Well Xanga Ideas Is A Crock.

I just went to xanga ideas (where you give feedback for improving xanga and people vote on your suggestions) to complain about the influx of spam blogs clogging up the search engine results (for every one real blog there seems to be a page of nearly identical fake ones).  Anyway, I post my suggestion and then look at other suggestions, and like 2 suggestions down is one I voted on last time I was there months ago.  I realize it hasn’t changed in many moons.  So I wonder if they ever implement any of these changes and notice there’s a button to see “launched” ideas.  I click on it – “No ideas to display.”



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3 Responses to Well Xanga Ideas Is A Crock.

  1. It seems that whenever the xanga team comes out in the open and has a few new things they want to implement and change that they do something like the ideas.  They get people to vote on the ideas and ultimately they change what they intended to change before it all begins and leave everything else left undone.  You can see that when they came up with the xanga council.  Watch the next time that xanga comes out with something new.  They will throw out the idea that they are open to new ideas.  But they will change one or two things and you will notice those were the things they wanted to change before the campaign started.

  2. @TheTheologiansCafe – that sounds believable, but didn’t they threaten to get rid of footprints? i and others disagreed with the idea – and they’re are still around today. of course there’s always tomorrow, but…

  3. @complicatedlight – That was an example of the people giving them feedback and them wisely backing down.  I am not saying they don’t ever backup decisions when people respond.

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