Re: The Evils Of Liberalism.

The following is a response to sammy-the-douche’s blog “the evils of liberalism”.  I was randomly searching xanga and found this off-his-meds masterpiece (which I had to log out to read since I was blocked by mister freedom and apple pie here for disagreeing with him), and I figured since I haven’t done a “disagreeing with ignorant bullshit” response blog in awhile, what the hell.  So here goes:


The evils of liberalism

“Liberals are always trying to corrupt, demonize, and destroy this nation and what it truly stands for.  Liberals try to take God out of society, out of government, and of course out of the schools.”

One of the things this country stands for is the first amendment which says you can’t use the government to promote or limit any religious view.  So apparently fighting tirelessly to uphold the constitution and the bill of rights is “destroying this nation and what it truly stands for”.  I guess what it truly stands for is your opinion, not all of that founding fathers and laws and freedom stuff.

“Why? Because they hate America and wish to see it fall into a despotic socialist state.”

Socialism is not despotic, authoritarian socialism is.  We have always been socialist to some degree, that does not mean communist – and most atheists in the US are not communists.  But then anyone who isn’t christian in your mind is evil so yeah…

“Liberals are the servants of Satan, the scourges of the Anti-Christ and abominable tyrants.”

On the weekends we also temp for the easter bunny.

“They like to teach us that there is no God, and that we somehow came out of something known as Darwinism, one of the grossest lies ever fed to the American people.”

I like how it’s “something” called darwinism – he doesn’t even know what it is, but he knows from a position of total ignorance that it’s a lie.

“Liberalism is inherently linked to atheism, and it has turned our noble nation into a place of division and despotism.”

Actually it began the revolution and freed the slaves.  This is because “liberal” when used correctly, does not describe any particular policy or ideology, but rather a desire to improve the nation through positive change, whereas conservative (when used accurately) means a general attitude of wanting to keep things the way they are.  You, ironically, are liberal (I would even say radically so) since you want to change the living shit out of the country and make it in your own image.  So I guess by your own logic you’re an atheist : (

“I submit to you, my readers, that liberalism is the evil that must be rooted out from this land. It must be taken out of our government, our way of life, and our entire nation.”

Here here!  We must have a witch-hunt and purge views we disagree with in the name of freedom!

P.S. – Later we will also fuck each other silly to restore our virginity.

“Liberals hate America because America represents a shining example of freedom and liberty for all people.”

Yes, all people.  Including atheists you nincompoop. 

“Our Constitution never said “freedom from religion” but rather it said “freedom of religion.”

Actually it said “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, which was then extended by the 14th amendment to apply to the states as well.  So yeah.  But you can’t have freedom of religion without freedom to abstain, and to not have religion injected into your life and the life of your children, and freedom to not have your pocket picked to fund evangelism.  The irony is that if the shoe was on the other foot you would scream bloody murder, but it never is because atheists, muslims, jews etc tend to respect the religious freedom of christians a lot more than they respect ours.  Though this may be a minority/majority thing and atheists or jews etc might be just as prone to obnoxious fascist bullshit when they control every legislative body simultaneously.

“It never stated that a president could assume dictatorial powers like Obama has, but rather that he must stay within the powers delegated to him by the Constitution.”

Not even gonna go there.  Seriously, he gives me nothing to go on.

“It never said the government should override the will of the people, but rather that it should listen to the will of the people.”

Actually the reason we have a government is to avoid the rule of the mob.  Yes people should have a voice and have power and they do – but the courts and the power of veto etc are a part of the checks and balances that you learned about in 8th grade history and subsequently never thought about again.

“And it never stated that the government is obliged to help lazy, shiftless people with things like welfare and federal assistance.”

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

– Preamble to the constitution.

“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;”

– Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution.

“Rather, we ought to get off our blessed assurance and help ourselves, not expect the government to do it all for us.”

Yes, because we live in a magical land of fairies and elves where nobody ever falls between the cracks.  There are no orphans, no disabled, no homeless, no one ever goes hungry in wonderful america.  And our retirement benefits never disappear and even if they did we can work until we die, isn’t it wonderful?

Fortunately some of us live in the real world where problems aren’t solved by waving flags and bitching out atheists for being too much like jesus.

“Schoolchildren in America are being taught that the government is God.”

They’re really not.

“Well, tell me this, you degraded atheists–Does God say to sit on your tail and expect someone else to be your babysitter and do everything for you that you ought to do for yourself?”

