“The slavery you are taking out of context”.

The above was the only response to me giving passages from the bible forbidding people from being punished for beating their slaves and giving different sets of rules for how to treat slaves of different ethnicities and nationalities. I thought this video was appropriate.

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13 Responses to “The slavery you are taking out of context”.

  1. unflii says:

    The bible cannot be used to make god look bad, but it can be used to discriminate against various groups of people. i.e. non-heterosexual couples and anyone who is not part of their specific branch of christianity. Yep, sounds about right >.>.

  2. FalconBridge says:

    That is a very entertaining video.  I have just shared it on facebook and suddenly am feeling paranoid so I probably won’t keep it there.  But thank you very much. 

  3. maniacsicko says:

    i was kind of hearing double at certain part in the video..  was it me, or was it actually like that?

  4. Nushirox2 says:

    Too many adjectives …

  5. agnophilo says:

    @unflii – Yup.@FalconBridge – You’re very welcome : )  And who are you worried might see it on facebook?  And the youtuber is nonstampcollector, his vids are pretty much all brilliant.@maniacsicko – The person on the left has many things being said at once to illustrate the whole barrage of responses thing comically, similar to this one.@Nushirox2 – : )

  6. yeah… this video.. I know how that feels…

  7. Then one of the other arguments is new testament vs old testament stuff.

  8. moss_icon says:

    “You’re taking it out of context!” Jeez, is there any more over-used, entirely vacuous pseudo-justification slung around by apologists? One day I fear they may be taking my fist in their face out of context….

  9. Slavery is a human institution. God cannot rationally be blamed for it. In salvation history, God signals his disdain for slavery by regulating it.People who don’t understand the Bible try to make a scandal out of something truly miraculous when they try to show that God condoned slavery.

  10. ^ Why is he allowed to talk?also LOL this is a great video. Very funny. Esp when it gets to the Qur’an.God is selective. Duh Religion is SILLY. That’s all I have to say.

  11. @sometimestheycomebackanyway – Slavery is a human institution. God cannot rationally be blamed for it. In salvation history, God signals his disdain for slavery by regulating it.”As law-giver, God is absolutely to be blamed. Implicit in regulation of slavery is its condoning. For thousands of years, all across the Judeo-Christian world, the Bible had been held as justification for slavery.If God were really against slavery, rather than describing how it is to be conducted, he’d actually condemn and enjoin it. If God were truly in opposition to the institution, there would be at least one passage in the Bible actually calling for its abolishing. But there isn’t, is there?

  12. Aloysius_son says:

             Yep.The Bible is a lot like an architect’s blueprints. It all looks good on paper, and in theory much of it makes sense, but when you try to build a structure using it, you will find it has its flaws.Much like a set of blueprints, some details are as the architect intended, while others are as he implied and still others are as some lacky of a draftsman interpreted the architects instructions.I pick and choose, just like every sane person, those parts of scripture which make sense, like do unto others and ignore those which are absurd, like stone the adulterous woman.Bible thumpers hate me because I see the flaws, while Bible haters thump me because I see the truths. At the end of the day I still eat my supper and sleep my sleep like all of them.

  13. Kellsbella says:

    @sometimestheystaydead – Actually, there is. God liberated (from slavery) the Israelites (through Moses) from Egypt. When the Israelites wanted a king, God warned Samuel that an earthly king would lead the people into slavery, but they refused to listen and God gave them Saul. Those are just off the top of my head…Now you may have your doughnut. 

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