Apparently The “Fast And Furious” Scandal Is Bullshit.

The “scandal” which republicans have been running with to try to hang around the neck of the obama administration is (according to what republicans have been telling us and the mainstream media has been reporting) that the ATF sold guns to mexican cartels to try to better understand how they were buying guns from the US, then one of the guns was used to kill a US border patrol agent.  But according to an article UTRow1 was kind enough to post in one of my blog comments, it turns out they didn’t sell them the guns, they just had the criminals who were selling them the guns under surveillance and they didn’t seize the weapons because they had no legal right to do so.  Thanks to republicans, the NRA etc they’re not even allowed to maintain a database of what guns were purchased by whom, so stopping people smuggling illegal guns is very difficult.  As the article points out, if someone is in posession of drugs you can seize them and arrest the person.  If they have a shitload of guns though, which are legal to buy sell and own, that isn’t even grounds for a search warrant.

So yet another obama “scandal” made up out of whole cloth.

At least if this article is to be believed over all the other useless garbage in the media.  Remember the ACORN “scandal” that turned out to be a total fabrication.  I think one news network actually mentioned something about it being fake after months of reporting it to be true just before ACORN, an organization that does nothing but help poor people and minorities and did things like getting internet into public libraries, was de-funded and closed it’s doors permanently.

Fuck the “I’m reporting now on a chain letter I just read” media.  If we can fine people thousands of  dollars for saying titty on the air (which harms no one) why can’t we fine news organizations for misinforming us (which does tremendous harm)?


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24 Responses to Apparently The “Fast And Furious” Scandal Is Bullshit.

  1. On her show, Rachel Maddow allued to the Fortune piece. I really need to find the time to read it carefully and in full.Eric Holder was pilloried. I feel just a little bad for the republicans and democratics politically pressured t make what they know to be a bullshit vote.

  2. whyzat says:

    I’ve often thought that about the media They’ve gotten real bad in the past few years. i read a comment by Dan Rather saying that the reporting now is basically crap. Unfortunately, like I always say, we aren’t taught to think critically, so we just believe what they tell us, and it’s a lot harder to make people NOT believe something they hear (if that makes sense). Once somebody comes to believe that aliens make crop circles, you’ll never convince them otherwise. Has the media become alien crop circles?

  3. We can’t trust the news networks to give us honest news anymore. 

  4. TheSutraDude says:

    yup. Issa, Boehner, McConnell and Cantor are the ones who should be held in contempt of the American people for this and many other reasons. a couple of years ago Issa vowed to go after Obama for any reason. McConnell infamously proclaimed the number one goal of the republican party was to make Obama a one term president which is why they have blocked everything they could and have run up a record number of filibusters…a record far exceeding that of any previous congress. it’s why republicans have voted even against their own proposals whenever Obama agreed to put them forth but worst of all, it’s why republicans have voted against or postponed for as long as possible anything that would help Americans and the economy while Obama is president. Boehner lied to the American people when during a press conference he told the press Grover Norquist is just “some random person” about whom he wasn’t going to answer questions. within 2 weeks of saying that republicans were called into a closed-door meeting led by Norquist. almost every republican signed a pledge to Norquist that overrides their congressional pledge to work for the American people. for that alone they should all be thrown into prison. i didn’t read the article you linked because i have followed this case closely for months and what you say is correct. perhaps these points were mentioned in the article but fast and furious was started under the Bush administration under the name “operation wide reciever”. attorney general Holder was the one who shut it down. more telling is the NRA warned congress it would be scoring the Eric Holder contempt of court vote which means the NRA would count it against anyone come their reelection times who did not vote to hold him in contempt. FOX “news”? most of those people should be arrested. Steve Jobs once called FOX a threat to America. they sit around on their “curvy couch” and lie to the American people for political purpose. remember how many times they said healthcare reform contained “death panels” and was out to “kill your grandma”? holy shit.  during the summer of 2011 the congressional approval rating reached it’s lowest level in the history of congressional approval ratings…under 10% of Americans approved of what the tea party Congress had done….they’d accomplished nothing….on purpose…and that rating has barely changed since. according to a joint study done by Harvard and Notre Dame professors the American people trust atheists and Muslims more than they trust the tea party yet Boehner, Cantor, Bachmann and yes….Palin…and the others continue to claim they speak for the “American people”. i could go on but i have things i need to do. thanks for posting this.

