An Example Of Deceptive Propaganda.

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This video’s reasoning seems logical at first blush, but it’s actually full of crap.  The video claims that the rate of population growth is decreasing because the population doubles slower each time it doubles, when mathematically if there were 100 people and ten more people are added each year, it would take 10 years for it to double to 200, 20 years for it to double to 400 etc, even if the population were expanding at a steady rate.  The video then attempts to make the situation even more confusing by using the analogy of a roller coaster full of people that climbs up a hill slower and slower the more people are added to it, which seems to “makes sense”, but because of weight and gravity in the illustration, not because of anything to do with population dynamics.  The entire human population doesn’t need to be pulled up a hill for more people to be born. 

Now that being said one claim of the video is actually correct, namely that the rate at which human population is expanding is decreasing – but it’s decreasing because people have been working for decades to do things which decrease the rate of population growth, like getting women into the workplace in poor countries so they have more options in life than to just have lots of children.  The video was taken from the website  Yes, the rate of population growth is slowing, but it would be expanding like gangbusters if people around the world actually believed what this website promotes.  Oh, and as I said on the blog of the person who first linked to the video, the “institute” that made the video is a conservative organization funded by the ultra-conservative half-trillion dollar trust which funds neoconservative groups like Project For The New American Century which heavily promoted bush’s foreign policy.

I just thought it was a good example of steaming bullshit that you all might find interesting.


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3 Responses to An Example Of Deceptive Propaganda.

  1. Noooiiicccee. It’s also important to note that even if the rate of population growth is decreasing, we’re still adding more people to the planet than necessary. It’s also important to note that overconsumption and overpopulation are not independent events. The more people to overconsume, the worse off we are. Also I think the author that linked the vid completely missed my points about the U.S. fighting over water with itself and how India is filled to the brim with humans, so much so that people are dying. 

  2. asrial86 says:

    No offense to Amelia, but her blog was completely wrong, and having her blog based on a propaganda video typical of conservatives makes it quite clear why.

  3. I find it interesting how I identify almost equally with both conservative (economically, pro-life after sentience) and liberal (pro-gay/trans pridez, pro- Aminalz, pro-druggiez, Atheist)  politics, and how they’re always making valid points bashing each other , lolz. I must sound like a hypocrite constantly, agreeing with both sides. Anyway your point is grand, and I don’t fucking care if those who jerk off to the bible/Qur’an on a daily basis choose to disagree with you on the fact :)(:

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