Religious Instruction In Schools.

This is part of a comment I gave about whether there should be religious instruction in public schools (or schools in general):

“Schools should give people facts in order to prepare them for life.  Teach them facts about sex, facts about drugs, facts about religion etc – and where there is contentious disagreement or where they are teaching opinions, teach “this is what x group believes, this is what y group believes, this is what z group believes” and so on.  The function of schools should be to inform kids and expand their horizons and make them want to keep learning in order to prepare them for life, not to make them into christians or atheists or republicans or democrats.”

In response to someone talking about how different highschools are now vs when he was a kid (due to no school prayer) I said:

“A school with smallish classrooms is going to be very different than an over-packed school in terms of both the attention given to each student and the general well-behavedness of the class.  As will the general economic makeup of the school.  And a lot has changed over the last 50 years in our culture, not just no more school prayer.  I think loading kids up with caffiene and sugar (not to mention prescription drugs) probably has more to do with it than 5 minutes of droning prayer each morning.  Or the fact that both parents usually work now because corporations have been churning out crappier and crappier jobs with no benefits.”


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7 Responses to Religious Instruction In Schools.

  1. The important parts of religion that are common to all people are moral and ethical. The gold standard for morals and ethics is Judeo-Christianity. Morals and ethics are also integral to happiness.  So the effort to remove religion from public schools has created a huge group of people that is amoral and unhappy. 

  2. xplorrn says:

    @RoaminCatholic@revelife – wow.  gold standards, morals, ethics, happiness…  kipling would be so proud, in 1911…  but in 2011…  i guess my kids are miserable disaffected punks who will grow up to be nothing more than mass murderers, bankers, or…  or…  i haven’t decided yet subjective traditions i want to fully  to ram down their throats before they are old enough to think for themselves… and then propagate to those raised in an environment where they are given no attention, no direction, no love…i guess i’m angry and amoral – oh wait, i was raised catholic – go figure…

  3. My point was… not so much about prayer or even singing of our national anthem, but more about ethics and morality. Something that is lacking greatly in todays public schools. Like I commented in the blog, kids today are not really focused on the schooling, but more on the hookup, being noticed and the sex. Maybe my generation was more naive, but when I went to school, most of the kids my age, were more focused on baseball, basketball and boxball, sex never crossed our minds. Sign of the times with all the opennness with no real rules and regulations. Lack of parenting too. Due to both parents having to work, where in my generation, all my friends found their moms home waiting for them after school.So yeah, different times in a different generation. Makes me wonder what todays children as parents will end up having as kids.

  4. @xplorrn – Human beings have an infinite capacity to be happy. And what parent wants to limit the happiness of their children?  Moral standards are just as true now as they always were because human nature is the same now as it always was.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @RoaminCatholic@revelife – Ethics like the golden rule which are the actual “gold standard” for morality predate christianity.  Your religion did not invent morality or human decency.  I see what people mean now when they suggest you might be loborn.@The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter – The rates of premarital sex are identical in public schools and private religious schools that promote abstinence.  Sex wasn’t invented in the 60’s, people in the past were just as kinky as any modern person, they just kept it behind closed doors.@RoaminCatholic@revelife – I thought moral standards stemmed from god’s authority, not human nature.

  6. heckels says:

    I agree with you 100%. 

  7. NeverSubmit says:

    The individuals with disabilities education act states that all children have the right to a free and appropriate public education.  Most schools, public or private, cannot even be trusted to carry out this principle with regards to the students who differ the least.  Any difference in the student’s mind, sensory or other physical apparatus, or skin color engenders some form of discrimination.  To entrust the topic of religion to this system cannot possibly end well.

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