Anti-Gay Marriage Hypocrisy.

I posted this comment on a blog, thought it was blog-worthy (edited it slightly):

A straight man can get married while intoxicated to a total stranger by an elvis impersonator in a 24 hour vegas chapel with a drive-through window, then get divorced, married and divorced thirty times in a row, cheat on his wife, beat her, rape her, murder her, commit necrophilia with her corpse, and rape his own children – and he still has the right to get married while in prison for rape, child molestation, spousal assault, murder and necrophilia, and not one fundamentalist in the country would even think to suggest that right should be taken away.  But if two law-biding gay people want to get married then they’re undermining the institution of marriage and destroying the sanctity of all marriages, everywhere.

It’s really hard to be more hypocritical and have a more asinine double standard than there exists with the gay marriage issue, where nothing a straight person can do means they don’t deserve to have the right to marry and nothing a gay person can do means they do deserve the same right.


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42 Responses to Anti-Gay Marriage Hypocrisy.

  1. leaflesstree says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty messed up. :PI remember watching a debate on gay marriage between two groups of lesbians. One of them was against it, which I thought was surprising at the time but her argument made a lot of sense, and was basically what you say here. There were many points to it, and obviously she did want some legal protection, but she said that the institution of marriage had been degraded so much that she didn’t want to be a part of it. Also, according to this this documentary, the Catholic church was originally against ALL marriage and only made it a sacrament in, like, the 1200s or something.

  2. Here is my issue: As a Christian, I cannot condone homosexuality. That said, our government is secular, and legal marriages are completely separate from Christian marriages. Because of my faith, I cannot support a law that encourages homosexuality, but because I believe it is unconstitutional to define legal marriage by Christian standards, I cannot support a law that blocks homosexuals from legal marriages. If it came to a vote in Texas, I think I would abstain. I think, as a Christian in a nation with a secular government, the appropriate action would be to speak out against homosexuality, but leave the laws concerning it alone.Besides, whatever the legal definition of marriage is, that has no effect on Christian holy matrimony, or Muslim, or any religious marriage for that matter. The difference would be that gay couples would get their marriage from the court, while Christians would get theirs from the court AND the priest.

  3. That protester is an idiot though.

  4. grammarboy says:

    I agree. Gays haven’t had the opportunity to disgrace the institution of marriage yet. All of the divorce, abuse, and other nastiness that’s ruined even the idea of marriage for so many people over the last several decades has been perpetrated by people in heterosexual unions. I don’t care if they get the legal right to marriage. I wouldn’t care a lot if straight couples lost the legal right to marry. It’s painfully clear that marriage as a legal institution has nothing to do with anything sacred as it is. I’m married to my wife because we’re committed to each other; it makes little difference whether the government recognizes it.

  5. grammarboy says:

    @TheBlueNinjaTiger – That’s basically my position as a Christian. I take more of a “let them do it” approach, though, because it’s not our job to force unbelievers to live as though they were.

  6. That’s a heck of a way to highlight it. 

  7. It is because gay marriage destroys families.My wife and I had the perfect relationship and then they legalized gay marriage in NY and now it is falling apart.  I hope this makes you rethink your position.

  8. That protester is so wrong, we’re possessed by fairies, not demons, and I love it, every minute of it. My point: Who believes in demons and goasts, anyways? Third graders?@TheTheologiansCafe – Your comment is hilariously funny, lol! Thanks for the smile.

  9. Yesss I definitely agree. But – really? A person can still get married after all that? I did not even know. There needs to be some accountability.

  10. @love4meislove4U – Actually, Christians believe in demons. There were a couple instances where Jesus dealt with demons. “Ghosts” are just demons as well, I think.

  11. Mugo60 says:

    It’s a contract between two people. A license is issued by the STATE. God has absolutely nothing to do with it. Why is that so hard to understand?.. Stay the fuck out of peoples business!!

  12. @TheBlueNinjaTiger – You are probably right that some Christians do. Personally I don’t. I only believe in what make sense to me. Believing isn’t an act of will it’s a consequence of being convinced. I cannot chose to believe that Faher Christmas is for real, that demons exist or whatever. So I don’t.

