Re: “You’re Un-American.”

A particularly obnoxious christian on xanga posted a blog claiming atheists are un-american, which I dismantled logically (not hard to do).  In one of this blogger’s comments they acted as though a popular atheist blogger was equally guilty of this sort of rhetoric, and I said that I doubt that is true, since the blogger in question has always seemed pretty level-headed, so I asked for a link.  Turns out the last blog of the atheist blogger said that anti-gay rights christians were traitors and un-american because the founders didn’t want religion forced on anyone and blah blah blah.

I thought my brief response was blog-worthy:

“Calling people traitors or un-american is shitty whoever does it.  Abolitionists were to some degree “un-american” because the founders owned slaves.  The founders are not gods, their views are not infallible, which is why they included the right to abolish their government, amend their constitution and disagree with them in the nation they built.  Appealing to moral authority leaves a bad taste in my mouth no matter who is doing it or in what direction.  Advocating for social change may be shitty (depending on what the change is), but holding a minority view is never un-american.  We are a nation that was made to protect minority views, even (and perhaps especially) the shitty ones.”

A part of wisdom is, I think, seeing past “us vs. them” to “right vs. wrong”.


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12 Responses to Re: “You’re Un-American.”

  1. YouToMe says:

    well said, Mrk. i’m glad you did not mention the site, but it was a nice rebuttal you made. i regret adding to that conversation – on a more religious tangent though. i actually might have gotten a little over zealous and preachy on my proverbial soap box.  will dissect with you later…

  2. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – Your comment was like 2 sentences long.  You always think you’re some monster to people when you’re ridiculously polite.

  3. YouToMe says:

    @agnophilo – oh check again, mon frere.  i went a lil whackadoodle. lol

  4. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – Will check in a bit.

  5. YouToMe says:

    p.s.  Your…playlist…not..working!!! ?*gasps*

  6. YouToMe says:

    @agnophilo – k.  guess what? the caregiver thingy sounds like it is only a few 24 hour shifts a week. so that would be doable until august.  i’m also looking at temping and the home depot thing too.  i dont want to put off the move no matter what though. if i end up in a shelter after that, so be it. also, not putting off the visit. m already insistent she will be tour guide =)

  7. Aloysius_son says:

             A part of wisdom is, I think, seeing past “us vs. them” to “right vs. wrong”.Quite true.

  8. I’ve always wondered why you don’t post the links to these “Re:” posts.@YouToMe – I was extremely pleased by that revelation.

  9. whyzat says:

    I tried to stop myself from reading that post, but my self-sabotaging subconcious made me look. My blood pressure went up. I had to watch a show on Science Channel so I could listen to someone intelligent for awhile.

  10. YouToMe says:

    @GodlessLiberal – What are you referring to, that I’m a whackadoodle or that I don’t like it when Mark publicly posts site names? Or that Mark’s playlist is not working. Hahaha

  11. @YouToMe – I enjoy his playlist not working.

  12. heckels says:

    I think your response was wonderful. People seem to be obsessed these days with calling each other un-American everytime they disagree with somebody about even the slightest things. Wait. Isn’t that un-American itself?

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