  5. What? Republicans making up a scandal out of thin air? I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I SAY!

  6. galadrial says:

    Whenever i hear the term “liberal media”, I get the giggles.I looked up the media holdings of Rupert Murdoch alone…and wonder where the HELL the liberal media might be…since he seems to own EVERYTHING. As far as Fast and Furious is concerned, I knew it was bullshit ages ago. Fox was the only media outlet talking about it…and the idea that all the rest were just in lock step conspiracy? Pretty damned thin.

  7. MiDarkLyfe says:

    Our 24 hour “news” networks (I use the term lightly – it is what they call themselves) have to fill all that time with *something.* Instead of going the distance and reporting real things happening in other parts of the world (ever wonder about South America? surely things happen there, right? millions of people, dozens of governments, drugs cartels, weather phenomenon, airplanes crashing in the Andes. Ever hear about Spouth America in the news? No. We’d rather look at the fluff in our own navels than even think about people in other parts of the world. South America is merely one example.) , Fox News and CNN spend most of their time polarizing the news to fit the expectations of their target audiences. Now that the American people lap up one brand of news or the other, they hold their politicians feet to the fire. A Republican can’t talk with a Democrate and come to a compromise on any issue because the supporting news network would “expose” that politician as a traitor. The health care bill is one example. The individual mandate was orginally a republican idea, but since we now call the whole thing ObamaCare, no republican can say the smallest positive thing about it without being run out of town on a rail. Even Romney listed the points of the bill he liked – it was just about the whole thing – but in the end he had to condemn it. He’d have been raked over the coals for saying anything else.So who is running the country? The power no longer rests in DC at all. It is the pressure of the media, both left and right, that on the one hand tells the public what to think (i.e. Obama is behind Fast and Furious) and on the other hand is controlling Washington by calling out politicians who ‘stray’ from their ridgid belief systems.

  8. ascultafili says:

    After Keith Olberman’s show went off Current TV, there went the last reason to even watch the news.  Since i dont bother with it anymore i am happier and healthier.

  9. If we can fine people thousands of  dollars for saying titty on the air (which harms no one) why can’t we fine news organizations for misinforming us (which does tremendous harm)?Excellent point!

  10. So you are basing your belief on the belief of another liberal who believes exactly like you do.That is a ridiculously obvious case of circular reasoning.To understand anything one must understand the facts, not a self interested, totally biased hallucination given to you have someone whose hallucinations you find favorable.The fact that the Obama administration used executive privilege to aid and abet the Fast and Furious crime spree of murder and mayhem, is a smoking gun that what has been uncovered so far is exactly true.Executive privilege is used to protect the Executive Branch in its work in conducting foreign affairs not its criminality.The Obama administration has become worse even than the Clinton and Nixon administrations in its abuse of power to cover up its crimes.

  11. galadrial says:

    Damn…i thought this was a Curtis free zone….

  12. UTRow1 says:

    The most interesting aspect of scandals like ACORN, Swiftboat, Climategate, and now, Fast and Furious, is that they demonstrate how effectively right-wing babies  can manipulate the media without any evidence whatsoever. They have basically bullied the mainstream media into giving them a privilege competing views don’t receive (i.e., the burden of substantiating their claims). Because many conservatives are “principled” and won’t purchase or consume media that challenges those principles, mainstream news organizations have reoriented to avoid challenging those principles in their reporting. This just makes the conservative “liberal media” persecution complex all the more outrageous. Similar far-left conspiracy theories (assuming there are analogues, as the right is demonstrably more conspiratorial than the liberal base) never gain traction. Or, more importantly, legitimate “leftist” arguments, like the lack of WMD’s in the run-up to the War in Iraq, have a much more difficult time receiving mainstream attention. But yes, Holder will likely have several avenues of legal and political recourse to redress his injuries, if he so chooses. There are a number of tort-based theories he could rely on, depending on the facts (e.g., defamation, false light, general harm to reputation, etc.). However, it would be unseemly for him to sue republican politicians while he assumes a high office in the government. Furthermore, the Republicans would successfully (depressingly) spin the suits as “an attack on truth” or “an attack on freedom of speech.” He could also wait to sue these people until after he leaves his office, but by then, the statute of limitations on most these suits will have run. 

