Capitalism Vs. Socialism.

Someone posted a blog with all that tripe about how taxes are evil and claimed that the US has been infiltrated by russian communists and that’s why there’s so much “socialism”.  Here is my response:

8 out of 10 of the amendments in the bill of rights refer to “socialist” government institutions.  Yes the extreme of socialism that the government does everything is bad, but capitalism doesn’t work without some degree of socialism, ie government regulation and public services.  Or do you think corporations are going to pave our streets for us and prevent themselves from having monopolies? 

Unrestrained socialism leads to a corrupt government in control of everything.  Unrestrained capitalism leads to an oligarchy.  The best system yet conceived is a bit of both.  And no that isn’t something that came about as a result of a conspiracy by defecting commies from russia. 

“Socialist want that choice made for the producers by an elite few, as they use the masses to implement their worldview.”

Learn what democracy is.

“When an individual takes from someone, its called theft.  When a government takes from someone, it has its roots in Socialism.”

Name for me please one nation on the planet worth living in that doesn’t have some form of taxes and government.  We tax people for the simple reason that having people pay out of pocket for some things is not practical.  If a sewage pipe bursts in front of your house should the government just bill you $20,000 to fix it?  If someone rapes your daughter should the police charge you for the investigation, the trial, incarceration of the prisoner etc?  Or should we all chip in for things we ALL need and ALL benefit from.  And yes, we all benefit from fighting poverty as much as we do fighting crime.

“But, the producer demands to retain the choice and not hand their labor,
their good deeds, their life’s treasure over to someone who may not be
worthy to receive it.  Why? Because there are lazy people in the world
who do not deserve to eat from the basket of those who work two jobs to
provide the standard of living they want for their family.”

Yes, wealthy people are never lazy and always deserve their often inherited wealth.  Only poor people are ever lazy.  That’s why a little less than half of homeless men are war veterans.  Because a lot of “lazy” people get through basic training in the armed forces.  In reality the bulk of cases of extreme poverty are due to mental illness, disability or the number one cause of homelessness – unaffordable medical bills.  But I guess trying to get health insurance to people who need it is also an evil communist plot to take your hard-earned money, right?


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13 Responses to Capitalism Vs. Socialism.

  1. useful summary. it won’t change some minds (as well we know), but reasonable people should be persuaded.

  2. UTRow1 says:

    Equating taxation with theft is just lunacy. It makes no sense, and the people who do it demonstrate a starting willingness to not think about their opinions or learn what the words they use mean. Theft is purely involuntary for the victim; it’s another person or entity forcing another to give up some form or property or some right in exchange for nothing. The thief typically takes possession and uses the acquired property for his/her own well being.Taxation is voluntary – you can choose to live here and pay taxes and participate in a society, or you can move elsewhere. The government also can’t fairly be said to take “possession” of tax funds, as the money is allocated to various programs by representatives of the taxees. Furthermore, taxes are used overwhelmingly on services that directly or indirectly help the taxee. In exchange for taxes, you get clean water (among the best in the world), public roads (among the best in the world), a public education system (faltering, but still better than many nations), public universities (among the best in the world), public hospitals (the best in the world), a standing army and navy (arguably the best in the world), public research grants (responsible for most major scientific and medical breakthroughs in the last 100 years), corporate regulation (has made American businesses the most prosperous in the world), ability to enforce contracts and other rights through a public court system (arguably the best in the world), etc. The list goes on and on. So, clearly, there is a difference between “theft” and “taxation,” as literate people use those words, and “theft” and “taxation,” as morons use those words.

  3. We need capitalism. Socialism and letting our government control us will never work!

  4. Typical religiousesque arguement based almost entirely upon belief vs fact.

  5. NeverSubmit says:

    I think it’s odd that all of the arguments about power are concerned only with government power.  The average individual is as likely to become president as he is to become CEO of a large corporation–that is to say, very little.  However, we have far more choice as to who become our elected officials, versus who become the CEO’s of, just as an example, banks.  Corporations are bureaucracies too, and just as full of people who are only out for themselves as is the government.  There is nothing magical about the private sector that makes it more capable or accountable, as experience has amply shown. 

  6. cmdr_keen says:

    This should be recommended reading for everyone.

  7. @NeverSubmit – this is my main issue.  i’m always amazed at people who say they don’t trust the government as much as they do a business owner.  really?  you trust an ELECTED official less than someone whose main concern is making a profit as easily as possible?  i’ve worked directly with small business owners… they don’t give a damn about their customers or their employees.  all they care about is the bottom line.  if my only choices are a politician and a businessman, i’ll take a politician any day of the week.  

  8. I like your way of thinking.

  9. PPhilip says:

    @flapper_femme_fatale – Small business owners have to care for the bottom line. Some who succeed often then have the freedom to care a bit less about the bottom line.I am not picking on you but in what way have you worked with small business owners? If you were trying to sell them something then of course you are going to get a lot of small business owners trying to hang up.The main topic is socialism and Capitalism. I think Raul Castro has loosened up with socialism and has allowed a little bit of Capitalism in Cuba. Basically it is rare to find a purely Communistic system, everyone is doing the Socialism/Capitalistic hybrid mode.

  10. SoullFire says:

    An example of a place where the government is near nonexistent and most people can exercise total ‘freedom” is Somalia- where people are ‘”free” to pirate, rob and kill others basically at will.

  11. @PPhilip – i’ve been second-in- and third-in-command at a number of small businesses.  when i was an office manager at a local tool supplier, i helped the owner (my immediate boss) dodge calls from customers demanding refunds.  when i was an assistant manager at a local cafe, i got to watch the owner verbally and, occasionally physically, abuse his employees.  i won’t say anything about my current job because, as greedy as the owner is, i need the money.   

  12. PPhilip says:

    @SoullFire – Ahem is that your nilistic example? I think some of the anarchists when not kept in check just run apeshit all over in their “protests”.Alaska comes close to a state that gives its citizens funds because oil and other resources is a pretty good income for that state.@flapper_femme_fatale – Are you in a state where that is pretty prevalent?  This recession has seen a lot of small businesses virtually disappear. Of the small businesses where you were are they still in business or did they close up shop?

  13. @PPhilip – i’m in Missouri.  to be honest, i’m not very familiar with our local economy.  i rarely patron small businesses, unless i have a personal connection to them.  to my knowledge, all of them are still in business and doing fairly well.  from the look of their website, the tool shop has hired more people (three people are now doing the jobs i once did as an office manager).  and the food place is still open.  St. Louis, my city, has a weird economy.  according to the internet, our unemployment is at 7.9%.  but i see and hear of places hiring all the time.  the unions are also very strong here, and they like to keep competition out of town.  this is the only way in which i detest unions.  it seems like our economy is all about creating a strong fan base.  almost everywhere does well if they can claim a few regular customers.  

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