You’re Not Helping, Or “Fuck Marvel Comics”.

Marvel Comics has come out with many a blockbuster superhero movie and it seems like almost without fail they throw words like “evolution” and “mutation” around wildly inaccurately.  Now I get that it’s a scifi movie and it’s fantastical and it isn’t going to be 100% accurate, but still in a nation where a minority accept the long-proven theory of evolution and 18% of those polled think the sun revolves around the earth, there is some obligation to not misinform people about basic science.  Statements like (paraphrasing) “some people with mutations in their DNA may be among  us already” make people think mutation = monster, when mutations are extremely common and occur many times in every individual in every generation, usually having no effect and occasionally having a minor effect like what we call family traits or a change in height, metabolism etc. 

Never will a single mutation make someone be able to turn invisible or grow to ten times their size (physically impossible since their body would have to have somewhere near the density of some layers of the sun in order to have the matter to be able to expand, and that carries with it countless problems.  Amazing camoflage and abilities do occur in nature, but over countless successive generations, and they typically take very indirect routes with all the cellular components having to evolve separately out of unrelated mechanisms and only very painstakingly over millions of years does a pathway emerge whereby those separate mechanisms can combine in a more complex fashion which is not just functional, but more useful than the cost in calories for growing and maintaining the mechanism, then it might be modified or another part added from somewhere else in the mechanism and so on.  To suggest that “a” mutation would make you a member of the fantastic four is like suggesting that we went from this

to this

in one step. 

It’s just silly.

So in the interest of science education (and mis-education) in america, in a land where the science you misrepresent is already wildly misrepresented and misunderstood, I’m asking anyone who might read this who is affiliated with marvel comics…  please don’t help


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25 Responses to You’re Not Helping, Or “Fuck Marvel Comics”.

  1. I haven’t read the rest yet… I am still stuck at “18% of those polled think the sun revolves around the earth” going you have got to be shitting me. Just repeating it over and over again to Barry. WHAT THE FUCK people!

  2. striemmy says:

    Ummm.. I guess you didn’t read that far into the comics. They explain it in the retcon involving the celestials. Wikipedia it. You’ll be there for hours. 

  3. striemmy says:

    @Kristenmomof3 – How many people live in isolated religious communities?

  4. AmayaDoll says:

    Are you referring to XMen? 

  5. grammarboy says:

    Stan Lee isn’t a biologist. Things have gotten better, but it’s hard to deal with long established IP.

  6. maniacsicko says:

    i think the shift of usage from the first picture to the second make many people to use their brain less and less

  7. The pictures didn’t show for me.”Never will a single mutation make someone be able to turn invisible or grow to ten times their size …”Say it isn’t so!!! Guess I should stop poking holes in the sides of my microwave, eh. Damn. I was so looking forward to a super power.

  8. democrab says:

    You could follow this one up by going after Pokemon.

  9. Of course that’s not how it works. You have to level up, or sometimes use a Thunder Stone.

  10. RazielV says:

    @striemmy – Flowchart it. Mass hysteria ensues.

  11. Yeah, while I was watching the movie (haven’t read the comics) and I heard all the shit about mutation I kept thinking how half-assed of an explanation that was, and that must be a helluva DNA mutation. I mean, sure, if you’re going to try to explain this stuff you may have to go a little out there, but at least do your homework.Favorite part of the movie was the beginning chunk that was in German. I got to practice. I understood 90% of it without having to read the subtitles. FUCK YES.

  12. Hinase says:

    I don’t think they were trying to go with accuracy. I’m sure a lot of these things aren’t possible but I take it as entertainment and nothing more. Same like pokemon. 

  13. Comics can’t just be fantasy and entertainment, though? If you’re REALLY into science, then I can see how that would be annoying. I guess that’s sort of like how I feel about music with lyrics that are grammatically incorrect. Still, they’re just songs.

  14. the reason for their simple and inaccurate theories and expalnations in the movies is due to the comics. marvel movies aren’t trying to give a science lesson, theyre just trying to stay as true as they can to the original comics, where these sci-fi theories were developed by the creators to explain their fantastical characters.with all that said, the point is that marvel comic based movies and books are there for pure entertainment. however, i do see your point. if anyone does take it more than for it’s entertainment quality, and i’m sure many people do unfortunately, well i just hope they realize the reality of how science works before they say something to make themselves look silly xD

  15. 18% of those polled think the sun revolves around the earth.that is ridiculous.I don’t think people actually believe things like this can happen.

  16. Yoru_Kendo says:

    Yeah its science FICTION…..fiction that is. People always believe stupid stuff no matter what arena it comes from, don’t get angry at comics it’s all I had to do in Catholic school D:

  17. the theory of evolution is not proven because by definition, theories aren’t proven. they’re supported by evidence. should any counterexamples come up, the theory is either altered or discarded.comic books are hardly science textbooks and are not referred to as such. i don’t understand why any scientific mistakes in their text/movies are taken so seriously. 

  18. yourkbear says:

    What about DC comics? lol

  19. …seriously, people? Have you no imagination whatsoever?There is a reason comic books are called… well, COMIC BOOKS and not THE BOOKS OF KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM.Grow a little imagination. It’s fun, I promise.

  20. MyGlosoli says:

    I think the bigger beef with Marvel right now remains to be why they redesigned Spiderman’s outfit to look ridiculous, why they put Ryan Reynolds in the role of Green Lantern, and why they didn’t just omit Thor and make the film about Loki instead. Honestly though, I don’t think their fun and the enjoyment of others should simply end because a portion of the population can’t seem to separate it from reality. It would be like focusing on a school for a child being out of control when you should look further and see how things are at home and where the parent has made error. I don’t think it’s Marvel’s fault people are idiots. It’s fiction and it’s sad people don’t have the common sense to grasp that. They understand that we as humans can’t go shooting through the skys on our own power alone but, they choose to believe an alien race very well could be living just under the surface of the moon. *rolls eyes*That being said, I think there are bigger battles in the fight against stupidity.

  21. yourkbear says:

    @MyGlosoli – Green Lantern is actually a DC comic.

  22. @yourkbear – LOL!  What about Archie comics…wait a minute they don’t have powers!  

  23. You should use your imagination a little bit more.

  24. Well if they wanted to be truly scientific then they would leave evolution out completely.  But you have unintentionally raised a good point, far too much of the entertainment industry, in books, comics, movies, and animated series adopts evolution as the default belief system/backdrop.  I don’t think it adds anything to the entertainment media, so maybe we should leave it out completely yes?

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