Poor People Aren’t Productive Enough.

I just read a blog from someone I won’t name repeating the conservative propaganda that the rich are the “productive class” and the poor are unproductive, it then went on to complain that 20% of americans now depend on the government for their income and cited the Heritage Foundation’s dissertation on how government “dependence” is a big problem that’s arisen over the last few decades, ignoring the actual causes of it and basically saying it’s because poor people are lazy.

My response:

Yes, underemployment is around 20% because poor people spontaneously became lazy when the banks collapsed. And people became dependent on the government more and more not because of the rise of credit cards and the shrinking of minimum wage through inflation sharply diminishing the buying power of their money while costs like groceries double overnight – no, it’s because poor people stopped being productive.

If poor people weren’t productive there wouldn’t be any rich people.

Under the bush administration alone the wages of people on minimum wage went down 25% due to inflation and congress not adjusting minimum wage for a decade. In the period the heritage foundation (an openly partisan conservative propaganda mill btw) says this “dependence” happened, the average salary of CEOs tripled from 100 times the salary of the average worker to 300 times the salary of the average worker. The lower 50% of americans don’t pay federal income tax and many are dependent on the government for their living, but that is because the bottom half of the country controls less than three percent of the country’s wealth, but their work generates almost all of it. Unproductive my ass.


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8 Responses to Poor People Aren’t Productive Enough.

  1. Pretty insightful and ur entry sort of make me chuckle because u figured this out and shared it… but U are 100% correct and I do agree. But I think people using the word “unproductive” might misuse it and may rather refer to be things such as less business savvy, ambitious and lack knowledge and ability to invest, and are focused on other issues as a distraction, etc etc… 

  2. agnophilo says:

    @PatentMagician – Thanks : )  And I agree.

  3. gayXianmom says:

    Absolutely!  I’m also wondering if there might not be some attempt in the GOP to continue attracting swaths of poor voters with this weird name-calling: there must be thousands of people who vote contrary to their economic interest because they are incensed over issues like gun rights, gay marriage and abortion – which really are ruses, it seems to me.  (The truly wealthy really are never going to be concerned about access to birth control, abortion or guns, nor benefit greatly by any laws allowing them to marry if they happen to be gay.)  Maybe this all sounds a little conspiracy-theory-ish, I don’t know.  But if that were true, that the GOP party line includes socially conservative issues as a lure to those who otherwise would see no appeal in policies so blatantly “by the millionaire for the millionaire” – then it might also be true that it uses rhetoric like “the unproductive poor” to allow the Republican working poor to distinguish themselves from others worse off than they are – and vote against policies which would help them both.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @gayXianmom – The GOP definitely uses issues like gun control and abortion to scam their constituents.  It’s easier I think with fundamentalists who have a persecution complex and don’t require evidence to begin with.

  5. gayXianmom says:

    @agnophilo – Thank you for confirming that.  I’ve honestly never paid that much attention until recently, reading some of the various histories about birth control and economics – and I’m starting to wonder wtf, specifically why some of the low-wage folks I know vote Republican, screwing themselves – and somehow proud of it.  It all makes me feel really really sad, actually.

  6. agnophilo says:

    @gayXianmom – I know how you feel.  And to be fair I didn’t confirm it, just agreed with it.  I can make an argument to that effect though if you like.

  7. gayXianmom says:

    @agnophilo –  If it tickles your fancy, I’d love to read it!  

  8. agnophilo says:

    @gayXianmom – Nothing fancy, just that they never do the things they run on when they get elected.  There is no federal law banning gay marriage or abortion or any of that stuff, and even when they controlled all three branches of federal government simultaneously under the bush administration and didn’t even have checks and balances to stop them, they didn’t do any of that shit.  Here is an example of how they just posture and try to look busy to their fundamentalist constituency.

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