Conservative States Almost All Live On Welfare.

I didn’t know this, but when you add up the amount of money states give to the government vs the amount they receive, not only do many states give significantly more and receive less and other states give significantly less (and receive more), but the states that get more than they give are almost universally red states which vote republican and have an anti-welfare ideology.

Here’s the data:


Holy shit.

People in conservative states live on welfare, they just don’t know it.


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21 Responses to Conservative States Almost All Live On Welfare.

  1. whyzat says:

    I don’t know for sure, but it looks like farm subsidies are included as “welfare” here. You can call it that if you like (it irks me a little), but at least we get something for that money.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @whyzat – They point is they get more back from the government than they pay for.  Republicans in congress love to spend and hate to pay the bill.

  3. YouToMe says:

    That is weird!Lol But seriously, I’d have to examine statistics further but funny if really representative Texas and Colorado the exception, but still something worth examining.

  4. I know. I haven’t figured out why they complain.

  5. That’s a damn shame.  I know Florida doesn’t do much for it’s residents.  You can only collect TANF if you have children I think.  The disabled that have to wait around for Social Security to make up their minds can’t even afford toilet paper because no one cares. 

  6. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – Kudos on being skeptical : )@hesacontradiction – Feeling superior to others seems a popular psychological pastime.@intellectprofound – I was surprised florida was on the “give” side, though just barely.  To be fair they probably spend disproportionately on disaster relief.

  7. tgwiy says:

    And nothing has changed in 12 years?

  8. TheSutraDude says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. Another interesting fact while conservatives single out blacks as recipients of food stamps, whites collect the largest percentage of food stamps at nearly 35%, followed by blacks at about 27% then hispanics and non-whites coming in third. 

  9. I wonder if that might be what drives so many of them to hate it? The successful ones probably despise being around so many lazy, worthless rednecks. I have gone to school in WV for the past few years and I am mostly living here, and I had not previously seen so many worthless, uneducated morons reproducing at rapid speed because birth control never seemed to enter their conciousness in NJ (where I’m from). Obviously most of these people are not apart of the college town, but I’ve worked most of the time here, so I’ve seen a lot more of the people from around here and from the more southern part of the state. When I was working at KMart my junior year, it was awful. Just awful. 

  10. @TheSutraDude – But representatively speaking, I’d imagine that minorities receive more food stamps relative to their numbers than others. Though I think the obvious reason is that minorities, relatively, are more likely to live in poverty.

  11. TheSutraDude says:

    @DrummingMediocrity – that’s likely the case. yet we see Gingrich, Santorum, and other conservatives singling out blacks as if they are the only people who rely on food stamps. it’s a dog whistle issue for conservatives. 

  12. agnophilo says:

    @tgwiy – The two charts are from 2005, so I doubt much has changed.@TheSutraDude – I don’t think they are singling out people with foodstamps as being black so much as singling out blacks as being poor (and lazy).@DrummingMediocrity – Probably a factor.@DrummingMediocrity – Which is due to a number of things, not a small factor being racism and the fact that while our society isn’t strictly segregated based on race, it’s still segregated economically which amounts to the same thing.@TheSutraDude – I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if these recent veiled racist comments weren’t a deliberate strategy to get support in southern primaries.  The timing seems suspicious at best.

  13. @TheSutraDude – I gotta be honest. I’ve never heard them do that.  In fact, when Obama was called the “Food Stamps President” and many liberals considered the term racist, conservatives shot back saying that it wasn’t about race BECAUSE food stamps go more to whites than anything else. Do you have any specific examples?

  14. TheSutraDude says:

    Yes I do. Gingrich’s line of attack saying he’ll meet with the NAACP and tell them their people need to get paychecks, not food stamps. Santorum’s comment which he later tried to say he got tongue tied and said “blah” not “blacks” when he clearly said blacks. And why do they then talk about blacks getting food stamps if they seem to know more stamps go to whites? Shouldn’t they be targeting whites more than blacks? 

  15. FoliageDecay says:

    I wonder if this might be like the murder statistic. States that have the death penalty have a higher murder rate.But the causal relationship is a question.More murders might lead to more support for the death penalty, or a society that accepts killing as a retributive justice might have more people committing murders that are retributive justice in their minds. Dependent ignorant people may lead the voting population to oppose what they see as supporting dependent ignorant people.The perception of Democrat or Republican is drastically different from state to state  in my experience.

  16. Nushirox2 says:

    That’s surprising. I thought people who voted conservative were richer.

  17. tsh44 says:

    It doesn’t surprise me, Life has taught me that the best way to make someone hate you is to give them what they haven’t earned. I think there’s something in our nature that makes us tend toward biting the hand that feeds us. Maybe it’s some kind of pride thing or maybe like others have said it’s simply that those who are working are the ones who are voting and they don’t like seeing all the folks getting something for nothing? In the bigger picture there’s also the possibility that the general public in the red $ states have no clue about all the subsidies the state they live in is receiving because the politicians who work so hard to get those subsidies would rather take credit for getting a new project funded than tell where that funding actually came from? I mean if I don’t get welfare, foodstamps or social security income and if I work hard and pay my bills it’s easy to forget that there are other forms of government aid I’m receiving that I don’t even have to apply for to benefit from.

  18. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

  19. Perhaps those states give more because they are more heavily populated? Thus in ratio they give more per what they take. Though the graph isn’t clear about the “giver score” if they consider it state by state or just by raw numbers. But it doesn’t surprise me; I know some white-trash people who voted Republican despite the fact that they were on welfare! They also hated Obama, yet when he was elected they got more money for food. (I was told by the one person in their household who was on the fence in the election that this was the case.)

  20. jaydedheart says:

    @theasianwithnoname – In terms of inflation, everyone has gotten less of everything. If you’re making 40,000 now, it’s as if you are making 20-25,000 less then a decade ago. That means that many people who still see themselves as middle class, have actually slipped into the lower class. Some of this, of course, being temporarily hidden by them drowning in credit.

  21. gnostic1 says:

    It’s true. Causation or coincidence?

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