The Faith Of Bertrand Russel.

Someone on xanga made a pulse and linked to an article titled “Bertrand Russell’s Greatest Paradox was His Faith”.  If you don’t know bertrand russel was a very well-known philosopher and is perhaps equally well known as an atheist, so this is a bit of a dig.  What was his faith?

To quote the article:

“He was a man who placed absolute faith in the doctrine of uncertainty.”

He had blind faith in skepticism.  Of course, that makes perfect sense.

I just had to blog about this briefly, as it is (as I said on the pulse comment section) a prime example of how people can spin and distort and twist anything into anything else, even the exact opposite (and some people will still swallow it whole – I didn’t say that but I was tempted to). 

Here is the BS article if anyone wants it (though I don’t know why you would). 


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16 Responses to The Faith Of Bertrand Russel.

  1. I remember a long time ago, I had some dumbass (who was incidentally a presuppositionalist) try to tell me, in so many words, that faith in his version of Christianity was just like being an atheist. Then he kept having the gall to tell me that Christianity was superior to all other faiths despite the fact that anyone could use his same method for any faith, so ultimately he was contradicting himself. Then he kept telling all his posse that atheists are dumbasses themselves because they can’t stand his answers, and that he was superior to all of us in every way. Yeah, that was fun. 

  2. agnophilo says:

    @InternetDominator – My first foray into presuppositional apologetics was arguing with a radio preacher guy who kept using those arguments, but they were so unintelligible that it took awhile to even know what he was trying to say.  But yeah, it’s a symptom of the kind of dishonesty I see in professional evangelism that their idea of a logical argument is to get you to admit that atheism and theism are equally valid and use the exact same logic as a stepping stone to getting you to admit that one is absolute truth and the other is a pile of dogshit.You know why they call it presuppositionalism?  Because assumptionism just doesn’t seem credible for some reason…

  3. moss_icon says:

    Religious belief and cognitive dissonance are joined at the hip. The unfortunate thing is that means you get otherwise intelligent people putting all their wit and verbosity into eloquently arguing fallacies. You can make a good argument for anything. It does not change the facts.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @moss_icon – Reminds me of micheal shermer describing a book of his, he put it well when he said “our brains are like lawyers, not scientists”.

  5. moss_icon says:

    @agnophilo – Heh, unfortunately that’s pretty accurate.

  6. Lovegrove says:

    I tried reading it but gave up. I must be losing patience or something.

  7. agnophilo says:

    @Lovegrove – Tried reading what?

  8. Lovegrove says:

    @agnophilo – The article you were criticising of course..

  9. agnophilo says:

    @Lovegrove – Just checking.  Thought it would be a bit odd to comment that you didn’t read the blog.

  10. MysticRythms says:

    That is the problem with humanity. We all want to be right so bad that we think everyone else has to be wrong.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @MysticRythms – And we think putting others down makes us right somehow.  It’s ego as much as ideology.

  12. There’s not a hand big enough for the facepalm this deserves.

  13. GodAintGood says:

    funny thing; i once asked a friend of mine if he knew who Bertrand Russel is and he said, “isnt that the dude that married Katy Perry?”LOL.

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