Well lets see – he gave adam and eve mana from heaven and only punished man with having to toil to get food as a punishment for sin, so apparently before the fall god had designed a universal welfare system with no employment or industry (not even clothes). 

“Does God say that we must allow homosexuality and other evils to flourish in this land?”

Nope, he says round the fags up and kill them you hypocritical bigot.

“Does God say that we must throw him out of our land and our society? No, he does not!”

I think perhaps you misunderstand the concept of church and state – it does not mean separation of church and the whole country.  There are somewhere in the neighborhood of four hundred thousand churches in the united states freely operating and tax exempt.  The myth of christian persecution is insane, especially when christians use it as an excuse to violate everyone else’s religious freedoms.

“Yet you damnable liberals say exactly that!”


“And people want to know why I hate liberals. Well, here is why!”

Because you have an overactive imagination and an under-developed education?  Yupper.


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38 Responses to Re: The Evils Of Liberalism.

  1. Sammy is a living caricature of everything I despise about conservatives. He’s heartless (“I’m out for myself and fuck everyone else”), ignorant (“If you need government help, you’re automatically a lazy moocher, because I say so”), and full of ignorant misconceptions about everyone around him. I remember when Theo wrote a blog saying that the USA was the greatest country in the world, to which I wrote a comment disagreeing with him and pointing out that the USA, while definitely a great country, has its flaws and can hardly be considered the “best.” Sammie responded by basically calling me a government welfare mooch without knowing the first thing about me. So yeah, he’s an angry, raving idiot with nothing useful to say.

  2. I get confused when people get like this.

  3. Axis_of_Doom says:

    Atheism =/= liberalism. Seriously, that guy is a dumbass. What’s his actual username? I wanna block him for being so retarded.

  4. Liberalism is evil because it is immoral. Liberals believe that the government is the agent for social justice.But for the government to institute social justice it must redistribute wealth. That’s stealing.Stealing is immoral. Therefore liberalism really advocates oppression, not social justice.It’s as simple as that.

  5. jmallory says:

    I wouldn’t have even bothered with this one, if I were you. It seems like a helpless case.

  6. kk_grayfox says:

    “We have always been socialist to some degree”Have we? I’m just not familiar with that much prior to the Great Depression. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just hoping you can enlighten me.

  7. YouToMe says:

    Even while I agree, some of what you said in the beginning was not very nice. But I do understand your frustration. The last line in particular, I will admit was funny, but Mark…

  8. kk_grayfox says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – “Therefore liberalism really advocates oppression, not social justice.”In many cases it is indeed advocating social justice. I don’t see how you can rationally deny that. I won’t disagree that it does amount to stealing (i.e. taxes) to accomplish those means, but you cannot say liberalism is devoid of attempting social justice. Whether a Robin Hood mentality is the most ethical way to accomplish helping the poor is debatable (I don’t think it’s the most ethical way), but Robin Hood still helped the poor.

  9. [On the weekends we also temp for the easter bunny.]Man, I remember back in the good ol’ days where that was a union job.

  10. @kk_grayfox – It boils down to ethics.It is unethical and immoral to do evil in order to do good. In order to redistribute wealth from producers to non-producers the government must commit oppression.That is, it must steal wealth from the people who earned it in order to give it to those who have not earned it.Social justice cannot be accomplished through oppression. Using oppression in order to accomplish social justice is a contradiction in terms.

  11. kk_grayfox says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – But I think the fact that you (I presume) and I are American citizens, we choose to take part in a democratic republic. And if our elected, representative officials decide that it’s important to tax us to accomplish these means, then we either have to agree with the system (even if it’s temporary until we elect new officials) or get out (i.e. leave America).

  12. Maverick83 says:

    I don’t even know, are there any intelligent conservatives out there? Because every time I hear one talk (or read what one has written), it’s that same kind of idiotic nonsense. Never bothering to learn anything, just using their imaginations to connect the miniscule tidbits of knowledge they do have, and barking like a rabid dog in defense, and assertion, of the imaginary world they’ve opted to reside in.

  13. @kk_grayfox – This is exactly why liberalism is evil.People want to help the poor, but liberal politicians use the notion of social justice to institute tyranny.Evil results from evil. And people are waking up to the financial and social disaster that liberalism has wrought on American society.And after all, social programs don’t really help the poor, they help politicians take and hold power by creating huge blocks of loyal voters who are enslaved by government.If voters really knew how immoral and damaging liberal social programs are they would get rid of them.We saw the beginning in 2010 with the Democrat Party route at the hands of the Tea Party.It’s going to be worse for the Democrats in 2012.  People are waking up to the evil of liberalism.

