Re: North Korea Is An Atheist State And Other Silly Notions.

I am arguing with someone on xanga who is basically claiming that atheists are all sub-human assholes who care not for things like human rights and that basically every civil rights movement was championed by christians and christians alone – almost like they’re some kind of oh I dunno… master race or something.

In order to justify this argument he ignores the countless atheists and non-christians who have led and contributed to civil rights movements across the world and re-writes history so that slavery was abolished because of the bible and it was only because of the bible that women got the right to vote.  Funny how christians apparently only started following the bible’s standards of gender fairness nineteen centuries after jesus’ death and immediately after the establishment of separation of church and state…

But anyway, he claims that all “atheist states” are fascist, and when I point out that of the top ten most atheistic states in the world none are dictatorships, he basically says that they don’t count… because they’re not fascist.  Only states which forbid religion reflect atheism.  In the same way that only afros reflect barbers and only pedophilia reflects catholic priests.

So anyway, in his blog the only three countries he counts as atheistic are russia, china and north korea.  When I and others point out that north korea is not atheistic and that kim jong il and his father are worshiped as deities, his dead father is the head of state etc, he claims that worshiping dead people as gods doesn’t mean someone isn’t an atheist.

To which I reply:

“So christians are atheists then? Because jesus died and was then worshiped as a deity, so since worshiping a dead person as a deity in your view is atheism then all christians are atheists and therefore have never contributed to the spread of human rights. I guess no one has human rights then, since only christians could possibly promote them and christians are all atheists.”

To which he responded, in a classic show of logic and just awesomeness:

“Why would you say Christians are atheists????”

Bravo sir.  Bravo.


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33 Responses to Re: North Korea Is An Atheist State And Other Silly Notions.

  1. I know exactly who you’re talking about, and I find him to be just as ignorant (but nowhere near as belligerent) as LoBo.You argued well.

  2. Yeah, I’ve learned from experience that it’s no use arguing with extremely religious people as logic seems to be a foreign concept to them. >_< 

  3. agnophilo says:

    @GodlessLiberal – Thanks, not that I didn’t know that already.@Celestial_Teapot – I find him obnoxious, but the point of this blog is to ridicule his nonsense, not ridicule him.  I try not to do that.

  4.  “So christians are atheists then? Because jesus died and was then worshiped as a deity, so since worshiping a dead person as a deity in your view is atheism then all christians are atheists and therefore have never contributed to the spread of human rights. I guess no one has human rights then, since only christians could possibly promote them and christians are all atheists.”To which he responded, in a classic show of logic and just awesomeness:”Why would you say Christians are atheists????”Haha, sounds as if one would take greater pleasure arguing with a brick wall.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @AmongTheDreamers – Yeah – the shame is a non-dogmatic version of christianity that did not rely on fear, anxiety, indoctrination etc might be so much better.

  6. @Celestial_Teapot – @GodlessLiberal – Vladimir Lenin, founder of the evil empire, the Soviet Union, said that “atheism is necessary for the communist program.”North Korea is communist. And guess what? Atheism is responsible.

  7. N.Korean news outlets reported that KJ had shot 38 under par on an 18 hole regulation golf course (not a putt putt course). The chances of someone rising from the grave and shooting 38 under par are virtually identical. This is theism at its finest.

  8. tgwiy says:

    What an ignorant moron.

  9. @agnophilo – Good point, but outside of general curiosity, is interest in back-linking for the full body and full context of the discussion.

  10. @AmongTheDreamers – Atheism is an extreme religion.1. Atheism cannot be proven.2. Faith is the belief in that which cannot be proven.3. Therefore atheism is a faith-based belief.Sorry, but an atheism is a fanatical religious belief just like the one that you are criticizing.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @tgwiy – I concur with your diagnosis, though I would add the word “willfully”.@Celestial_Teapot – Ah yeah, true.  Oh well.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @AmongTheDreamers – Just a warning – honestly don’t get sucked in by loborn (who is a dude btw despite claiming otherwise).

  13. tgwiy says:

    @AmongTheDreamers – Ditto what @agnophilo said about LowOnThoughtsOuthouse. The same fallible, so-called logic is regurgitated several times a day.

