Tell Me If Anyone Thinks This Is Rude.

I left a comment to JCCroom on Nidan’s site disagreeing with the notion that the universe is incredibly ordered and that this is proof of a creator and I gave examples of disorder in cosmology, planetary and asteroid impacts, colliding galaxies etc. He asked that I substantiate these claims with evidence, so I gave links to pictures and examples. JCCroom then responded by insulting me over and over and over again, and defended himself by saying that I had insulted him first. When asked to cite where I insulted him, he cited these two examples as blatantly offensive.


“The moon is believed to be the result of a large impact with the early molten earth largely because computer simulations of such an impact show that this is possible with our current laws of physics and the fact that the moon is gradually receding from the earth according to laser measurements of it’s orbit and several billion years ago it would’ve been about half the distance it currently is from the planet – this and the fact that in computer simulations the moon is always tidally locked with the earth, or in other words like the moon it is always revolving once around the earth for every time it spins so from the earth we would only ever see the same side of it. This is strong evidence in support of the early-earth impact theory of the origin of the moon. But I didn’t state this as a fact, just gave it as an example.”

And 2:

Image, image. Both are actual photographs from the hubble of galaxies colliding, the second is taken with a much more powerful lense and is the largest, clearest picture of the phenomenon ever taken. The core of each galaxy is the bright white part (more stars).”

To quote him, this is why they were offensive:

“You went to great length to explain out to me the fact that the moon is tidally locked, and in the most condescending way you could put it. Every three year old knows that. And then my personal favorite: you pointed out to me that the center of galaxies are brighter because they have more stars in them. As my biological father would say, “No shit, Sherlock! Where’d you park the squad car? ”

So I ask you, was I condescending or rude in any way, shape or form? Or is he off his rocker?


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22 Responses to Tell Me If Anyone Thinks This Is Rude.

  1. I don’t see anything offensive in what you wrote, especially inasmuch as he asked.  And as to his “every three-year-old knows that”, the response is that, sadly, no, not everyone knows that.  Science education in this country is abysmally bad, as you probably already know.  I’ve even met full-grown adults, some even with college degrees, who don’t even know what a star is.  (One of them thought Venus was a star.  Another one thought the moon was, I shit you not.)

  2. agnophilo says:

    @TheSchizoidMan – I believe it.  I responded to that by saying that roughly 1 in 5 americans believe the sun revolves around the earth (which they do according to gallup), and he replied by attacking me for supposedly trying to say christians think the sun revolves around the earth.  As the expression goes, if you look for the worst in people you will surely find it.  And if you look hard enough you can see it when it isn’t even there.

  3. TheSutraDude says:

    you didn’t say anything offensive. if every 3-year old knows of these phenomena why is it he appears to ignore them? so his ideology works? someone has to point it out. maybe you stepped on his ego but that’s his problem. you were not offensive. 

  4. No, I don’t see anything offensive in what you wrote. You did not seem condescending to me at all from what I read, just to the point which is the only way to be when responding to a challenge (in this case asking you to substantiate your claims with evidence).

  5. Doitean says:

    This guy is insane if he found those comments offensive

  6. agnophilo says:

    @TheSutraDude – Yeah I pointed out that he denied that these things were true at all and demanded proof, then when I gave it to him acted like “well any idiot knows that”.  He didn’t.  You’re right though, it’s all about ego.  He sounds like a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder, they avoid emotional pain and feel good about themselves by a) tearing others down and b) seeking praise or attention, and often resort to delusions to feel superior to others, almost invariably exaggerating their abilities (and believing it themselves).  I explained to him that this was a disability and said he should seek professional help, going out of my way to explain that I wasn’t saying it as an insult.  I think he replied by calling me a troll or something.@Liliith – I agree, and thanks for chipping in your .02 : )@Doitean – My conclusion precisely.

