Sarah Palin Is Awesome.

Not really, but I searched “palin” on xanga out of curiosity and found a blog that talks about her – here is an excerpt I just had to share:

Personally, I like what Sarah Palin is doing.  In this summer of failed hope in government, Sarah Palin goes about the country actually inspiring hope in God and ourselves.  She reconnects us with our better selves through our founding principles.  She reminds us that in America — still, to this very day — one citizen can indeed make all the difference. 

In the midst of falling, failing, flailing institutions, Sarah Palin stands as a commoner — one woman of the people — despised by the elites of all stripes  from the moment her dainty little foot hit the national stage.  She is purely a beacon of all-American spunk, flinging common sense at ivory towers from coast to coast and in every hamlet in between.  And she does it all with such pure aplomb that she puts elites in “all wee-weed up” disgrace — without herself so much as breaking a nail.   

Can this Republic be saved?  At the moment, the odds would seem not to be in our favor.

But one thing is certain.  If we do not try, then we are a disgraceful generation, unfit for the name we all bear gratuitously — Americans.

And as any good mother would, Sarah Palin inspires us each to try our best and give it all we’ve got.  We are Americans!  This is Palin’s message. 

Now that all that misplaced hope in government is deader than a doornail, righteous hope in God and ourselves can bloom.  This was the hope of our Founders.  It’s the only genuine hope we have left.  

No man, nor any force, even comes close in value or strength to an army of genuine Americans.

Our elites want our respect?  Then, let them lay down their vainglorious self-interest and put their fortunes with us patriots.  They’ve led us to near-ruin.  Now let them either follow or get the hell out of our way.

Whether Palin runs for president now matters not at this juncture.  She is Lady Liberty personified in this our moment of American restoration.

And only ninnies of the lowest oh-so-elite order would fail to see that.


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9 Responses to Sarah Palin Is Awesome.

  1. She is definately one of our natural treasures when it comes to Historical Scholarship.

  2. Then to hear paininmyass try to defend herself; disgusting really. Disgusting that she’s taken a “sacred” icon and slapped it onto a monolithic, meretricious, gas-gormandizing mode of transportation as well. She claims her family is on vacation … in THAT? Really? Nice show of wealth but absolutely no show of intellect. She later blamed ‘gottchya questions’ for her answer. The question was .. Are you enjoying your vacation and what do you hope to take away from the experience (I’m paraphrasing). Her answer was palinfully analphabetic and I am disappointed that any journalist who takes the job seriously has given, and is giving, her one word of cover. She’s not funny, not entertaining, not intelligent, not smart, not thoughtful, not profound, not in touch, not learned, not educated, not able to see Russia from her back porch and certainly not worth any airtime/print space ever given her. Everyone should have just pointed at her, laughed and ignored her as one would the village idiot who keeps begging for attention by drooling on their food while dancing and slapping their ass, laughing maniacally. … come to think of it, I’d vote for the village idiot before I’d vote for paylendhersomebrains or anyone like her such as bachman and ryan.And here I am, wasting my time and keystrokes on someone I see as a complete waste of good oxygen. And only ninnies of the lowest oh-so-elite republichristian order would fail to see that.*Paymelots is an idol only to idiots like herself; the dumb leading the dumb. Oh yeah, ring that bell, Paul!

  3. LovesTwo says:

    Sarah Palin is a stupid, empty-headed nitwit.  I swear if she ever gets elected again to anything higher than a local school board, I’m moving out of the country forever. 

  4. mammaquiet says:

    To put it mildly I am NOT a Palin fan. She has no intelligence and she is a media whore. She should stay home, raise her kids and keep her mouth shut. What does she know about foreign affairs? What does she know about American history?In my book she (gasp) is WORSE than Bush, if that’s possible. She is good fodder for the comedians, I will say that.That will be the day when an ex beauty queen gets elected president. Ha. Oh, and thanks John McCain for loosing Sarah out on to the public. Nice job.

  5. @mammaquiet – Ah yes, he’s a typhoid McCain of political disease …

  6. anaraug says:

    Ahahahaha comedy gold, man.

  7. UTRow1 says:

    Sometimes I feel like I should just go completely evil and become the greatest conservative Republican of all-time. I look a bit like Rick Perry (only I am not a closeted homosexual, so I don’t have feminine body language), have a southern drawl, am from the South, and have a mean poker face. Plus I know conservative talking points better than most conservatives. I just need to learn to ramble incoherently and speak/write at an 8th grade level. I could rule the world.After I win the GOP nom, I will celebrate by kissing the gayest dude in chaps I can find. I will literally fuck him on stage in front of all the leather-skinned, Banana Republic-wearing dick heads that voted me into office. As balloons fall from the rafters. It will be one the least gay Republican victory celebrations ever. 

  8. UTRow1 says:

    @mammaquiet – In McCain’s defense, she wasn’t one of his top three choices. He only took her after it became apparent the far-right (now the Republican base) were unwilling to vote for him without Palin’s name written in crayon all over his ticket. Palin is the product of elitist (Midwest/southern, anti-intellectual elitists), not McCain. 

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