  14. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – While atheism is well-linked with Communist ideology, it isn’t necessarily causitive of the crimes and mismanagement of your favorite historical example. Outside of examples with Communism, you wouldn’t be able to find instances of atheism, in isolation, leading to the same sort of bad results of Communism.In the same sense, while Nazi Germany was 94% Christian and while Adolf Hitler incorporated Christian themes and motivation in his propaganda, Christianity itself wasn’t causitive of genocide. (Though, Christianity is somewhat linked with antisemitism– especially your Roman Catholicism, Curtis.)

  15. @tgwiy – Well, the atheism-communism argument is also a favorite of Trun’s. While LoBorn, herself doesn’t deserve attention, I felt that it woudln’t be too bad to give the argument treatment.

  16. YouToMe says:

    “So christians are atheists then?… “HahahahahaHold on. You are interrupting me while I am talking to you….Okay back…HahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahaEnjoyed the master race comment too. Ha x10^24th

  17. @tendollar4ways – and wasn’t that his first time golfing?

  18. jmallory says:

    I’m with you all the way on this one.

  19. agnophilo says:

    @estadquietos – : )  Glad you liked.

  20. daavidd says:

    How ’bout that rightwing Christian fundamentalist in Norway?

  21. agnophilo says:

    @daavidd – Didn’t know he was a christian fundamentalist.

  22. daavidd says:

    @agnophilo –  maybe he is not a fundy like the initial reports stated but all Christians are terrorists. They should all go through profiling like how we treat the Muslims. And they cannot build churches because that just seems insensitive

  23. agnophilo says:

    @daavidd – I know what you mean – I wish christians no ill, but it would be nice to have the shoe on the other foot for five seconds.

  24. heckels says:

    Well, I’m no expert, but the predominant civil rights movement of our time, the gay civil rights movement, is certainly not being led by Christians I can tell you that much. That being said, I think civil rights are something that have been started and championed by many different types of people throughout the years. Certainly, woman’s suffrage was backed in big part by Christians, as was the end of slavery. But, that is here in America, I can barely speak intelligently about American history and I do not know at all about world history.

  25. agnophilo says:

    @heckels – Abolitionists and feminists were attacked as atheists (and often were).  But you’re right, and my point was not to suppose that christians never advocate civil rights, just to say that it’s not christians are great and atheists are vile, which is what he was advocating.

  26. well, as I’m slurring, I struggled through that, but I still got it like I will until my deathbed.  No mattre wat tehy due.I think the world is ridiculous.  Human rights are facades, dictators are gods, and I’m a snake.  I guess when we’re playing dress up, I play the part of white robe snake, but we aren’t playing dress up right now, we’re playing mario brothers to where my death is silent and pointless, like 99% of the world.Cry out with comical rays to save yourself from the coming dark because you my friend, piss people off.I decided that since we interact that I matter.  Oh, I’m the fool.  Only if we’re playing dress up and I’m the white robe for a purpose.  Otherwise, dictator is going to get off his ass, come get me and fix this so that I can have a magical life to about 70-100.  If he can’t, he’s freezing me until such a time when I can enjoy something that’s mine: life.  People don’t understand that I own something.Now, if he could have helped my ridiculous YOUNG personality (thus, I split off from myself), that’s fine, but he didn’t.  No, they wanted to be badass instead of do the right thing, like everyone else.  Time out.

  27. The problem is that I was never given anything logical to follow.  My death is not natural.  This is not my fault.  See, letting me be a silly snake was natural like MS.  Using psychotronic warfare to jack up my perceptions and diction/syntax is wrong.  That’s interference from nonparental units, basically people that don’t do anything for me, is horrible.  Now, I figured that we were given these weapons by higher powers to jack us up and that it’s chaos to thought to control.

  28. I like what the schizophrenic just said, “tell everyone that’s happy to take baby asprin and get shot.”  Earlier, we were going to drink frog’s piss to get high.  I always thought that was if you licked it.  His wife is wandering around here somewhere.I’m hiding from death.  It’s in the coffin where the organic scanners fester on bones.  The west is in a black box.  They told me to leave.  I didn’t listen.  All is west for me though.

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