  8. It’s far too early to be making predictions. Remember where the Dems were this early in the ’08 election? Nobody predicted Obama would be anywhere near presidential material.

  9. cmdr_keen says:

    @TheThinkingPerson – Wishful thinking. It’s going to be closer than many people think, even if the electoral college numbers say otherwise.Herman Cain is another dark-horse candidate who is shaping up as a Republican-version of Obama, and I think the Republicans could do worse than hang their hat on him.When we’re just under 18 months out from the election there are so many intangibles and issues that will either rise up or disappear that making predictions now is insane.Personally, I think Huckabee believes that Obama is harder to beat than some make out and so is keeping out of this race while planning for a run in 2016 when there’s a better chance he could be elected while Trump was a non-starter right from the outset. I never believed he would run and even if he did he’d be laughed right out of the race. The man can’t take criticism – even banter a la the White House Correspondents Dinner. Palin is a tease, nothing more and nothing less. I think she knows that she doesn’t stand a chance to be elected, particularly against Obama, and that while she keeps delaying her decision the media will still be in love with her. Once she steps aside, as I’m 90% sure she will, she’ll lose relevancy and she’ll disappear (for the most part), only pricking the publics conscience infrequently with another gaff or outlandish statement.When it’s all said and done, I think Obama will do enough to earn a second term barring an implosion and/or a complete economic tanking.

  10. I’m just hoping Michele Bachmann doesn’t start picking up steam. She’s from my area and she’s even more batshit crazy than Palin! 

  11. mommachatter says:

    I have recently received mail from Ron Paul.  Dem, Rep, Indep?  Has he already thrown his hat into the mele?

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