  14. heckels says:

    Sing it! Keep fightin the good fight. I’d add to your arguments but you have done such a good job or defending us liberals that there is nothing more that I need to add. 

  15. agnophilo says:

    @TheThinkingPerson – I agree.@The_Aftershock_3650 – I’m used to them by now.  They make more sense when you work out that they’re expressing blind emotions, not rational ideas.  He’s basically PMSing… and an asshole.@Axis_of_Doom – Sammie the great.  And don’t block him – he has a right to his idiotic, ill-informed opinion.  Censoring him is just as closed-minded as him censoring my or your opinion.  Seriously, please don’t.@jmallory – I didn’t comment this, I just posted it as a blog.  I would’ve commented it, but can’t (being blocked and all).@kk_grayfox – Socialism is paying for things collectively as opposed to individually.  Taxes and spending.  The military, paved roads, community colleges, public libraries and parks etc and a million other things are examples of socialism.  Absolute socialism (the government does everything) is a horrendous mess, but so too is absolute capitalism where everything is done for a profit.  It used to be that the fire department only put out your house fire if you had fire insurance (and it’s still like this in some places in the US), and it used to be you not only couldn’t get a diploma but couldn’t even educate yourself without money.  And the elderly were committing suicide left and right because insurance companies didn’t cover them.  Things are much better, and in no small part thanks to socialism.  Communism is basically socialism taken to an extreme.  Even in the US things that are socialized are mostly done by private companies – the police department is paid for with public funds for instance, but the police academy is run by a private company, and everything from the building to the squad cars, weapons, down to the office supplies are made by private companies, not made in some government factory.  So even our socialism is mostly capitalism.  Sorry, that’s practically a blog in itself.@estadquietos – Yeah but he was being douchey too, and he didn’t limit his insults just to me, but to about 150 million people.  Still, thanks for being a good person : )@GodlessLiberal – Heh : )@LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – Jesus said to pay your taxes – so he was evil?@Maverick83 – “Conservative” doesn’t mean anything anymore (at least not anything good).  It’s a random collection of fundamentalism, ignorance, nationalism and whatnot.  There’s nothing conservative about invading countries three at a time while fighting against civil rights and mandating your religious views on everyone else.  It’s not even fiscal conservatism, bush and the republicans fucked the economy over on the whole more than dems did, and on the dem side it was more incompetence and trying to keep the roof from caving in after the economy took a dive than blindly spending with no regard for fiscal responsibility.@kk_grayfox – You’ve just discovered why I almost never respond to loborn (despite him commenting in every single blog I write).  Even when he seems to be taking his medication, you tell him something he has no answer to and he just repeats his previous comment as if you had said nothing, and/or calls your response a “hallucination” regardless of the content of your comment.@heckels – Dismantling insanity more than defending or promoting liberals.  No one who thinks is liberal or conservative.  We just use the words to mean democrat or republican, which is BS.

  16. Axis_of_Doom says:

    Fair enough, although if he comes on my site saying I’m evil, he’s goin’ down. I have a tendency not to tolerate bigotry. I also see Curtis is still spewing his crazy shit. Oh and Curtis, your dad is dead 😉

  17. @agnophilo – Your question is totally irrelevant, but I will explain Jesus to you anyway.Rome was evil, not Jesus.If people didn’t pay their taxes they would suffer Roman oppression. Liberalism in other words.

  18. @Axis_of_Doom – The fact that you are so hateful and abusive proves what a disease atheism is.You are an infection.LoBornlyte is the cure.

  19. Axis_of_Doom says:

    No, you’re just insane and I like pissing you off :). I’m actually a very nice person.You’re only the cure for sanity, Curt-boy. Is trans-sexuality a sin? Because you’re committing it.

  20. TheBillion says:

    When will they realize that we’re liberals because we give a shit about other human beings? Their kind of spite-filled rhetoric is unfathomable to me…they act like I’m out to hurt people. They treat us like scum because we vote based on…compassion? The “bleeding heart” appellation I can at least understand, but the idea that we’re trying to “corrupt” and “destroy”? ???@agnophilo – “They make more sense when you work out that they’re expressing blind emotions, not rational ideas.  He’s basically PMSing… and an asshole.”Hey now, I have to take (friendly) issue with that statement. Women don’t become irrational and full of blind emotion just because we PMS. Judging based on blind emotion is a character flaw that has nothing to do with gender or biological impetus.

