Oh No I Didn’t ::snap snap snap::

I just saw a comment on a blog about obama where a guy said they voted for obama but were disillusioned.  I replied:

“Well you should study civics, you were voting for president, not emperor.”

To which he replied, as though I kicked his dog or something:

“I didn’t need that nasty comment. Goodbye.”

To which I said:

“Yeah, civics slam – ooh snap! I implied you had inflated expectations based on a common misunderstanding of the role of the executive branch in policy-making, motherfucking buuuuuuurn.

Nasty? Seriously? Eh whatever.”

I dunno, though it might give someone a chuckle.


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13 Responses to Oh No I Didn’t ::snap snap snap::

  1. Aloysius_son says:

    I would never kick a dog that hard.

  2. Sounds like you embarrassed the poor guy.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @Aloysius_son – Nor would I.@the_rocking_of_socks – The poor, ridiculously thin-skinned guy.  If someone is that fragile I wonder how they function in life at all.

  4. @agnophilo – In a bubble, no doubt, surrounded by people who act and think exactly as he does.

  5. YouToMe says:

    I do think you embarrassed the guy a tad also, señor snarkworth. Was funny though. Emperor was clever.r Lol. Didn’t like m- fck part. But I understand.

  6. I wonder why people are attacking even the slightest sign of doubt about the President.  A person can make the smallest claim about the president or disappointment and there are those that just slam it.  The reality is some people are doubting whether the current President can get the country out of this mess.  All we hear is blame but it appears that he has no solution.  So that deserves an attack?   The Dems are going to find themselves an increasingly smaller party if they attack everyone who voices any kind of doubt about the President.Perhaps your friend did not need a civics class but he was schooled in common sense.

  7. heckels says:

    I think what he might have meant was that he expected more from Obama. I was a big Obama supporter when he ran the first time as I thought he was different from the other politicians and that he would be this transformative figure in American history. I was disappointed to find out that he was exactly just like every other politician out there. But that  being said, he is still a million and one times better than anything the Republicans could ever dream of nominating so there is absolutely no chance of me not supporting Obama. 

  8. @TheTheologiansCafe – Sounds extremely similar to politics a la W circa 2002-2006.

  9. amygwen says:

    He probably doesn’t even have a dog.

  10. This often happens on call-in radio shows.  Caller after caller will say they used to like Obama but are disillusioned.  The message keeps repeating.  Do you think they’re reading a script?

  11. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – : )@TheTheologiansCafe – I wasn’t criticizing him for doubting the president’s awesomeness, I was criticizing him for expecting him to walk on water in the first place.  I was literally doing the exact opposite.@heckels – As I said, president, not emperor.  No one man in our system of government has the ability to unilaterally do anything, one president isn’t going to be able to fix an entire system any more than one congressman is going to be able to.  I do think his administration is a step in the right direction though, for the most part.@amygwen – Har har.@we_deny_everything – I think they’re just regurgitating the mainstream media.

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