Narcissists And The Internet.

This is a video by Sam Vaknin, who has written a book and made many very insightful videos about narcissistic personality disorder (what my father has as described in the blog before this one).  This is about how the disorder manifests on the internet, and I thought it might be insightful for people (and I recommend his other videos, especially if you think you might have this disorder and want to experience life more meaningfully, or if you have an abusive person in your life who may have the disorder).

I couldn’t watch this video without thinking about many people I’ve interacted with online.

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9 Responses to Narcissists And The Internet.

  1. I think that is the CENTRAL thing with narcissists: Whether or not something/somebody has use. And that is pretty much both of my parents. 

  2. whyzat says:

    Interesting. Is there much difference between a narcissist and a sociopath? This made me think of Scott Petersen. Remember him? He killed his pregnant wife and got the death penalty and is sitting on death row in California. When I was watching the trial on TV (when Court TV was for intelligent people), professionals were calling him a sociopath.

  3. layhomeopath says:

    VERY interesting! Sometimes i get really annoyed with the grandiosity of some on the internet. But it’s fascinating to think, as he said, that maybe some narcissists can be helped (a little) by interacting online.

  4. Lovegrove says:

    My approach was to see if I recognised anything on the clip in myself. I didn’t but then I could be delusional. An interesting listen.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @Xbeautifully_broken_downX – Sorry : (  I recommend his other youtube vids though, they can help you both navigate an abusive situation and avoid the emotional harm of taking their scorn or disappointment at face value or thinking they will change.@whyzat – They are very similar to each other, largely due to their pronounced lack of empathy.  A narcissist has a little granule of a capacity to empathize that comes out occasionally (but very dimly), but by and large they operate the way a sociopath does, completely self-interested and oblivious to the damage they do to others except as a means of gaining approval and advancing in the world.  Kindness is false and just a means to an end.@layhomeopath – Nice to know there may be some help for them.  Perhaps the worst thing about the condition is that it prevents them from even considering they might have a problem, let alone improving.  Nice that technology can help break down those walls.@Lovegrove – I don’t think delusional people often seriously entertain or admit to the possibility of being delusional.  I gave someone an “are you a sociopath” test and it basically said if you’re taking the test or concerned you may be a sociopath, that basically already proves you aren’t one.

  6. Lovegrove says:

    @agnophilo – True! But one can be delusionary without being a sociopath.Anyway! For my part, I took the test out of boredom, not out of concern. So maybe I am a sociopath. I don’t know but who cares about society anyway? 🙂

  7. agnophilo says:

    @Lovegrove – Did the test say you’re a sociopath?  And I took it out of curiosity too.  And I was talking about you being delusional, not being a sociopath before.

  8. @agnophilo – Thanks. I will definitely check him out! 🙂

  9. agnophilo says:

    @Xbeautifully_broken_downX – He was diagnosed with NPD and got help, apparently he has a 180 IQ (I believe it).

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