There Is No Such Thing As A Creation Museum.

Museum: n. A building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

Museums have actual artifacts from history.

Here is a real museum:

Here is a fake museum:

(Note the dinosaur is domesticated…)

Real museum:

Fake museum:

(I shit you not that’s a dragon in front of a medieval castle in a creation “museum”).

Real museum:

Fake museum:

Real museum:

Fake museum:

Real museum:

Fake museum:

One of those wasn’t actually from a creation museum, but it might be hard to tell which one.

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16 Responses to There Is No Such Thing As A Creation Museum.

  1. YouToMe says:

    HahahaFred flinstone pic was the best. Hahaha

  2. clearly, real museums have hotter chicks.

  3. Kellsbella says:

    Go figure. The fake museum looks like a helluva lot more fun (for the “cultural experience”, of course.) Why you must try to drag everyone to the Dark Side is beyond me. You are quickly becoming as annoying as B.!

  4. MiDarkLyfe says:

    Ever go to a real museum and hear the people next to you explain to their childern why the exhibit you are both looking at is hokum? “See this timeline here son? Well, it’s all wrong because God created the earth only 7000 years ago.” Ya just want to grab those poor kids and get them somewhere safe with internet access and dictionaries and the History Channel. OK, not the History Channel – too much Nostordamus and Acient Aliens. Maybe just PBS. 

  5. There was a dragon at the natural history museum last time I went. It was in an exhibit about mythical creatures. There was a fun activity where you could rearrange at bones from a ceratopsian and figure out how people might have thought it was a griffon. It was basically an exhibit on how people did the best with the knowledge and observations they had at the time. They showed how a school of dolphins could look like a sea serpent and how mammoth bones could be mistaken for giant bones.   I don’t have a problem with Creation Museums unless they’re incorrectly named. And as long as history museums keep themselves updated, there really isn’t a conflict between them. Do you happen to know if that first picture is an Allosaurus or not? It looks like one but I’m not sure. 

  6. agnophilo says:

    @YouToMe – : )@complicatedlight – The nerdiness is half of it too.@MiDarkLyfe – No, but I did walk by a domed cathedral of a televangelist today, and the adjoining buffet…  And lol@history channel.  I hate “the universe” their horrible attempt at an astrophysics show. 

  7. agnophilo says:

    @MysticalInverseDrummer – What do you mean by incorrectly named?  And that sounds like a cool museum.  And yeah it’s an allosaurus, good eye.  I wasn’t sure what species it was, I figured too big to be a raptor, too small to be a t-rex, I thought maybe an adolescent t-rex.  But I found the pic again and it’s from an allosaurus page.

  8. Thanks. Adolescent t-rex was my second guess. The jaw was throwing me off, I feel like it’s really solid for an allosaurus. It’s a nice exhibit though. I guess I don’t have a problem with a creation museum if it’s not trying to say it’s a sceince museum. I don’t mind celebrating culture as long as the museum it’s not pushing it as scientific theory. The human variation chart is off-putting, but the rest of it just looks like fun, not something I’d take seriously. 

  9. for sure. the one you’ve got pictured could dust my bone any day. 

  10. MiDarkLyfe says:

    @MysticalInverseDrummer – The problem is the people who create Creation Museums **think** it is a musuem of science, rather than culture. 

  11. Is it awful that I read this and was like “You’re right…there is no such thing as a creation museum because it would mean that creation would have to continually be happening so people could observe it?” I hope that makes sense. I don’t at all mean that to be fresh or anything, it was just how it came to my mind when I read the title. But yeah, this blows my mind how people have such issues using science to go hand in hand with God/faith-related stuff. But I know we’ve talked about that, so yeah. But actually on topic of what you posted about…..It is obvious what the real museum is here 😛

  12. FalconBridge says:

    When my mom was alive she went to a creation museum.  I just kept my mouth shut not wanting to argue.

  13. I’ve always wanted to go to a creation museum. Now that I can see that you get to ride a domesticated dinosaur, I want to go even MORE!

  14. amygwen says:

    Did you know, or care, that I am really happy your annoying pop-out player does not play anymore?

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