  7. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – sounds like someone i had a back and forth with last night…lobo under a new name/account. curtis told me to show proof of something i said. i know his little game so as i have in the past i told him to google it himself and not waste my time. he came back and said there are no reputable sources on googleand accused me of spreading vicious rumors even though what i stated had been reported widely in the news over a long period of time.a bit later someone else asked if i could provide links to sources and i did so. pages and pages came up immediately after one try on google. of course curtis didn’t even bother to google. i chose 4 of the first several hits, making sure i included conservative sources, USA Today and Vatican Radio, anticipating what was to come. right on cue curtis called the sources “leftist propaganda mills”. haha. he either didn’t take time to look at the links or had nothing reasonably intelligent to say. i’m guessing both. i understand the importance of refuting such people in that many are uninformed enough to take what they say as factual. at the same time, someone said, don’t get into arguments on the street with crazy people because people passing by in cars can’t tell which is the crazy person. 

  8. musterion99 says:

    For once I have to agree with you. From those comments, you weren’t rude and he was.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @TheSutraDude – True dat.  And yeah I pretty much never reply to loborn, though he comments on pretty much every blog I do.@musterion99 – Thank you.  I’m wondering if even one person will see it his way – I doubt it though.

  10. He’s just insulted by your intelligence, man. Just accept the facts, damn it and invite the dude for a beer.

  11. sleekpeek says:

    It sounds like you were stating simply (briefly?) what you knew/thought, and you likely could in no way know he would take your statements as insulting to what he already knew. As a matter of exercise, I work out my language on certain topics; for me, it’s because I don’t get very many opportunities to do so. It’s nice to try and get some thoughts organized, especially in writing and without interruption. Chances are someone might read me and think (or go so far as to say/write), “No shit Sherlock,” but it would be more fun if they knew enough that they could add more information than judgement.

  12. SisterMae says:

    I don’t see anything I would consider rude

  13. moss_icon says:

    He’s an idiot looking for a way out of a losing situation by twisting some harmless fact-giving into an attempt to invalidate you by super-imposing his own pettiness onto you. So often I’ve seen this with apologists. They come along, all puffed up with their impressive-sounding reasonings, only to turn into shitty, name-calling douche-bags when someone comes along who actually understands the issue better than they do.

  14. It sounds to me like you proved him blatantly wrong and instead of dealing with the cognitive dissonance now emerging in his brain hemispheres, he misinterpreted his inner turmoil by projecting blame onto you. Notice he never said you were wrong, or that your points did not disprove his bullshit. 🙂 Good job, amigo. Maybe he will spontaneously combust. which is fine

  15. You certainly have a knack for finding jerks and thin-skinned people.

  16. Fideist Christians throw hot coals at me all time for daring to disagree with them. 

  17. It’s not rude but people don’t like to hear others disagree with them. 

  18. YouToMe says:

    Maybe off the rocker and down the front porch steps if thinking the relaying of that info in that manner was rude in any way. So, definitely no. I think he was just having a bad day or recalling his feelings over past conversations.

  19. YouToMe says:

    I know it was yesterday, and I already said it, but thought your site needed a birthday wish too. You’re awesomely amazing, Markworth :)Thanks for being such a stellar friend 😀

  20. YouToMe says:

    M says she wishes she could send you a tardis to thank you for introducing us to all things who. 🙂

  21. Aloysius_son says:

             It is a greater challenge to be understood than to understand. Attacking ideas is more challenging than attacking individuals, which is why so many arguiement and up as assaults on people rather than genuine discussions of ideas and principles.I don’t believe that attacking a person will ever convey the truth of ones beliefs as effectively as sharing philosophies, in a mutually respectful dialogue.The universe is both ordered and in chaos, depending on your perspective and means of annalysis. Every action, every reaction can be calculated and predicted, providing that we are able to input every acting variable. Miss one minute detail, ie th espin of an electron and the predicted result fails to follow, thus we lable the actions as chaotic.Watch 10 preschollers playing in a room filled with toys and it might seem like pure chaos, but to a trained and experienced observer, the actions and behaviors might be more predictable and thus ordered. We often must simplify order, break apparent chaos down into simple binary choices for the seemingly random chains of events to make sense.Chaos is merely and overly complex series of events, order is simplified chaos.Question, is a random number generator truely random, or a product of some complex function?

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