Thinking About Putting Ads On My Xanga.

You can pay $25 to get a year of premium, which lets you put google adsense on your xanga instead of xanga’s ads.  From what I’m finding online it might pay for the premium in a month or two (optimistically) with my general level of traffic, then every few months I get a little money.  If it works though, of which I am highly skeptical.  I don’t know how many of my views are “impressions” or “unique visits” etc, or how many people would click a link.  I’ve clicked a few text links, but usually when it’s some ideological BS and I’m curious (and don’t mind the people who made the ad paying for my click, heh).

But if I do this I promise I will never become a theodan clone and just post controversial stuff for the sake of it or mass-spam add requests.  Or troll like loborn (who apparently makes money off the ads, big surprise).  I only blog when I actually think I have something interesting or worthwhile to say.

So, what do you think xanga?  Should I give it a whirl and see if I can get enough pennies to pay for premium?

Has anyone other than theodan actually made money doing this?


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8 Responses to Thinking About Putting Ads On My Xanga.

  1. QuantumStorm says:

    If it basically means you get extra features without investing too much then…worth a shot, f you ask me.

  2. I started signing up for Adsense a couple of hours ago. So I’m with you on this one.

  3. SamsPeeps says:

    I’ve had adsense for a couple of years. Not one dollar.Mind you, I probably have never gotten the traffic that you do. I’m just saying, keep your expectations low.

  4. Hinase says:

    I’ve seen this done on tumblr and I even have a adsense account and i know people do get money for it but other than that..I don’t know. I’ll probably put this up on my tumblr rather than my xanga (as it is sign in lock for various reasons).I think why not? 

  5. Nuthin’ like pimpin’ yo ride like a good capitalist boy.

  6. I considered it, back when I was hitting Top Blogs everyday. Unfortunately, you have to connect a real identity to your account, which… I’m just not that into the couple bucks a month it would have netted. Good luck, if you decide to do it.

  7. coolmonkey says:

    Basically, you need to generate A LOT of traffic for it to turn a cent.  I think only heavyweights like Theologianscafe and DearRicky could make some bucks off it.  The rest of us?  Fat chance.

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