Commentary On Anti-Atheist Blog.

I read the following blog on someone’s site (who I’m apparently blocked from, once again had to log out to read it).  It was dickish to atheists and obnoxious, but I thought I’d comment on it.  Here goes:

“Want To Shut An Atheist UP??!!
1.  Christians SHUT UP!!!

Alrighty…  (the blog is called “penny rant” so I suppose it’s supposed to be ranty.)

“That’s what my expletives look like…AND  why am I cussing up a storm???!!!   My fellow Christians pissing and moaning about the bad atheists on Xanga!   Here’s a clue…THEY’RE ATHEISTS, what do you expect from atheists???”  

Bigotry, lovely.

“You’re not dealing with Sunday School teachers for cripes sake!!!”  

And we’re not dealing with six year olds.

“All you have to do is shut them up!!   Don’t you know how to shut an atheist up??   I know exactly how to shut atheists up, and I’ve done it on many occasions.   And what’s more… atheists learn very quickly to get on my good side.  Do you know why Christian hating atheists learn to stay on my good side??   Because I have a voice that carries a long way.  I don’t have to yell to be heard, so when I start yelling it’s louder than a bull horn.   And when I start yelling the atheists know they are gonna look really, really, REALLY BAD!!”

This sounds like just raving egomania.  But she gets to the point below.

1.  Christian SHUT YOUR MOUTH!”

Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day… 

(I kid).

“:Let the atheists talk and tell everyone around about how stupid and even evil religion is.”  

Most atheists I know are a bit more nuanced than that, but okay.

“When one is done, then you speak, and this is what you say,  “Are you finished?”  If one atheist is finished, then look around at the other atheists, and ask, “Anyone here have anything else you’d like to add?”   When everyone has verbally slapped you around, and they’re grinning like the cat that got away with eating the canary, you get to have your say so now.”

Letting an obnoxious asshole dig their own hole is not exactly something this person invented.  And it’s hardly something that applies exclusively to atheists.

“2.  ASK A QUESTION, BUT ASK IT THE RIGHT WAY:  “Wow, you’ve really got a lot against us Christians, and you all sure sound like you are just as good and moral as us Christians.   But you know I have a question I’d like to ask, “Why are there so many hospitals named after Christian saints and Christian denominations, but I’ve never heard of “Friedrich Nietzsche Memorial”  or “Hitler Children’s Hospital” or “Pol Pot General Hospital”, for that matter???” 

Yes, asking why there aren’t hospitals named after hitler (who was christian btw) or other mass-murderers is a really intelligent, logical question.  And as far as hospitals named after atheists, took me like a minute to find one:

“Mr. Lincoln had no hope, and no faith, in the usual acceptation of those words.”

– Mary Todd Lincoln, to Colonel Ward H Lamon, in his Life of Abraham Lincoln, p. 459

“My earlier views of the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the scriptures, have become clearer and stronger with advancing years and I see no reason for thinking I shall ever change them.”

– Abraham Lincoln

(part of the einstein “network” of hospitals) etc.

In a nation that is 3/4 christian and until the last few decades was virtually unanimously christian the vast majority of hospitals will not have been founded by atheists for the same reason very few hospitals in the US will have been founded by hindus.

“AND THAT REMINDS ME OF SOMETHING ELSE…Why don’t I ever see you at the homeless shelter; hospital; jail; nursing home where I and my fellow Christians have been serving for years now??   Tell me which hospital, homeless shelter, jail, nursing home will I find you serving and helping??  I want to come and see all the good works you atheists are doing!!”

The reason you don’t find atheists there is because atheists don’t wear our religious views on our sleeves.  You only find out one of “us” is an atheist when one of “you” whacks us over the head with their bible.  Until then we’re just john or sally or whoever we are.  And of course if you go there with a group of christians or it’s a church thing then obviously there aren’t going to be a lot of non-christians there.

“AND THIS REMINDS ME OF SOMETHING ELSE…  Just last week I had a girl/boy all strung out, and threatening suicide, at about 1:30 AM, and we had to run out to offer help and counseling.  You atheists have sure showed me how much better than me and my fellow Christians are, so, here I’ll tell you what, take this napkin here and write down all your phone numbers for me, and when I have another strung out suicidal kid to deal with I’m gonna call you up, you go with me, and you can show me how superior you atheists are at offering hope and comfort!”   Well?  Come on!!  Everyone write down your name and phone number for me, so I can call you…  WHAT’S THE MATTER GUYS?!?!?!  WHERE’S ALL YOUR SUPERIOR CARING ATHEIST WAYS??” 

This is just nutty.  She thinks that an atheist would be terrified of helping someone not kill themselves.  The only thing that would make me not want to do it is having to go along with her.  The automatic presumption that because I’m an atheist I therefore have no conscience or sense of concern for my fellow human beings is really disturbing and depressing.

