Trunthebitch (Edit).

I was having a very nice conversation on trunthepaige’s blog (with someone else) about evolution vs creationism, it was far more reasonable than most similar conversations and seemed to actually be moving forward.  Meanwhile trunthepaige was attacking me, namecalling, making negative generalizations about atheists and so on, which I replied to in a completely polite manner, simply pointing out that ad hominems were not valid and addressing her points logically as if she had said nothing offensive.  She kept insulting me, saying I was incapable of being civil, so I pointed out that I had not said one remotely un-civil thing to anyone, but that she kept insulting me (and all atheists, everywhere).  So she blocked me, deleted all of my comments and told the christian I was talking to that she blocked me because I called her a bitch and a cunt.

While it is true that I said she was a hateful lying bitch in response to a particularly disgusting blog vilifying and bashing atheists, that took place last year.  And of course I have never, that I can recall, ever used the C word to describe a woman in my life.  And a quick google search of my screenname and the word on her site confirms this.  So yes, trunthepaige, you are a lying hateful bitch.  But I still won’t use the C word on you, because it’s more demeaning to women than to just you.  Still, thanks for letting your pathological need to look down on others ruin a perfectly nice conversation between perfectly polite people about a normally very contentious issue. 

Edit: Trun did a blog about me, it was copied, pasted an emailed to me by a kind soul, which is fortunate because she has since changed it dramatically to make it sound less insane.  Here is the text:

Over the years one xangan has written at least 8 blog entries personally attacking me. He comes to my site and personally attacks other commenters and he likes to call me a bitch a cunt and few other not so nice words. Skull Boy is not very intelligent, still lives with his mother, he has no personality and his reading ability is lacking. And lets not forget he is ugly as sin

Can you guys give me one good reason I should take him off of my blocked list?

She keeps repeating that I am “obsessed” with her because I blog about her all the time – my last blog before this one that mentioned her was almost exactly a year ago, and it was about unreasonable debaters and mentioned her only in passing at the end.  She claims I have written many blogs about her, including this one I’ve written 9 that mention her in 3 years, none of them remotely recent.  The ones that don’t mention her in passing are about things she said about me on her blog (invariably lies or insults), including (and here’s where her character really shines through) saying as an insult that I “still live with my momma” because my profile says I care for a disabled parent (and veteran) full-time.  I got into that with her back in the day, and she decided to repeat the low blow in her blog above for good measure. 

Another twist in the saga – PinkLeopards said on the blog:

Google is a powerful tool. He’s even posted the search link for himself to prove you incorrect. If you’re so convinced that he called you a cunt, post a link of where he did so.” (link)

Then trunthepaige says:

Cunt what If I give you that (I don’t) Paige admits she is wrong he only said “fucking bitch” is that better?”

(backhandedly saying she was lying about me using the word while calling PinkLeopards a cunt!)


“So you admit that you lied just to try to make someone smarter than you look bad. lolol.”


“Why would that be a lie? seriously is the word cunt so important to you? Nine bashing entries and call me a fucking bitch does not make my case?”

Then the christian person I was talking to originally wrote a long diatribe praising trun and saying I’m obsessed with her and attracted to her and other nauseating things.  Seriously?  Gross.

I think what happened is I, by being very civil and not letting her goad me into insulting her, then pointing out how atrocious her behavior was, embarrassed her, so then she retaliated (as if I had behaved maliciously) by trying to embarrass me by lying about me.  I think she is also one of these ticking time-bomb type people who holds on to hatred and anger and passively-aggressively takes things out on people later, rather than dealing with what offended her at the time.  Also she seems to really loathe atheists (judging by her other blogs) and it may be that:

1) Atheist states objection or criticism of faith proposition.

2) She can’t defeat the objection/criticism because it is a faith proposition and lacks the necessary evidential foundation to be logically validated.

3) She feels anxiety/mental pain over this.

4) Her ego perceives that pain as an attack regardless of the intent of the commenter/blogger.

5) She tries to inflict psychic pain on the other person because in her mind they maliciously attacked her.

So I made her feel ashamed, which in her mind was an attack so she had to try to make me feel shame (by making something up about me).

But yeah, drama drama drama.


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105 Responses to Trunthebitch (Edit).

  1. moss_icon says:

    @agnophilo – maybe. I just have no respect for her anyway, the illiteracy is just the trivial tip of the ignorance iceberg

  2. @moss_icon – Haha no need to defend yourself; like I said I’m not a part of this whole thing about Trun and so I’m not taking sides. I just thought it was funny and pointed it out. We all make typos 🙂

  3. YouToMe says:

    I made the best fucking cheesecake last night. Just thought you should know. And, yes, I said “fucking. “Haha

  4. agnophilo says:

    @estadquietos – I just got a naaaasty image in my head of two mushy cheesecakes going at it.  Thanks, lol.Oh, and kudos for using the off-limits bits of the english language : )

  5. YouToMe says:

    @agnophilo – Har har and har :)Just called you señor chattersworth. Give me a ring a ding when/if you can. Had a long, busy, but good day, eventually. {hwbw}

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