My Landlord Runs A Tight Ship…

I got a notice in the mail about 2 weeks ago saying my landlord would no longer be managing my apartment and for me to fill out a form with some basic information so the company that owns the apartment can have it for their records.  I did, and sent it back a week and a half before the time they asked for it.  Then I get a call saying they received it and asked a few questions clarifying/verifying some info on it.  Then a few days later I get a letter in the mail threatening possible eviction if they don’t receive the form I know they have already gotten, and it says to avoid possible eviction I have to send it in, get this, the day before I got the letter.  It also says they attached another copy of the form to the letter “for my convenience” – they didn’t.  So I call the number in the letter several times and get no answer, not even a voicemail or answering machine and tomorrow’s the weekend.  If I get eviction papers on monday I’m going to be piiiiiiiissed.


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5 Responses to My Landlord Runs A Tight Ship…

  1. Legally from what I know, unless it has changed you have six months til your evicted. Keep your all your records.  You have done what you should, keep doing that and keep your records.

  2. maniacsicko says:

    wow…   all the best

  3. YouToMe says:

    That’s scary!Praying for what its worth.

  4. leaflesstree says:

    Isn’t it great when companies totally have it together? If this sort of “service” continues, it might not be a bad idea to look for a new place to live. Even if it turns out (as it probably will) that they just had some sort of bureaucratic error and your notice was supposed to go  to someone else or something like that, it’s pretty lame that they’d mess up something that simple. 😛

  5. Lovegrove says:

    I know this is somewhat closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but …With official type correspondance, I always send ’em registered (to be signed for) and keep a photocopy. That into account what personal information they demanded, that is, was all that was demanded relevant or too personal for their requirements? Do you have privacy laws over there in the colonies?

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