  21. @TheBillion – Liberals aren’t the only one’s who care about the suffering of people.Christianity, the foundation of the civilization you enjoy so very much, makes book on helping the poor.It’s just that liberals believe that the government (tyranny in action) can address poverty through oppression.How is institutionalizing oppression through government in any way addressing poverty?

  22. Mugo60 says:

    FDR’s policies produced the largest group of entrepreneurs EVER from returning soldiers from WW2. This is a FACT!

  23. No matter how deep the hole they’ve dug, the conservative ideologue’s only solution is to get a bigger shovel.  Bill Clinton said that.

  24. Sarudomin says:

    Omg, that was pretty hilarious. I find that at this point, the same old rhetoric of conservatives is the set up for a really good joke. It’s amazing how ignorant they are of the hole they dig with their arguments, though it’s probably because other conservatives jump in the same hole and make it seem a little bit smaller.Great post, you got another subscriber.

  25. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – “Liberalism is evil because it is immoral.”LoBornlyte is round because she uses circular reasoning.“Liberals believe that the government is the agent for social justice.But for the government to institute social justice it must redistribute wealth. That’s stealing.”By this argument, an form of taxation is stealing– anything from the funding of essential services (policemen, firefighters) to the maintaince of our military.You overlook the fact that taxation and budget were put in place through a representative demcoracy. We elected the representatives who carry out our public will. Income taxes were only legal after a the ratification of an entire fucking Constitutional Amendment.The leigitmacy and the authority of social welfare policy– just like any other form of government spending– arives from us, the people. It’s not inherently evil, immoral, or authoritorian. If you don’t fucking like it, then ask your congressmen to help repeal it.

  26. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – “Christianity, the foundation of the civilization you enjoy so very much, makes book on helping the poor.”Can you point to me the Christian social security policy in place during the Great Depression, before FDR?

  27. kk_grayfox says:

    @agnophilo – That’s really interesting. I’ll have to read up on this more.

  28. @Maverick83 – “I don’t even know, are there any intelligent conservatives out there? Because every time I hear one talk (or read what one has written), it’s that same kind of idiotic nonsense.”I like Andrew Sullivan: also like David Frum from the news pundit-world.

  29. agnophilo says:

    @TheBillion – I’m talking about expressing emotion, I’m not saying women walk around and bump into walls when they’re on their period.@Mugo60 – ?@we_deny_everything – Good quote.  Not a lot of intellectual content, but a good zinger.@Sarudomin – Thanks for subscribing – hope you enjoy my blogs.  Feel free to peruse the backlog as well.

  30. agnophilo says:

    @kk_grayfox – To quote the movie clue: “Communism is just a red herring.”  : )@Celestial_Teapot – Checked out the link, sounds interesting (and not crazy, which is a plus).  I’m sure many fox-news rush limbaugh type conservatives would call him a radical liberal communist though.

  31. @agnophilo – Oh yeah. Sullivan was amongst the more independent conservatives that actually had the balls to criticize the Palin VP selection during the 2008 Presidential Election. Though he strongly self-identifies as a Reagan conservative, Sullivan, at least outwardly, is pretty liberal on social issues.He’s also real chummy with Hitch. I think there’s a youtube clip of them kissing (which is kinda weird, Sullivan is HIV positive and gay. Hitchens is/was bisexual).

