In Defense Of George Zimmerman.

I am arguing with a few people about the whole George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin story, them in defense of Zimmerman and me that he is at fault.  This is my last comment (so far) and I think it more or less sums it up:

Let me ask you a question.  Lets say you’re in a semi-public area talking on the phone with your wife or girlfriend minding your own business and you see a man staring at you while talking on his phone, probably looking angry and using obscenities.  You get a bad vibe – what do you do?

Walk away from the area?

What if he follows you?  Do you start to run?

What if he chases after you, catches up to you and grabs you, what do you do then?

You would have every reason in the world to think he meant you bodily harm and would kick the shit out of him in self defense.  This is why police officers wear uniforms and have to identify themselves as police officers, they don’t just run up to people in plain clothes and grab them.  Because anyone in their right mind would fight back if some dude just chased you down and grabbed you.  And it’s why the community watch is called the community watch, not the community chase a guy you saw talking on his phone and pop a cap in his ass.

Chasing someone down and trying to grab them for “seeming suspicious” is fucking insane, and it creates a deadly situation, especially if you’re carrying a loaded gun and may have to use it in “self defense” against someone you accosted.

The reason it’s legal to kill someone in self defense is that the fight or flee instinct overrides everything else, including your conscience.  His first instinct was to flee, he fought when the guy caught up to him.  The 911 tape says as much.


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51 Responses to In Defense Of George Zimmerman.

  1. MommaFish89 says:

    I can’t stand that this turned into a racial issue. You’re right, there is a reason it’s called the “Community Watch”. And there’s a reason that the police are called “Peace Officers”. It’s the community’s responsibility to call the peace officers if there is suspicious activity going on. Even if you see someone breaking into someone’s home, you don’t run over and try to take them down yourself (also known as vigilantism), you call the police, they come take care of it. Now if it came to someone causing bodily harm to someone in public, I’d take the risk of stopping them, simply because a human life cannot be replaced. I don’t think it’s the media’s job (although they’ll gladly sign on to it) to paint the villain and the victim. It was bad enough that ANYONE in the situation lost their lives and left their family and friends to mourn. But of course, we are an inflammatory nation and “teen killed: possible hate crime and civil rights violation” sounds better than “teen killed: questions unanswered”.

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