  13. mommachatter says:

    When I was a kid the words, homosexual, fag, queer, was only   whispered in the bathroom.  Now at least it is out in the open, from that we should move to familiar, and finally to acceptance.  Unfortunately time moves too slowly for those who wait.  It took a long time to move from Amos and Andy to The Cosby Show but we made it.  Hopefully someday there won’t be the ignorance that made the sign above.

  14. @love4meislove4U – Yes, it is true that not everyone who calls themselves Christian believes the exact same things, after all that’s where all the various denominations come from. But I ask you, if demons are not real, then what is happening when Jesus casts demons out of people? 

  15. @Mugo60 – That’s the problem. God has everything to do with Christian marriage, but nothing to do with legal marriage. Unfortunately people try to combine the two. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the same word is used to describe two different things. I think the government should refer to it as a union or something. Union, partnership, w/e, for ALL couples, including straight, Christian, Atheist,  Muslim, Gay, w/e. Married is a social thing. The government has no business in social lives, unless it’s to protect people’s rights. Let the legal aspect have a different term than the social and religious aspect. 

  16. @love4meislove4U – oh and I completely disagree with your definition of belief. You can believe whatever you want regardless of how much proof you have. You choose exactly what you do and don’t believe in. For example, take conspiracy theorists. You could give them a million reasons why their conspiracy is completely bogus and they still would believe it and concoct some failure of an argument to “prove” they are right.Also, when you say you only believe what makes sense, do remember the story of doubting Thomas. Jesus praises those who believe in him even when some things don’t make sense.

  17. @TheBlueNinjaTiger – You can’t condone homosexuality? It’s not your place to judge who others are; homosexuality is not a choice and if our sexuality IS a choice then when, exactly, did you make the choice to be heterosexual? You didn’t choose your orientation any more than gays have so your religious objections are based in bigotry … you can’t condone it, like you’re better somehow. Sad, really sad.The thing is, ALL U.S. citizens have the right to marry … ALL; that includes heterosexuals. It is hubris and arrogance that citizens and politicians think they can keep fellow citizens from their rights, then vote and ask others if the disenfranchised should get those rights back. It’s more than frustrating to watch people play this horrific game with the rights of others.If it came to a vote where you are, I hope you remember those people you’re passing judgement on have the same rights as you do and that they’ve been kept from them, unlike you; and that the hypocrasy of them having to be at your mercy to have back what is already there’s would have you at the voting booth ensuring you’re not part of this farce and unjust behavior and treatment of your fellow citizens.

  18. @suzibikerbabe – Your feelings are not a choice. Your actions are. A person cannot control who they are attracted to, but they can control who they have sex with. I agree that if the government issues rights/privileges to anyone at all, those rights/privileges must be issued to everyone. Also, just because I believe homosexuality is a sin, does not mean I am a bigot. 

  19. @suzibikerbabe – homosexuality/heterosexuality isn’t who you are, it’s what you feel. It’s a sexual preference. Some men like women. Some men like men. Some men like oral sex. Some men like anal sex. Etc. It’s a sexual act just like any other. God condemns the act of homosexuality. I follow God’s word.

  20. @TheBlueNinjaTiger – You may believe there are demons, but that doesn’t make them real. Used to be people with mental illnesses were seen as possessed, but we know different now; used to be children born deaf were thought retarded and institutionalized from infancy, but we know different now. Yet, here we are, still holding onto those old superstitions just because there’s some sort of mention of them in a poorly written tomb. I will grant that a criminal sociopath (killer) appears as being possessed but appearances are deceiving and we shouldn’t be living in the dark ages with those superstitions because we DO know different now.