“By the end of that little verbal display you’ll be naturally pretty worked up, and I find I’ve got the full attention of everyone around us.   Oddly, for some reason, the atheists always look like all the blood has run out of them.  They look like someone kicked their dog.  They look like someone has streaked a blackboard with long fingernails…”

I seriously doubt that she’s done this to someone face to face and she probably just imagines the atheist’s reaction on the internet and relishes her own little deluded fantasy – or it’s possible that some screaming crazy lady yelling about suicidal drug addicts for no apparent reason would scare the shit out of anyone.

“3.  ATHEISTS TALK BUT THEY DON’T WALK:  So why don’t you Christians know how to shut the atheists up???  Shall I tell you why you don’t know what to do??   Because you aren’t doing anything but talking just like the atheists, that’s why!   Christians walk the walk, just as Jesus walked the walk.”

No, some do and some don’t.  Just like everyone.  Many atheists are more christ-like than many christians and visa versa.

“Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink?  When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’  And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’”
Matthew 25:37-40″

Yup, nice sentiment.

“4.  CHRISTIAN JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT!!!:  If you aren’t doing for “the least of these my brethren and sisteren,” THEN SHUT YOUR FOOL MOUTH!!!   You are no different than the atheist anyway, so stop proving them right with every foolish word out of your mouth.  Go and obey Christ:” 

Calling christians and atheists fools and telling them to obey christ (who forbid people from calling others fools on pain of hellfire).  Classy.  At least she’s not just condescending to atheists and seems to hate and feel superior to everyone.

“Start visiting hospitals, jails, nursing homes, shelters and soup kitchens, and pour out your life in service.  DO WHAT JESUS SAYS AND JUST SHUT UP.  When the Atheist starts in on you then SHOW the atheist(s) Christ.  If you aren’t going to obey what Jesus Christ tells you to do, I. E. “go to the least of his brethren and sisteren,” then stop talking, and stop calling yourself a Christian, and just take your lumps from the atheists, because the atheists are 110% RIGHT ABOUT YOU!!!”

Can’t argue with most of this (though not the obnoxious tone).

“5.  CHRISTIAN “DO” BEFORE YOU “SAY”:  If you have a coworker, boss, employee, neighbor and etc. who are atheists, LGBT, heathen, pagan, witch, or any other type of “sinner”, then first SHUT UP!   Don’t say one flipping word about Jesus Christ, no matter how they attack and malign you, or wrong you.   Listen very carefully to them, and learn about them:  When is their Birthday, what are their favorite colors, flavors, styles, collectables, whatever they like and enjoy?   Learn all you can about them, and before you ever say anything about Jesus Christ you BLESS THAT “DIFFICULT” PERSON WITH A MINIMUM OF 4 GOOD DEEDS.   THEN YOU DO A FIFTH AND FINAL THING…  You put together a party for that person, you get everyone involved, you buy the cake, a gift that you know they will love, and you decorate…MAKE IT AS SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!   And when it’s all said and done, YOU SAY…”Now I would like to take you and your significant other to lunch or dinner with my own significant other, and you pick the place!”   During dinner you may speak of what Christ has done for you and yours, SAY NOTHING ABOUT THEM OR THEIR SIN.   When the meal is over say something along the lines of this: 
“Thank you so much for letting me do this for you.  The first time I met you this idea came to mind.  I’ve been praying to God for you, and I’ve been planning this, because I know God wants you to know how much he loves you.  But you know who got the most out this celebration today??  ME!!  Because as I’ve prayed and as I’ve planned this day God has blessed me with such a love for you, and all I want you to know is that not only does God love you, but I love you too!!!”

I would never do this, not because I don’t believe in treating people we disagree with with compassion and dignity and respect, but because it’s too damn dishonest.  I wouldn’t feel right befriending someone with a hidden agenda,  morally it would be no better to be nice to someone to try to convert them than it would be to be nice to someone to try to get money out of them.  How about we just be good to people for goodness’ sake?  I would understand the sentiment of going out of your way not to judge to try to counteract the bad rap christians get for being judgemental to gays, atheists etc – but she has no problem with bashing and vilifying atheists, while telling people to be disingenuously kind to them.  It’s kind of weird really.

“By the time you get to that last statement God will have indeed filled you with a love for that person you never thought you could have!   And how do I know you will have a love beyond what you ever thought you could???!!!!   BECAUSE I’VE BEEN OBEDIENT!  AND GOD CAN’T FAIL!!!”

Yeah, he sure did a bang up job with you.  I really feel the love.  It was going on 48 whole hours since a christian compared me to hitler.

End Rant!”

