Re: Obama Is A Tyrant.

Given the recent supreme court ruling upholding the individual mandate as constitutional there is a predictable slurry of blogs claiming this is the death of freedom and hitler has won and all this hyperbolic ignorant garbage.  This was a response I gave to one such blog:

Taxation without representation = tyranny. 

Taxation with representation = democracy.


Oh and the evil individual mandate was a republican idea that was originally thought up by the heritage foundation and the first two bills that included it were sponsored heavily by republicans.  Half the republican frontrunners for president and almost every elected republican who took a position on the issue was in favor of it before obama got elected.  Then because obama agreed with them and put their idea at the top of his agenda they worked hard to re-write history and turn it into something evil in the minds of gullible idiots across the nation.

[end of comment]

When I think of how the republican party has so systematically deceived people I’m reminded of the phrase “this hurricane of fucking lies” from a green day song.


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27 Responses to Re: Obama Is A Tyrant.

  1. You forgot something:no taxation= freedom. 

  2. Kellsbella says:

    I agree with you, M. Obama is a tyrant. I do believe the state of Arizona would agree with you as well.

  3. TheSutraDude says:

    because of a clause written into healthcare reform although there is a mandate and a person can be fined for not opting in the clause states there will be no penalty for not paying the fine. in other words if you choose not to be insured nothing will happen to you. and who was it that insisted on that clause? liberals in Congress. of course if you choose not to pay for health insurance and you at some point need medical care other Americans will have to pay your medical bills. that last part is a medical issue because doctors and nurses take what is perhaps the oldest existing oath not to turn anyone away. 

  4. agnophilo says:

    @justfinethanku – You can go live in a hole in the woods if you want, I prefer to have a civilization.@Kellsbella – And once again you didn’t read my blog, you horrible person.@TheSutraDude – You are always sensible and level-headed.  In debates like these your comments always make me feel better about our species.

  5. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – thank you for the great compliment. the same back to you. 

  6. agnophilo says:

    @Kellsbella – Deleting your disgusting bullshit.@TheSutraDude – Thanks : )

  7. Nous_Apeiron says:

    I will happily concede that Obama is a tyrant if those claiming he is a tyrant will agree that Bush was a tyrant.  I see little difference between the two as it concerns promoting poor fiscal decisions and playing fast and loose with the Constitution.

  8. Kellsbella says:

    Yes, I did find the SCOTUS decision to be disgusting bullshit. Have you read it, luv? You may censor or ban me; I don’t care. Personally, you can say whatever the hello you want on my site, but I believe in this little thing called, um, gosh…..The First Amendment!Pity you deleted my link…….Kinda sorta reminds me of what someone else did with that same ideology…….

  9. @agnophilo – @TheSutraDude – i’m generally staying out of the fray these days, but i gladly join the cause to say you guys both rock. 

  10. TheSutraDude says:

    @complicatedlight – thank you. speaking for myself i simply have the time to pay attention and research  

  11. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – a note on the First Amendment. it guarantees freedom of speech but does not mandate that anyone has to sit around and listen to what every single person blabbers on about. using the latter notion is a perversion of the First Amendment. 

  12. agnophilo says:

    @Nous_Apeiron – Really?  No difference?@Kellsbella – The first amendment protects you from the government, not bloggers you imbecile.  And I deleted your latest batch of unwanted sexual advances because you disgust me.  Don’t pretend I’m suppressing an ideology.@complicatedlight – Thanks : )@TheSutraDude – True, a lot of people don’t.@TheSutraDude – Not to mention she was talking about her underwear and nude pictures of herself.

  13. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @agnophilo – I pretty specifically said “little difference” as I recall.  You might think of it as the difference between being lynched and burned at the stake.  The process has some notable differences, but the results are quite similar.

  14. agnophilo says:

    @Nous_Apeiron – You can argue obama has done bad things, but I don’t think he’s quite reached the level of the war profiteer who invades countries unilaterally for secret reasons, spies on millions of americans etc.

  15. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @agnophilo – So the Obama administration is more like being lynched rather than burned at the stake?  Somehow I don’t find that to be much of a consolation.And…Wow, you give George W a whole lot more credit than I do.  I didn’t think he was that competent.

  16. you’re welcome you smooth talker, you.