  21. @TheBlueNinjaTiger – How convenient that this one way people are born is such a focus of your god .. this is part of what’s wrong with religion: you don’t have to think for yourself or hold your behavior up to the eyes of others because, hey, god said it’s okay to be against this or that and I do as god says. Don’t hold me accountable for my deplorable behavior or attitudes; god said so, not me!Your god condemns the act of homosexuality and the feeling, which is innate, .. how arbitrary of it and how nice that a god gets into the sex lives of its creations. Not to the point a man having anal sex with a woman is wrong (oh no, guys LIKE that!); but only to the point of a guy having anal sex with another guy (because, yup, ‘straight’ guys HATE the idea of that!). Your god makes us all, right? New flash: your god made some gay .. then, your god condemns them for it. Oh yeah, there’s a god to follow mindlessly .. god no like so me no like! oy.Just for a moment remove your god from all your opinions. Now, tell me what YOU think. And for my money, if you vote from the basis of religious beliefs, you should not be allowed to vote (or would you not like being kept from your constitutional right, you know, like the right to marry?).

  22. @TheBlueNinjaTiger – It’s okay if we agree to disagree. For me the descriptions of demons in the bible are “a figure of speech”. My point is – God isn’t about hate. The homofob in the picture hasn’t a clue of what God is all about. Not a clue. He should read Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” I think we both agree on that.

  23. @suzibikerbabe – I don’t think you understand the concept of God and Christian belief. We do not blindly follow some magical mythical nonsense that someone told us about when we were children because we are too stupid to know better. Science is not the opposite of Christianity. I have yet to see some scientific discover that disproves any Christian teaching. As for your statement that God made people gay, consider this:God is perfectly loving and perfectly just. He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. He is completely sinless. He is the definition of sinless. To be anything but him opens the door to sin. We are by definition sinful. If we were sinless as we are, we would be God, but we aren’t. Because we were made separate from God, we are capable of sin. God didn’t make us perfect.Marriage comes from God. He defined it and defined what a good relationship is. The government does not define marriage. I agree that if the government is going to give privileges to certain couples, they should be given to ALL couples. It is hypocritical of the government to define itself on equality yet give more privileges to “straight” couples than “gay” couples. It should be all or nothing. That said, I still say homosexuality is wrong. It is wrong for a man to have sex with another man or a woman to have sex with another woman.One more thing: you call me a bigot but you have a clearly hateful and aggressive attitude towards me. I have shown no hatred whatsoever here.@love4meislove4U – Agreed. For me, it’s not so much the judgement as it is the statement is completely incorrect. 

  24. @TheBlueNinjaTiger – So easy to slap that label onto others, isn’t it: that I’m hateful and agressive towards you simply because I disagree with you. Pfft. Logic and compassion disagree with you, too. But it’s undeniable, you do believe in a mythical being so I shouldn’t be, and am not, surprised you need to make up attidudes for me then admonish me for it. I DO know christianity; raised in it, read the book (several times), saw the movie, questioned theoligists … and it’s nonsense. That’s fine; believe in nonsense I don’t care but stop witnessing it and using it to force your personal likes and dislikes on others; that’s just hateful and aggressive.You think homosexuality is wrong. I have to laugh; it’s like saying you think red hair is wrong. But again, fine. You don’t like it so don’t do it and clearly you weren’t born that way (or were you and you’re just tossing up a smoke screen of denial?). But you have no right to dictate to others what they can or can not do simply because you don’t like it and because your mythical sky daddy said so. You can decide for yourself ONLY. Your god is not perfect is not all knowing and is as real as thor, apollo or any other god man conjoured up to help understand that which confused and frightened him.And marriage isn’t god-made or god-defined … marriage is a relatively new concept for man and most definitely a man-made institution.

