I think I need to pace myself.

I’ve watched like 2 1/2 seasons of “breaking bad” in not very long.  It’s getting a little depressing.

Unlike dexter which is a similarly criminal anti-hero type show, breaking bad is strictly drama, there’s no humor or touching moments or anything.  Just fucked up dramatic things happening in sequential order.

Wish dexter was back, despite the cliffhanger that might have killed the show.

But whatever.


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7 Responses to I think I need to pace myself.

  1. colormysky27 says:

    I love Dexter. They should space out the episodes more, because after a season ends, I tend to just forget about it.

  2. reed44 says:

    Love Dexter.We watched the first season of Breaking Bad and loved it, but lost it in the first two episodes of the second season.  gonna give it another go at some point I guess.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @colormysky27 – That doesn’t matter so much since each season is (aside from the one cliffhanger) pretty much a self-encapsulated story.  And I don’t wanna wait longer for more episodes : P@reed44 – It should’ve been called Walter White’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

  4. Lovegrove says:

    Try reading a book.Though I understand. The one eyed idol in the worship corner of the room can be addictive. I put it down to its magical powers.

  5. xOne_twentyX says:

    Go for a run! I am one of those persons who fall asleep with TV, it’s not even 10 mins when I’m already catching zzz’s :p

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