  17. agnophilo says:

    @Nous_Apeiron – He may not have been, but cheney and others were.  Nevertheless it all came from his administration.  And I didn’t agree with your analogy.@complicatedlight – : P

  18. Kellsbella says:

    @agnophilo – Imbecile? I do believe your ideology screams forth in magical colours. Unfortunately, I don’t believe those colours are red, white and blue. Once again, for your consideration, I give you the SCOTUS’ opinions:, and please let me know when you get your humour chip installed. I’m quite fond of people who smile and laugh. I must laugh at my jokes all the time, (or else the place would be silent. )

  19. Raising taxes on the middle class was a Republican idea that Obama stole and put into place? 

  20. agnophilo says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – Yup.  And it’s what romney instituted in his state as governor too.

  21. agnophilo says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – And bear in mind it’s the smart policy, it’s the only way to reduce the nation’s healthcare costs by ten percent of the GDP.  The associated tax increase is virtually irrelevant compared to the benefit.

  22. UTRow1 says:

    @Kellsbella – You might want to learn what the First Amendment means, since you are such a proponent of it. Censorship of speech in a private forum (e.g., a website) by a private individual has nothing to do with First Amendment, nor is that speech protected by the First Amendment. Constitutional restrictions only apply to government actions. It’s federal/state legislation that is passed pursuant to constitutional authority that can regulate personal behavior. This is constitutional law 1. I learned this shit when I was 10 years old. And living in Dubai. What’s your excuse?

  23. MiDarkLyfe says:

    @justfinethanku – No Taxation = Freedom from having to live in a society with other people, unless you’ll like to live like they did in Mesopotamia 4000 years ago. And even back then you gave a portion of the grain you grew to the Medicine Man, who was both medic and priest, so he didn’t have do anything but take care of your health and spiritual needs. I guess that is a form of taxation as well. Better find yourself a deserted island or shoot yourself off into space and find an uninhabited planet. Don’t take anyone with you – you might have to share or build a road or educate a child and whoa! don’t want to empty your pockets for anything so trivial.

  24. Kellsbella says:

    @UTRow1 – I know that very well; I like to apply it at my site (guess I’m just hardcore.)  Also, I find it most curious and amusing that progressives on xanga are the ones doing the banning and the censoring. Or has that escaped you, luv? In other words, if I talk dirty, I’m an horrible person and my comment is deleted. This of course is happening whilst I listen to “I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal.”

  25. PPhilip says:

    Looks like the floodgates to the nutjobs have opened up and this blog is barely civil?Whatever excuse still the points remain, that the Original charge that Obama is a tyrant comes from someone who has a loose definition of what is a tyrant. However whoever write a blog can be a dictator but no one can be forced to subscribe to certain ideas.Oh the —– will ban and censor but basically it is ok to wade thru the jokes and innuendos in order to see the main B.S. that is your point?Excuse the partial rant in this comment, where were we?

  26. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @agnophilo – Of course you didn’t.  If you started to agree with my analogies, I’d be very concerned.

  27. UTRow1 says:

    @Kellsbella – (1) If you knew that, you wouldn’t have typed what you typed. (2) People have a right to regulate their site’s content however they want to. These aren’t political forums, these are personal websites. People don’t have to let urine soaked hobos stand in their house and rant about fluoride in the water, and people don’t have to let nutjobs (of which there are many on Xanga) fuck up their site with their stupidity. (3) If right-wing conservatives on Xanga weren’t so depressingly, irredeemably stupid, then maybe they would warrant being published on other people’s sites more often. the great majority of conservatives I run across on Xanga do nothing but throw around Hitler analogies, conflate fascism with socialism, regurgitate chain e-mail bunk, and promote conspiracy theories with no basis in reality (like the fast and furious scandal). There are a lot of dumb liberals on Xanga too, but there’s simply no basis to think that the general liberal population is less capable of defending their beliefs than conservatives. Particularly with people like Celestial Teapot, Godlessliberal, Agno, etc. around. (4) You are interacting around with a very narrow, unrepresentative group of conservatives on Xanga if you don’t think many of them “censor” (as you are using the word). Pretty much all the most popular conservative Xangans heavily censor liberal arguments for damage control purposes. I can’t count the number of times I have made profanity-free comments deleted from conservative Xanga sites for simply destroying their arguments. 

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