  25. @suzibikerbabe – I am forcing nothing on anyone. Seriously, read my comment again. I won’t vote for a law banning gay marriage. I do not feel our government should legislate Christianity if it is to uphold the Constitution. Our government is secular, which is fine, it can stay that way. “The movie” What movie? Passion of the Christ? Moses and the Ten Commandments? Something else?You do not truly know Christianity. You may have been raised among Christians, but you clearly did not accept Jesus Christ yourself. You have not felt the Holy Spirit of God on you, and until you do you won’t understand. That is something that no one on this planet can do for you. Marriage is not new. Marriage has been around for a very long time.Obviously you believe it is man-made because you don’t believe in God. No point in arguing that, we would get nowhere.You are doing more than disagreeing with me. You are very aggressive and have been caustic from the start. How dare I judge someone? How dare I think that something is wrong? How dare you judge me! How dare you tell me I am wrong! There is no difference! I am not a bad person because of what I said, and I have not said that anyone is bad because homosexuality. Only that they are wrong. I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. You can attack my statements all you want with counter-arguments, but you instantly lose any respect when you make personal attacks that are unfounded. You started on the wrong foot when you called me a bigot. That is a lie. Just because I think something is wrong, doesn’t mean I hate a person or people for it. I think you are wrong, but I do not hate you. I hold no prejudice against you for being non-Christian. I hold no prejudice against anyone who practices homosexuality. Why should I? I treat my gay friends no different than my straight friends.

  26. AmeliaHart says:

    The guy looks like Buster from Arrested Development without his glasses.  I prefer Buster with his glasses….

  27. The mistake is in accepting that a government, a church, a group of strangers can tell you whether your marriage is valid.  It abdicates your choice to strangers.  If two (or more people) say they are married, then they are married.  Saying that you have to have a license from someone else to be married is impotent thinking.  It’s like saying you have to have a license to be hungry.

  28. as that Minnesota senator said, “How many more gay people does God have to make before we realize that they exist and have rights too.”

  29. MyTwoCentss says:

    I agree with @TheBlueNinjaTiger on this issue.  It’s something I used to think differently about but in the last couple of months after thinking it over some more, I agree with BNT. As far as the picture goes – that person with that sign is an idiot.  Sin is sin.  It’s all the same to God.  So, that must mean we’re ALL demon possessed because we ALL sin.  Ridiculous.

  30. LovesTwo says:

    *thunderous applause*  Bravo, bravo, bravo!  I couldn’t have said it better myself!  (In regards to the picture…so if I’m bisexual, then am I only half-possessed by demons because one could theoretically say I am half gay?  Or is my demon indecisive?  Or what?  I’m just being snarky.)

  31. asrial86 says:

    I’d love to know where in the constitution it says gay people are not equal to straight people.  And why should marriage be between a man and a woman?  What kind of fucked up discrimination is that?

  32. quiet_shadow says:

    I honestly don’t have the patience to read the comments. Xanga has gotten on my last nerve with this. But your blog hits the nail on the head.

  33. Movie_Misfit says:

    Great post, you’ve made one of the strongest points on this issue that I’ve ever seen.If I could rec this more than once, I would. Wait…I have my first page Chosen_defined. I’ll be back.

  34. Once again, great post. 

  35. I always have to give a rather bleak chuckle whenever anyone says that allowing same sex marriage will “destroy the institution of marriage’.  Even if that were true, there isn’t really much of an institution left to destroy.

  36. @TheSchizoidMan – Yeah, they just don’t understand that legalizing “gay marriage” has absolutely no effect whatsoever on anyone else’s marriage. It doesn’t affect Christian holy matrimony at all. One can say it’s wrong, but to say it’s destructive to someone not involved is just ignorant.

  37. who are you? actually don’t answer that cause i don’t care. i don’t take surveys for other’s opinions or unneeded comments. i do have a functioning brain in my head, so i understand what evolution is, no need to explain it to me. that isn’t what i meant, but like i said i don’t know you or want to hear from you again because i hate when people that i don’t even know butt into my shit, real life or internet. so i’m not going to explain my opinion & what i meant by it, cya never.

  38. agnophilo says:

    @blacksunshine_surveys – Brat, go throw a tantrum on someone else’s blog please.

  39. heckels says:

    Why is it that opponents of gay marriage seem to think that gay marriage is the opposite of hetero marriage, yet seem to not even pay attention or care that the divorce rate is over 50% in America. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for divorce; shit, nobody should have to spend a lifetime in a miserable marriage. But, all I’m saying is that they seem so be so ung up on opposing gay marriage because in their eyes it is destroying traditional marriage but you never see any of them out there protesting outside of a divorce court protesting divorce which, literally, destroys marriage. Btw, love the music on your site; we seem to have the same tastes in music.

  40. Quintin says:

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