  32. UTRow1 says:

    @TheBillion – Most ofthe conservatives I know genuinely despise low income people because of somecombination of the following beliefs: 1.) white supremacy; 2.) the belief in a bootstrap meritocracy (“we are the greatest country in the world, if you can’t make it here, it’s because you are lazy!”); 3.) religious exceptionalism (God looks tends to his flock; if you are poor, you aren’t walking in the light of Christ”); 4.) a myopic view about living conditions as a result of being born into privilege. It was the same way 30+ years ago, when I began paying attention to politics. However, back then, conservatives used to avoid stating these beliefs publicly because, culturally, things used were different. The civil rights movement made this kind of ignorance much less socially acceptable. Now, you hear it all the time in AM radio broadcasts, popular conservative political forums, town hall events, etc. It’s become a defining aspect of conservative fiscal policy.I will say, however, that a few educated conservatives I know genuinely believe that government programs (like welfare) hurt the needy more than they help; or, if we privatized charitable causes, these programs would be more efficient and less costly to the charitable providers. These conservatives view denial of these programs, then, as a sort of “tough love” parenting. Of course, there is no evidence to support these beliefs. It’s abstract philosophy based on 0 historical or economic evidence, and as Celestial Teapot alludes to, overlooks the fact that these government programs were created specifically because there was a void that the free market consistently failed to fill.But yeah, perhaps the greatest illogical contrivance of popular conservative ideology is the contempt towards liberals and government programs for helping the poor among conservative Christians. It doesn’t really seem to matter to many of them that Jesus expressly commands his followers, on multiple occasions, to give to the poor, seemingly without qualification. What’s even more ironic is that most lower/middle class conservative Christians are among the biggest beneficiaries of government “entitlement” programs. If the destitute are “parasites” for receiving drug rehab funding, welfare, etc., what does that make conservatives that receive government backed loans, can file for bankruptcy when their businesses fail, invest in government bonds, put their money in banks backed by the government, travel to work on government roads, shower in clean water inspected by the government, eat at restaurants that havecleanliness ensured by government regulation, etc.? This double think was pretty proudly on display during the debt ceiling debates. The most fervently demanded cuts among conservatives were to programs like Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, etc. even though they are only responsible for a relatively small fraction of the debt. Even when combined they were responsible for less debt than Bush’s tax cuts alone. There’s really no explanation for this behavior based on the purported goals of fiscally conservative economic policy or Christian morality. 

  33. Listen to me, you backwoods shithead. I ain’t quite as stupid as you and your liberal asshole pals think. You may think you are someone, but this is living proof that you ain’t nothing other than a worthless piece of liberal shit who cannot wipe his ass proper.If you think you’ve won over me, you dipshit, you haven’t. Next time you wanna pick a fight, pick it to my face, fucker.

  34. Hey, monkey boy! I just thought I’d visit your lowdown site. Boy, I did not know skullheads made great profile pics. See, moron, you don’t impress anyone beyond your weak liberal base. If you really think that entitlement programs are so great, then you really need an anti-psychotic. Entitlement programs narcotize innovation and kill ideas. But then again, if I am a douche, as you always call me, then you are a nipple-sucker if you believe that entitlement programs make people better off.If you really think that man was created out of monkeys, I just have to ask ya–Were you born a monkey? See, monkeys and men don’t mix. But since you are so ready to believe they do, you must be a monkey who needs to go back to the zoo. Call the pound, we got a stray on the loose! Who is it? Agnostic Philosophy, of course!If you love Obama so much, then maybe you ought to get a job and work for his ugly ass. Stop living off of welfare and get a job, man. You might do yourself and the world a favor.See, you self-seeking bigot, you and your asshole liberal friends do not impress me, you make me sick. You are the tools of the enemies of America, and you are used by them. Fucking Communist pigs like you ought to be exiled from this land.If you had a brain in that huge skullhead of yours, you would be living the high life in Texas’ beautiful Hill Country! Instead, you’re just a screwed up kid who’s getting back at their daddy for not buying them that Mustang when they turned sweet 16.So fuck you, fuck your liberal asshole buddies, and take your insults elsewhere. They won’t work any hardship on me.

  35. agnophilo says:

    @Celestial_Teapot – Didn’t know hitch was bi – as far as kissing an HIV positive person, you can’t get the disease that way – unless both your mouths have open sores anyway.@Sammie_The_Great – Hard to do that when I’m blocked from your site, coward.Evolution does not and has never said that humans came from monkeys, though you’re doing your best to illustrate the “monkey on a typewriter” analogy.The rest is just a string of sad ad hominems, not worth responding to.

  36. @agnophilo – Christohper referenced it in Hitch-22. In an NPR interview, he stated the gay-marriage issue as one of the motivations for its inclusion.

  37. agnophilo says:

    @Celestial_Teapot – I would’ve thought he would come out of the closet much earlier – it’s not like the people who would hate him for being bi don’t already hate him, lol.

  38. @Celestial_Teapot – Capitalism is theft enough. Taxes for social services are a pain for the rich, but it’s the only way the system can be maintained. If they would prefer a revolt … fine with me, and sign me up.They’ve already imprisoned themselves in their gated communities. All that’s left to do is lock them in.

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