Templestream = Douchebag, Just FYI.

I commented very politely on the last few blogs of the xangan templestream, including a blog attacking atheists as cowards, another one attempting to portray atheists as depressed and suicidal, various attempts to blame atheists for the moral decay of society, the holocaust etc.  I got a few responses back and then silence.  Before that he said this to another xangan:

“A debater can be very skilled, but if there
is no substance, he’ll likely lose the debate regardless. This truth is
revealed on the Internet. Even when atheists have a lot of time to
respond, they seem afraid to debate. I’ve challenged the top 20 atheist
blogs and bloggers to refute one of my articles and not one has taken up
the challenge.”

I found the “challenge” he was referring to and responded to it, posting my response in my own blog here.

His response?  To block me.

So for obnoxiously shitting on atheists over and over again and pretending to be some kind of invincible debate god when you really just block anyone who can muster a decent argument, I’d like to shine a big douchebag spotlight on templestream.  Thanks for reading.


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11 Responses to Templestream = Douchebag, Just FYI.

  1. That’s pretty low. Even Curtis wasn’t this bad.

  2. moss_icon says:

    “Not one of you have the guts to debate with me!”- “I do”BLOCKED!”See. Not one of them has the guts to debate with me.” Fucktard.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @Celestial_Teapot – To be fair he wouldn’t block people because you can’t make money off of ads that way.@moss_icon – My sentiments exactly.

  4. i love the way those pricks so often write in a super-stilted faux-intellectual style.though “style” is rather a kind word. not as kind as “original voice”, though. 

  5. DivaJyoti says:

    Weird!  I don’t see anything cowardly about atheism.  There’s nothing to cling to, what’s cowardly about that?  No dreams of heaven, what’s cowardly about that? No fear of hell, what’s cowardly about that?

  6. There’s no way he’s challenged the top 20 Xanga atheists and somehow missed me. 

  7. Way to stand up for your beliefs! -er,,, non-beliefs…  lolI really do admire you. I’ve read your posts for awhile and you always seem to bring up good, thought provoking points. Sadly a lot of people do seem gutsy on the internet and then take the cowards way out. (Seen by this person who couldn’t take the debate and blocked you. ha.) Especially with religious debates where, either way, it can’t be “proven”, really. It all comes down to what is true to you, personally.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @complicatedlight – Yeah, I think they just make up with chest thumping what they can’t do with logic.  To be fair they are attempting the impossible (proving an un-detectable being exists).  But then again bigfoot enthusiasts don’t go around trying to blame people who don’t believe in bigfoot for the holocaust, so…@DivaJyoti – They just have to put others down to feel their views are valid (people like this, not all believers).@GodlessLiberal – I know, I was thinking the same thing.  I think what he did was wrote a challenge in a blog and pretended secretly that all of xanga’s atheists were cowering in fear – just as he pretended (at great length) in the blog where he mentioned the “challenge” (but never posted the link, just said he would then blocked me) that richard dawkins refused to debate william lane craig not because he’s long since refused to lend his spotlight to creationists and “professional debaters”, but because he’s scared.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @ShadySamantha – My default mode is “assumed false until proven true”, if it were the reverse I would believe in fairies and unicorns – and the god of every religion.  But yeah thanks for the nice compliment : )  I admire you for admiring me : P

  10. agnophilo says:

    @TheMushyPear – Yet not an uncommon response to losing an argument, at least in my experience. 

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