Grim_Truth = Douchebag (I’m Keeping A List At This Point)

On his site he was losing an argument with me, and I had given a two sentence comment to someone else asking if they really thought a significant number of the occupy wallstreet people thought blowing up a bridge was morally ambiguous (since that’s what they seemed to be implying).  They then responded in a “how dare you claim that I blah blah blah” sort of way, and told me to “calm the fuck down”.  To which I responded, “How about you look at the question mark at the end of my sentence and you calm the fuck down.”

And so then I get banned, upposedly for using the word fuck, but I guarantee the other person is still posting freely.  So for blocking people for winning an argument I shine a big douchebag spotlight on you, grim_truth.


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11 Responses to Grim_Truth = Douchebag (I’m Keeping A List At This Point)

  1. Saridactyl says:

    I’ve blocked people before, not for winning an argument, but for being a total asshole in their execution of their argument.

  2. Oh great, he just subscribed to me.

  3. MommaFish89 says:

    Some people just can’t handle another persons’ opinion if it doesn’t fall in line with theirs. Which, really, is so sad considering this is a public forum. Seriously. >.< And what do you mean “banned”? I’m still catching up on my Xanga-lingo.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @Saridactyl – I don’t even block people for that.  Aside from a huge list of spambots the only person I’ve ever blocked was justin debin (who I recently found out is nidan and a whole bunch of other people) for posting blog after blog attacking (and lying about) me.  I never even blocked loborn or any of his various incarnations.@GodlessLiberal – Lovely.@MommaFish89 – I should’ve said blocked – prevented from viewing or commenting on his site via the “block” button.

  5. PPhilip says:

    What’s up with the xanga groups that have a friend’s lock? I know one lady Still groovy who has had friend lock only due to malicious trolls. She rarely goes outside of her group but there are groups that go outside and make trouble maligning people and have one person as the open site to which to do their mischief.Some folks have had practice with trolls and other are pretty naive. I try to warn folks in private messages since publicly denouncing trolls only causes more trouble at times.I suppose one of these days you are going to provide links to all the evil folks you have experienced, the list though gets short because a lot of bad trolls do disappear and the repeat ones are the rare gluttons for punishment.

  6. TheSutraDude says:

    i went on friends lock over a year ago because someone and some trolls continued to attack a friend of mine on my site. i tore them new assholes first for sure. these kinds of people on xanga are not worth the time and space. there’s no sense in arguing with people who either are or act like middle school haters. maybe if they are middle school haters it’s worth an effort but when they’re in their 20s, 30s or 40s+ good luck putting in the time and energy. 

  7. agnophilo says:

    @PPhilip – Short of lying about you or trying to hack your site there’s not much a troll can do to really harass you.  @TheSutraDude – I find the only thing to do when confronted with bad behavior is to underline it.  Or in the case of someone blocking you, shine a spotlight on it.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @PocketfulOfDreams – Well good luck with that.

  9. it is fraught with peril, this matter of online debate.  I was watching an old b&w movie of Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers; and I was struck by how mannerly and polite they were, even in their arguements.  They addressed each other as “sir” even while hurling what amounted to for that time, vile epithets of ungentlemanly behavior.  I find this more than quaint.  I deem it the only way to gradually defuse the polarization between Left and Right.  (I know…in my dreams)In another dream sequence, wherein I am mediating the two sides, I might cautiously label your assessment of “winning” the debate as undiplomatic at best, and unwarranted optimism at the worst.  And I would call the other side on the carpet for the non sequetur intrusion.But that’s just me; a marquis of queensbury wannabe.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @wrybreadspread – I agree we should try to be civil, though I do occasionally tell someone to go fuck themselves.  But not to appear to win an argument, just out of being fed up.  Interestingly this is why in congress there are strict rules about who can talk and when and how you can address people – awhile back a republican congressman shouted “you lie!” at the president during his state of the union speech which was the first time in over 200 years someone has ever interrupted the president during a speech in congress.  It’s a sign of that civility breaking down somewhat.

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