How about christians can speak their piece, atheists can speak our piece, and we all try to exchange ideas and points of view with an ear toward understanding and away from harsh judgement, without being bigoted assholes to each other?


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16 Responses to Commentary On Anti-Atheist Blog.

  1. Aloysius_son says:

    I liked the last paragraph best.

  2. SisterMae says:

    How you believe is how you believe I just don’t choose to not believe as you do…but I have read your blogs and except when you are having fits about some Christians that choose to judge I think you are pretty darn cool…Trust me not all of us judge you because of how you believe or choose not to believe it is your life… Frankly I don’t see what the big deal is we all need to just live and let live life is too short to judge and be mean to others

  3. The Penny Rant was by @such_were_you or some such. That guy is a bit out there. $40 short of a Benjamin, so to speak.

  4. I have a very hard taking people like this seriously enough to even respond. You obviously have a lot of patience to do so, and for that I crown you.

  5. YouToMe says:

    Same here. I’m on same page@SisterMae – Mark, I especially liked last paragraph too and this>>>”I would never do this, not because I don’t believe in treating people we disagree with with compassion and dignity and respect, but because it’s too damn dishonest.  I wouldn’t feel right befriending someone with a hidden agenda,  morally it would be no better to be nice to someone to try to convert them than it would be to be nice to someone to try to get money out of them.  How about we just be good to people for goodness’ sake?  I would understand the sentiment of going out of your way not to judge to try to counteract the bad rap christians get for being judgemental to gays, atheists etc – but she has no problem with bashing and vilifying atheists, while telling people to be disingenuously kind to them.  It’s kind of weird “I am thankful for all the times YOU the atheist have kept me from suicide, fed me, cared for me, counseled me after abuse– in the wee hours of the morning, grieved with me. You wouldn’t dare broadcast it either. But you’ve been as Jesus to me more than most Christians. Ironically you kept my faith in Jesus alive (sry. Lol.)Thank you, friend, brother

  6. agnophilo says:

    @Aloysius_son – : )@SisterMae – I wouldn’t say I “choose” not to believe, but yeah – thanks for the compliment : )  And everyone judges everyone, we have to evaluate people to know how to deal with them – but the trouble people get into is when they start comparing themselves to others and thinking of everyone as better or worse than them – then they see half the world as a threat and half the world as someone deserving of crappy behavior.  @the_rocking_of_socks – Well yeah.@DrummingMediocrity – : )  Nice of you to say.  I am more patient some days than others, but generally fall on the side of tolerance.

  7. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – And never asked you to stop believing or tried to con you into questioning (though we have argued once or twice, but that’s bound to happen).  Thanks : )  Glad I could help.  And glad to know I have helped.

  8. YouToMe says:

    I knowHaha we have argued maybe thrice…or a dozen…Welcs/Thanks. Ditto 🙂@agnophilo – 

  9. I can’t really pick one thing to comment on because the entire thing is so fucking stupid and batshit insane it’s impossible to find a starting point. The reason everyone shuts up when this jackass opens his or her screechy mouth hole is because crazy people ranting is scary, not because he or she is disproving anything about christianity or christians. My oldest son is an atheist and is also one of the kindest, most compassionate, most intelligent people I have ever known. He isn’t just a good son, he’s a good person and he didn’t need to be exposed to christianity to be one.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – Well over like 2 years.But yeah, back atcha : )@ZombieMom_Speaks – Nice of you to say.  Some christians are horrible people, some are wonderful people.  Same with atheists, same with any large group of people (unless by definition they’re evil like say serial killers).  The reason for this bigotry is that “by definition” people who follow “the truth” are right and good and moral and by definition everyone else is inferior.  That and people tend to look down on others to feel better about themselves.

  11. After the first couple snippets I got too annoyed to continue reading. I’m surprised you responded with a blog this long.

  12. You often find this passive aggression in Christians who’s arguments fail. I was a Christian for a long time and I know all the tactics.

  13. agnophilo says:

    @TheBlueNinjaTiger – More because I thought what I had to say was worth reading.@TheBlogFather – The person’s blog, like so many others, seems to be one where the author blocks everyone who disagrees (or fits the bill of the people they bash) so the comment section is a round robin of not only people who aren’t atheists, liberals etc, but who aren’t even christians, conservatives etc who are nice enough to defend them.

  14. Wow…Does this ever bring back (bad) memories of years gone by. At one time I was a Christian and sadly, I knew people just like this. They are a part, although a very small part, of the reason I’m not a Christian anymore.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @cosmicfirefly – No, but then I have never had someone whose opinion or approval I valued feel this way.  If I had a parent whose approval I thought that shared these opinions or something I could see how that would sting.  And bad behavior from christians isn’t even a factor in me not being christian, though it does have something to do with why I feel the need to disagree with certain tenets of the worldview.

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