  13. UTRow1 says:

    @PrisonerxOfxLove – Please provide a reputable source for each of your claims. Our evidence (from a reputable, conservative-leaning magazine) > the right-wing hearsay you give full faith and credit for absolutely no reason. 

  14. @UTRow1 – Go get the facts yourself. They are there for anyone to see. But you don’t want to see them because you’re too busy hallucinating.You don’t care about any facts that contradict your religion of liberalism.  Obama could get his dick sucked in the Oval Office by an intern until he came all over her blue dress and it wouldn’t matter to you.Oh, wait. That already happened with President Clinton. And guess what? You didn’t care.

  15. UTRow1 says:

    @PrisonerxOfxLove – I have. They’re linked to on this site and my own. I am asking you to provide your facts. That’s how debate works. The burden isn’t on your opponent to prove your argument. That is nonsensical. Try again, sweet heart. 

  16. @UTRow1 – You are a freaking Democrat liar. You wouldn’t know a fact if it crawled up your ass and gave you bad breath.Fast and Furious is the Obama Regime causing the murder of scores of Mexicans and one border patrol agent in the name of gun control.Answer this: Why won’t Holder and over the requested documents? 

  17. UTRow1 says:

    @PrisonerxOfxLove – I am not responding to any claim you make that you do not substantiate with an independent credible source. Please do so, because your unsubstantiated claims are not compelling. As to why Holder won’t hand over the requested documents: (1) DOJ has turned over approximately 10,000 pages of documents; (2) Holder is not required to turn over the other papers (executive privilege); (3) the documents contain sensitive information that relate to confidential government operations currently in progress; (4) redacting the information is a waste of time because, as the story linked to demonstrates, the charges against him are bogus. Why should he release documents to exonerate himself against charges that have been proven to be false already? Please, tell me. Don’t be stupid and lazy, please. One or the other is OK, but being both is insufferable. The truth is, you have no basis for your beliefs other than the fact you “hallucinate” that he is guilty for no reason.  

  18. mommachatter says:

    This is one of the reasons I don’t listen to political reports.  If I can’t see it fall out of a politicians mouth I rarely believe he said it in the context reported.  For me the best way to know what a politician will do if elected is what he has done in the past.  News plays to the audience like one of the stars of a sit-com.  They get paid the same way.  Look good, sound sensational, and make your stories “facts” difficult to trace.

  19. I really don’t see how this is even a scandal.  Say they did sell them the guns in order to track them.  Say one of those guns killed a border patrol officer.  Take the worse case situation.Sure it was a mistake if the guns got out of their view.  But in the worse case situation, they were trying to track guns and find out how they spread.  And something bad happened.  Where is the scandal?   Mistakes happen in war and in law enforcement.  When trying to catch criminals, mistakes happen.  I don’t even see why this is really a big issue. 

  20. UTRow1 says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – Right wing conservatives were claiming that the mistake was intentional as part of an effort to increase gun control in the United States. Essentially, they believe Obama, or someone within the Administration, ordered Holder to spread weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Violence would ensue and, as the conspiracy goes, liberals would start a phony investigation, uncover the weapon’ ‘origin, and begin cracking down on gun ownership at home to prevent guns from going across the border, from America to Mexico. So, what the Republicans in Congress are doing is baking a layer cake of bullshit, and tying up Congress with elaborate hearings, investigations, votes, etc. in the process. They are doing all this while having 0 evidence of wrongdoing AND having conducted no good faith investigation into the purported subject of their investigation. Sit back and reflect on that for a second. Not only is the scandal not a major issue, but the conspiracy they have concocted to amplify its effect on their base has no basis in reality. There’s literally 0 evidence for it, and it makes no sense on any level. Obama and the Democrats would have enacted gun ownership already if it was on the agenda. They have no reason to take a nonsensical and indirect route to regulate gun ownership.  This is just the Republicans desperately grasping at straws for something to agitate their base before the elections. I suspect that none of them truly believe that this issue deserves their attention or the attention of the American people. I would be surprised if I hadn’t grown accustomed to this abuse of process already.  

  21. mrdavid392 says:

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